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LETTER FROM JERRY ANN WYCOFF of Seymore, Indiana. She had obtained a copy of HARRISON NOTES of February 1997, which has quite a bit about Thomas Harrison who was married to the Cherokee wife and had a 640 acre reservation on the Tennessee River, near Gunter's Landing. Jerry Arm Wycoff is descended from the Gunters of Gunter's Landing. She complains that she is a novice at genealogy but she does know about Gunters. Her gg grandfather was John Gunter, who was known as a half breed, well educated and very articulate. The Gunters were wealthy, owned land, fine homes and (to her dismay) slaves. They left with the trail of tears. Most of them ended up in Oklahoma and Missouri. Some ended up in Gunter, Texas (Grayson County near Denton and near the Oklahoma border).

I have reviewed my material on this Harrison-Gunter situation and I have sent her considerable material involving them. This could be a productive genealogical connection. Perhaps she knows about the Gunters in Buncombe at the early formation of Newfound Baptist Church.

FROM LT. COL. KEVIN P.N. O'SHEA of Hill AFB near Salt Lake City. He is a descendant of Lydia Harrison and Samuel Stewart. (Lydia probably the daughter of Isaiah Harrison Sr. but not so noted in Long Grey Trail). He is rather new to genealogy but has great advantages of having easy access to the facilities of Salt Lake City. He is also computerized and came across some of my HARRISON NOTES in Becky Bonner's HARRISON REPOSITORY.

Lydia (AFN:BSNC-LN) is shown in the Ancestral file as the daughter of Isaiah Harrison Sr. and born in Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York and mother was Elizabeth Wright. He also found a birth date of "before 1698" but that source said she was born, in Yadkin Co. NC (not likely any white person born there that early). However that date seems about right and puts her as about 10 years younger than the eldest son, Isaiah Harrison Jr. (so could not be his daughter). There is another date of her being born 1699 in New York, which is consistent. She m about 1720 Samuel Stewart. (Recall that there was confusion about whether she was the daughter of Isaiah Harrison Sr. or Jr. This seems to confirm that she was from Isaiah Sr., though Jr. could have also had a daughter named Lydia. She is shown as died 1771/2 in Yadkin Co. NC. Samuel Stewart is shown as b 1700 in Virginia, Glasgow, Scotland and died 1770 in Rowen/Forsythe Co. NC. This birth place is perhaps Virginia OR Glasgow Scotland. His father was also Samuel Stewart and his mother Lydia Hampton... aha, here are the Hamptons again but this time connected to IM Harrisons, instead of VENTURER Harrisons..

Col. O'Shea has found 17 individuals had submitted Information on Lydia. One reference had Lydia and Samuel going to Kentucky. This was in reference to their son David Stewart.

David Stewart above (who is also in our records) married twice. He m ABIGAIL HARRISON c 1750 and later Elizabeth McQueen. (WHO IS ABIGAIL HARRISON?) David Stewart b c 1725 in Yadkin, Co.NC (but family still in Augusta Co. VA at that time) and died in Stokes Co. NC 1807.

Decendancy of Col. O'Shea's wife is:

2. Harrisons

of interest are the children of Lydia Harrison and Samuel Stewart. In addition to David, already mentioned, are:

(David Stewart was the father of Jemima Stewart who m Nathaniel Harrison but they eloped because her father did not approve of Nathaniel's mixed race). We do not know the parents of this Nathaniel Harrisons, but a Rev. War Vet. Presumably his mixed race was Indian. Descended from Isaiah Harrison Jr.?

FROM DENNIS HARRISON of Westerville, Ohio. He contacted me because of my HARRISON NOTES he found in Becky Bonner's HARRISON REPOSITORY. His earliest ancestor, so far, is George Harrison, born 1762 but place not known. The earliest record on George is from Twiggs Co. GA showing a purchase of land from a Julian Bailey in 1818. Wife's name probably Meyne Rachel. 4 sons, and 2 daughters: Jonathan, Levi, King, George, Catherine and Scena. He is descended from Levi.

Offhand, I do riot know anything to help him, yet perhaps I have something I cannot readily find. Does anyone have a clue about George? I have searched LGT and though there are numerous George Harrisons therein, none appear to fit. A number of those references to George are about a line, not LGT but in the vicinity of Augusta Co. VA and so discussed by the author. On p 169 are references to some George Harrisons of New Jersey, very early, who appear to be relatives of our LGT Harrisons and they were Quakers. On pp 287/8 he discusses some Harrisons of Orange County VA, from which Augusta came. There was a George there and he thinks he was of the Burr Harrison line of Stafford Co. VA. Others in Orange County were of the Andrew Harrison line, but not named George. (in my opinion, though the author does not say that). None of those names of children give me any clues except they are not common names among the LGT bunch. King suggests a surname and Scena is unusual and perhaps both are clues.

