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Welcome to our website. We are glad you took the time to stop by. This website is dedicated to the descendants and relatives of Henry Scott Hart and Nancy Elizabeth Ellard. On this site, you will find family tree information, information about the next reunion, pictures, prayer requests, answers to prayer and other information to keep this ever expanding family connected.

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The First Reunion

First Hart Ellard Reunion

The first Hart-Ellard Family Reunion was held July 13. Hosted by Peggy Gordon of Dowagiac at the American Legion Post 26 in Niles. Elder "Bud" Hart, age 76, seated above and surrounded by family members from 10 states, is the last remaining sibling of the Hart-Ellard union. An outdoor picnic was held in his honor for a crowd of more than 125. The Hart and Ellard family originated in Missouri, and later migrated by covered wagon to Arkansas.
Niles Daily Star, 1996