FROM HONEY JOHNSON. (See Harrison Notes December 1997, p 3.) He/she is pretty well convinced that descent is from Lovell Harrison and Hannah Footman and further back from the Anthony/Andrew Harrison line as discussed in the December Notes. He has received additional information on the subject. Recall that the location of these Harrisons was on the Tennessee River in Alabama, and John Harrison of this family lived in Lauderdale Co. AL. In this area the name Lovell is interesting because Thomas Harrison's Cherokee wife was previously married to a white man named Lovell.

Honey Johnson asks a new question. "Do you know anything about the John Harrison who married Roxanna Peddy 1786 in Wake Co. NC?" I do not. Do any of you?

3. Harrisons

FROM CHARLES F. HARRISON of Houston, TX. In my December Harrison Notes beginning on p 10, I went into the book, HERITAGE OF POLK COUNTY, TN and commented that I had written Charles F. Harrison who had written Harrison articles for the book, but I had not yet received an answer. Very shortly afterwards I received a phone call and a huge stack of material from him and we have exchanged considerable information. He is from the Cocke County, TN Harrisons who moved to Polk County, TN and were fairly well known to Worth Ray in his TENNESSEE COUSINS. There is so much material here that I must do it piecemeal. I will start with those I call the Haywood County NC Harrisons. Mr. Harrison has put these into book form, labeled BOOK OF DESCENDANTS 22 Sep 1996

Noah Adam (Nathaniel) Harrison Sr. was son of Josiah Harrison and wife Mary. Noah is buried in Polk Co. TN. He was b 1822 and died in Sevier Co. TN. Not sure whether his name was Noah or Nathaniel Adam. Married twice.

He m Louisa McMillian 11 Jan 1844 in Cocke Co.TN. She was b 1 Apr 1827. Their Children:

  1. Elizabeth Harrison b 1844 Cocke Co. (John Harrison family Bible record in possession of Charles F. Harrison defines much of this)
  2. Joseph Andrew Harrison
  3. Noah Adam Harrison Jr
  4. Margaret Emiline "Emma" Harrison By second marriage to Mary Jane Ball 13 Jan 1856 in Cocke Co. TN She b 11 Feb 1836 in Haywood Co. NC. Their children were:
  5. Sarah M. Harrison b 1857 Cocke Co.
  6. John Harrison b 1859 Cocke Co.
  7. Martha T. Harrison b 1861 Cocke Co
  8. Nancy C. Harrison b 1863 Cocke Co.
  9. Rose Harrison b 1866 Cocke Co. SECOND GENERATION.

#2 above, Joseph Andrew Harrison b 1848 Cocke Co. and died 1932 in Haywood Co. NC, buried Buchanan Cem. He m Hazeltine Bethany Medford 1869 Haywood. Their children: Noah Adam, Samuel, Charles M. Callie Mae, Wilber Zeigler, Eliza Lavina, Dennis George.

Joseph had a second wife, Margaret Allen b 1837 Rutherford Co.NC. She died 1913 in Haywood. She and Joseph had one child; James Early Browning (How did he get the name Browning? Maybe her child by a earlier marriage?)

#3. Noah Adam Harrison Jr. b 1850 Cocke, died 1931 in Haywood m Sarah Ann Clementine Medford 1875 in Haywood. Ch: Phenalopie Jane "Neppoe" Harrison, Hazeltine "Hassy" Harrison, Avery Sewell Harrison, Agustus Livingston "Gus" Harrison ... There was a second wife: Clemintine Irene McClure b Haywood 1856. (McClures a common name in LGT with marriages there to Harrisons in Augusta Co. VA). Their children: Lucius Gaither McClure and Nancy L. McClure... How did they get the name McClure if father Noah Adam Harrison? Some confusion here. Was Clemantine an only wife of Noah but remarried to a McClure? or is McClure a middle name foe these two children with last name Harrison?

#4. Margaret Emiline "Emma" Harrison b 1853 Cocke Co. m Martin V.B. Erwin b 1852 in NC. Ch: Robert Erwin b 1872 Haywood, Sarah "Sallie" Erwin b 1874 Haywood, Julius Erwin b 1877 Haywood, Martha Erwin b 1879 Haywood

These are the first two generations of a book which goes on to about the present day. I will not attempt to carry this further. I was previously aware of Noah and a couple of others in Haywood, and the Medford marriages but I had no idea from whence they came.

4. Harrisons

COPY OF LETTER CHARLES HARRISON TO ROBERT MEDFORD of Canton NC. Mr. Medford had written a family sketch for HAYWOOD COUNTY HERITAGE. This same letter sent to others who wrote for the book. Mr. Harrison tells of Cocke County ancestors, "I follow Reuben (Harrison's) line". His son Robert McCamey Harrison, was "my great grandfather", and it appears that you might be related to Reuben's son Nathaniel Adam Harrison, commonly known as Adam (He includes copies of John Harrison's Bible records). John Harrison of Newport (Cocke Co.) TN.

He gives the information which I gave on the previous page. Conclusions are that Joseph and Noah Harrison of Haywood 00. NC were Adam's sons. The fact that Adam's first wife Louisa McMillian, was born in NC could mean that family remained and there was visiting between Cocke and Haywood Counties. It should also be noted the name "Noah" is considered a family name and has been used by Jo Sire (Josiah) and Reuben lines in subsequent generations. The name Joseph has also been used and assumed to be a modern equivalent of Josiah (I am not too sure about that last statement but interesting if so).

DISCHARGE from Tennessee Cavalry Volunteers 31 May 1865 (Union service) of N.A. Harrison, Sergeant, 2nd Regiment. Enrolled 16 Sept 1862 for three years or the duration or war. Discharged at St. Louis by circular from Surgeon General of the US. May reenlist. He was born in Cocke Co. TN, 40? years of age, 5'10", dark complexion. By J. Hamilton Capt 3rd US Artillery, Mustering and Disbursement Officer.

# 121451 Renewal, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions. Mary C. Harrison now Layman, formerly widow of Neamiah A. alias Nathaniel A. Harrison, who was a Sergeant Co. I 2nd Regiment TN Volunteer Cavalry is entitled to a pension of $12 per month to commence the 7th day of August 1902 and to continue through her widowhood. Renewal under act of March 3, 1901. Written to side of document,"Formerly pensioned as Mary Jane Harrison". 10 Mar 1905.

Comment: We have not yet resolved Reuben, Nehemiah, Noah, Josiah, Nathaniel, Adam and so on but I would like to comment that Adam as a middle name was quite common among the LGT Harrisons of Mecklenburg NC and Greene County TN (same people both places) who were descended from old Jeremiah Harrison and Catherine ADAMS.

Mr. Harrison employed BYRON SISTLER & ASSOCIATES for research for a few hours to search and locate John Harrison b c 1760, perhaps in VA who lived around Charlotte, NC at some time and who fathered a son b 1784 on the Pigeon River in what is now Cocke Co. TN.

FROM BYRON SISTLER & ASSOCIATES. Little progress made on the request and he states that it is likely that John Harrison's ancestry cannot be found. He enclosed pages from TENNESSEE COUSINS by Worth Ray but comments that Ray has little to add. The Mecklenburg Will Book does show that people named John and Josiah Harrison did live there and in fact Josiah had a son John. Josiah's will however is such that one would not expect part of the land to go to a son who no longer lived in NC. On the other hand the will may have been made much earlier when John did live in Mecklenburg. Mr. Sistler did not get to go into the East TN records under the work time limitations but suggests that such be done. (Evidently he was so hired again)

Paper dated 5-22-93, presumably from Byron Sistler, who says: I think that Reuben was b after 1790, say 1795, by his stated age on censuses, from 1830 to 1860. He was in Cocke County for all of those censuses.

5. Harrisons

Was John Harrison still alive in 1830? In that census there were three John Harrisons and fpur if John K. Harrison is counted. The only one old enough to be the John in question was in Roane Co. age 50 to 60 in 1830. Interestingly the John K. Harrison in Greene County, lived next door to Josiah Harrison age 20-30. On the other side of John K. Harrison was ISAIAH HARRISON age 60-70. Comment: This no doubt is the Harrison Methodist Church community and Isaiah was the son of old Jeremiah and well known to us. I have heard of John K. though I am not sure whether Isaiah was his father. Nor do I know specifically about Josiah but too young to be the Josiah, son of old Jeremiah, but no doubt a descendant. John K., if I remember correctly was a Methodist Preacher.

TN RECORDS Early E. TN Taxpayers by Creekmore. The 1839 Cocke Co. tax list District 10 showed John Harrison with no land and 1 white poll; and Reuben Harrison with 440 a and no poll. This would not be John, the father of Reuben, who would not be required to pay poll tax if still alive. Reuben, it would appear, was over age 50 at the time (though does not fit with census records).

Early TN Tax Lists by Sistler (who apparently wrote this paper) includes lists for Cocke Co. 1821 and 1827. Reuben and Josiah both appear on the 1821 tax list, but the elder John does not.

Early TN Marriages by Sistler. No records for any of these people but that is to be expected as the early marriage records for both Cocke and Polk Co. are missing.

OVER THE MISTY BLUE HILLS by O'Dell. The story of Cocke County (we have this book). There are several references to John Harrison but none that could tie him to other members of the family, so not known if this is the right John Harrison.

TENNESSEANS IN THE WAR OF 1812 by Sistler; A Reuben Harrison served under Capt. Richard Benson. This would not be right person I think, as Benson was from Robertson County... (but interesting about a Reuben in Robertson County. Perhaps he was from the nearby Summer County Harrisons on Bledsoe Creek who were on the pioneer expedition to the Nashville area.

GENEALOGICAL ABSTRACTS OF REV. WAR PENSION FILES by White. A number of John Harrisons but none who drew a pension or applied for one from TN.

NC RECORDS. 1790 census no John Harrison found in Mecklenburg Co.. State census of NC 1784-87 does not include Mecklenburg 00.

TENNESSEE COUSINS by Worth Ray. He reports a tradition that Jane Harrison, who m Abraham Lillard was born in NC 6-25-1796. He seems to think that she was b in what is now Cocke County and which was at one time in NC.

MECKLENBURG CO. RECORDS. Marriages 1783-1868 by Holcomb, no John Harrison; Early Wills 1749-90 by Holcomb, no Harrisons Deeds 1763-79 by Holcomb. Harrisons mentioned are David, Davis, Jeremiah and William. (All LGT I presume) THE MECKLENBURG SIGNERS by Worth Ray. Has a surname index only with many references to Harrisons.,Hardly worth checking each entry at this time. (I

6. Harrisons

have the book and I think I have checked all of the Harrison references but maybe worth doing again.)

STATEWIDE NC MARRIAGE INDEX. Only 3 John Harrison marriages prior to 1800 and these were in Pasquotank, Tyrell and Wake.

There are accompanying copies from TENNESSEE COUSINS, and MECKLENBURG COUNTY WILLS, but while reviewing those I will be going into the applicable Harrison references in Worth Ray's MECKLENBURG SIGNERS AND THEIR NEIGHBORS.

TN COUSINS, p 160, Cocke County. Capt. William Lillard was in Cocke County as early as 1783, notwithstanding the claim that he was living in Culpeper Co. VA as late as 1791. He was one of the first legislators of Cocke Co. TN. He lived by the French Broad River in Old Newport (it later moved a few miles). His close neighbors were two sons of General George Doherty; Joseph and William.. also spelled Dougherty. Major Peter Fine and Capt. Doherty raised a company of about 30 men to hunt down Indians who had stolen some animals. They so succeeded but at camp that night they were attacked and Vinet Fine was killed. The next morning they broke a hole in the ice of a creek and buried him under the ice. The Creek was named Vines Creek and is located in present Vines Creek Township of Haywood Co. NC

Abraham Lillard, by tradition, was b 1791 in Culpeper Co. VA and his wife JANE HARRISON was b in NC 1796, but Ray rejects this tradition. He believes Abraham was the son of William Lillard and he was born in Cocke CO.

The Lillards and Doughertys had close relationships and intermarriages. (I mention Doughertys because in Hot Springs, NC my wife's grandfather John F. Harrison was in partnership with a Dougherty in the Barytes Mining and milling business in the early 1900's. In Spring Creek there is "Dougherty's Hole" also called the "Swirl Hole" as a sharp bend in the fast creek and it is a constant whirlpool, in town near where their waterpowered mill was located.

Doughertys were connected to the Cunninghams and both were from Augusta Co. VA (as were the Harrisons)

Ray says that Abraham Lillard m Jane Harrison who "was born in NC" by tradition in 1796. There were plenty of Harrisons in Cocke and Jefferson Counties TN and this territory had been in NC shortly before her birth. Comment: A tradition that Jane Harrison was from Culpeper, which I think Ray follows, has confused the issue. I am familiar with Lillards and Harrisons of Culpeper County VA and these Harrisons of Culpeper are of the Andrew/ Anthony Harrison line to which Worth Ray belonged as well as THE VENTURERS Harrisons married into the Wade Hampton family. But this could be all wrong. Jane could be of the LGT Harrisons as are many of NC/TN. Of course it is possible that Charles Harrison has both Harrison lines and Jane just sort of slipped in with the LGT Harrisons.

MECKLENBURG NC WILLS, Book D, p 73. Will of JOSIAH HARRISON. 1810/1812 proved by oaths of Simon Clymore and James Stewart, and Walter Davis. To dau Ann $60, son Samuel $50. My land adj Walter Davis and includes the Indian land (This should be close to McAlpin Creek, the SC borer and Harrison Methodist Church. The Indian land was just south of the Church and McAlpin's Creek), to be divided equally between my sons John Craven who is to have the Southern part and Jeremiah who is to have the northern part. I also give to Jeremiah the negro Bailey and a horse; to my daughter Elizabeth Adams the negro girls Lucy and Milla, a horse, two cows and calves, and her bed

7. Harrisons

and furniture. I leave $500 for the support of my dau Esther and said funds are to be managed by my execs. I leave to each of my three sons a bed and coverings and the balance of my household and kitchen furniture is to be divided between my daus Elizabeth and Margaret and the rest of my estate is to be equally divided among my six children. Execs: John Craven and Samuel. (note: this will is unsigned and undated and no witnesses named. Isaac Alexander CMC ... but it was written and proved as above).

MECKLENBURG SIGNERS, p 324. Will of Roger Cunningham. Pr 1-2-1806. Execs: Josiah Ham son and son Robert Cunningham. Children are named and included sons in law John Sharp and James Sharp. Robert Cunningham, the son and exec with Josiah Harrison was Rev. Robert Cunningham, a famous Presbyterian Minister whose first wife was Elizabeth Moore, the cousin of Mrs. Mary Graham, mother of General Joseph Graham.. no children by this first marriage but Rev. Cunningham moved to Georgia, Alabama and KY and had several children by later marriages. Comment: Harrisons m to Moores in Augusta Co. VA, and I believe Sharps were a prominent Augusta VA and Mecklenburg NC family. so... it is likely that the John Harrison, ancestor of Charles Harrison was John Cravens Harrison, which is a pretty good identity as a LGT Harrison! The Jeremiah Harrison son of Josiah could well be Rev. Jeremiah Harrison, so closely associated with Rev. Nathan Thomas Harrison and both of Buncombe and of Murray Co. GA. Apparently the approximate age to be the one.


p 351. Harrison marriages in Mecklenburg:

Note by Ray: The identity of this family of Harrisons down in Mecklenburg County has not been determined as this is written (It has now.. LGT) but the ancestor may have been one Josiah Harrison who came there early (along with others from Augusta Co. VA)

p 365. 1790 census, District 15 (near Harrison Methodist Church which has not yet been built. John, Ezekiel, Samuel and William Black Sr.; Tunis Hood, Capt. Tunis Hood (Jr) Reuben Hood and Nehemiah Harrison adjacent. Nehemiah 1 m over 16, 3m under 16, 5 females 2 slaves.

p 367 1790 census, Dist 18. close to above. More Blacks, Isaiah Harrison adjacent to Daniel John. Isaiah 1 m over 3 m under 16, 3 females, 2 slaves. comment: This is probably Isaiah Harrison, son of Jeremiah of Greene Co. TN. Note that he has 2 slaves. If the same Isaiah, he became active against

8. Harrisons

slavery in E. TN.

p 378. Analysis of the various 1790 Districts for the census. In Dist 15 there were only 35 slaves: John Ford 7, Tunis Hood Sr. 7, James McCombs 5, Capt Tunis Hood 4, John and Ezekiel Black ad Nehemiah Harrison had 2 each. Wm Black Sr 1 slave.

In District 18, Henry Downs, famous Signer of the Declaration of Independence of Mecklenburg and from Orange Co. VA and ancestor of the Downs of SC had 3 slaves. Isaiah Harrison 2 slaves.

p 381. This is a map of Mecklenburg with various people located on that map. James Harrison is listed on Beaverdam Creek of 12 Mile Creek close to the Indian lands and the SC border. Close to Andrew Jackson Sr. (I presume the father of President Andrew Jackson . Both NC and SC claim him as being born there on the border. Roger Cunningham and Nehemiah Harrison are next door neighbors. Recall that Nehemiah and Rev. Robert Cunningham his execs. This is very close to Providence Presbyterian Church and therefore very close to Harrison Methodist Church, not yet built.

A paper by Charles Harrison entitled, SEARCHING THE WILDERNESS FOR JOHN HARRISON. Birthdate about 1767 + 2 or 3 years.


Children Four known

Introduction: An old aunt says they came from Scotland about 1669. Two brothers in PA and two in VA. During the mid 1700's our Virginia branch began to scatter in the wilderness. Just a story - no documentation.

In January 1899 a gg grandson of John Harrison, William McCamey Harrison, began compiling a family history. It starts with the Cocke Co. TN Harrisons. More family history is attributed to John's daughter JANE HARRISON LILLARD and it is in the book LILLARD: A FAMILY OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA by David H. Lillard Jr (1991). Charles Harrison has searched extensively for the ancestry of John Harrison without success but feels that the discovery of his parents, wife and siblings may come from other Harrison histories. This paper is an attempt to provide enough information to make that possible.

Charles F. is the son of Benjamin F. Harrison who was son of Robert M. Harrison II, who was son of Robert M. Harrison I, wh was son of Reuben Harrison, who was son of John Harrison. (M. is for McCamey)

The children of John Harrison and their wives.


9. Harrisons

Josiah and Mary Giles had

Reuben and Elizabeth Baxter had

(comment about Dennis marriages. Not the only Harrisons to m Dennis. There was Thomas Harrison m Hannah Dennis and lived in Tazewell Co. VA and from Thomas Harrison founder of Harrisonburg VA. He wrote history of the area. A number of Dennises in LGT index)

Children of Jane and Abraham Lillard

(Comment by CWJ.. Another Robert Harrison was in Polk Co by 1860 census. This was the son of Thomas Harrison and Ann Lord. Thomas was blind since age 17 and he and Ann lived with Robert, a blacksmith, and his wife. This Robert was younger brother to Jesse Harrison, my wife's great grandfather

10. Harrisons

who remained in Buncombe/Madison County, also a blacksmith at Sandy Bottom on the Buncombe Turnpike. There were two Robert Harrisons in Polk which confused things. Robert McCamey Harrison above died before the other Robert.

DISCUSSION (by Charles Harrison). JOHN HARRISON William McCamey Harrison 1899 Family History reports:
He lived near Charlotte, NC
He had 4 children

One child Reuben was b on Pigeon River (comment: On the name McCamey. Rev. Nathan Harrison in his later life was in Murray Co. GA where he died. Robert McCamey was the County Clerk there and executor of Rev. Nathan and owed Rev. Nathan some money. I attempted to find out a bit about McCameys by contacting one of the prominent authors of Murray County History and Genealogy, named McCamey. However, she knew very little and could not connect with this particular Robert McCamey. No help).

In the book LILLARD: A FAMILY OF COLONIAL VIRGINIA, Jane Harrison Lillard, John's daughter, states:

She was a 2nd cousin of President William Henry Harrison. (same old story. I wonder if any Harrisons stated they were NOT cousins to William Henry!)

She was named after her grandmother.

In the 1850 census John's sons Josiah and Reuben both report that they were b in VA. By 1860, Josiah was dead and Reuben reported that he was born in NC. (We have the same story with Buncombe Harrisons, with the further addition of being born in GA (Jesse Harrison and his brother Robert Harrison but if so must have been on a trip - or two trips since they were a few years apart. Rev. Nathan's obit says NC but tradition says VA. Rev. Jeremiah's obit says Rutherford, NC.

Notes prepared by family researcher Parker Harrison, a John Harrison gg grandson, speculate that John's parents were named Isaac and Emaline but no documentation. (could Isaac be confused with Isaiah or a varient?)

Some speculations on the above: It is likely that John Harrison was in E TN, Cocke Co. area in 1794 about the time his son Reuben was born on Pigeon River. Either John's mother or mother in law was named Jane (conflicts with Emaline in paragraph above). All of John's children named a daughter Jane/Jennie. It appears that John Harrison came from a VA family and probably born there and this is consistent with family stories. Not known how long in the area of Charlotte NC. (comment: sounds like he was one of our bunch in Mecklenburg where there was a community around Providence Presbyterian and Harrison Methodist who had come from Augusta Co VA, prompted by the French and Indian War.

John may have located near other relatives in Washington and Greene Counties NC/TN by the late 1780's.

In TN COUSINS Ray reports that in Washington Co. NC/TN (let me add Washington Co. VA) by 1800. He reports NC land grants there to a Daniel and a John Harrison in 1783.

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