The Hartshorn Family

The Hartshorn Family

from Arnold, Nottingham, England

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Courtesy of Zita de Lancey

Hartshorn/Denham Meet after 150yrs   1st known photograph since the internet meeting of the HH/Denham Group?
abt. 1930 Mary Hartshorn(1873-1940)
abt. 1916 "Arnold Lads"
abt. 1916 "The Bramleys"
1923 The Arnold Wesleyans Football Team
George Hartshorn and Emma Holbrook marriage
abt. 1914 Mary Hannah Hartshorn and Family
abt. 1870 Ted Hartshorn
Cyril Hartshorn
St Mary's Church, Arnold, Nottingham, England
Redhill Cemetery, Nottingham, England
2001 The Bramleys and Hartshorns meeting
2005 The Bramleys and Hartshorns meeting   (Labelled)
Rosemundy June 2005
Rosemundy August 2005

Courtesy of Betty Tansley (nee Bramley) and Rodney Bramley

Hartshorn Family Portrait 
Hartshorn Family Portrait
   (low resolution with annotations)

Courtesy of Barbara Moore

Holiday Inn 2001

Courtesy of  Charlie Wheeler.

Top Hat and Tails
Will Hartshorn & Mary Holbrook with Cyril c1904

Elizabeth Clifton
June Hartshorn & Norman Wheeler
Skegness beach?

Sand Dunes 

Cyril Hartshornc1952
False Teeth Maker
Cyril Hartshorn With Grandchildren
Cyril on Chair
Cyril with Mother   
Coldstream Guardsman
Postcard Front
Postcard Back
Charlie Wheeler
June Hartshorn on the Beach
June Hartshorn in the Sea
Will Hartshorn in the wood
Elsie(Botham), Mary (Holbrook) & Will Hartshorn
George Holbrook Hartshorn with rabbit
June Wheeler nee Hartshorn c1954
Just for the cars in the background !!
Mary Holbrook in the dunes
Mary  with son Cyril Hartshorn & grandaughter June
Hannah Holbrook
Cyril Hartshorn and wife Elsie Botham
Isaac Hartshorn c1910
Taken around the same time as the Major Oak photograph of the Hartshorn family.
Wife of Samuel Hartshorn
Parents of Charlie Wheeler

Will Hartshorn & Mary Holbrook with June Hartshorn  on the beach.
Elsie Hartshorn   nee Botham, Mary Hartshorn nee Holbrook & Cyril Hartshorn
Cyril towards the end of his working life.
Location, Date, unknown. Cyril with workmates.
Cyril with grandchildren Leslie & David
Companion photo to the one supplied by Zita.
Cyril on leave c 1917
Cyril Hartshorn in Uniform
Postcard home
Cyril writes home.
Son of Norman Wheeler and June Hartshorn
Possibly Skegness beach
June with bucket and spade.
Unknown date place
Possibly Skegness, mid to late 1930s
Son of George Hartshorn & Emma Holbrook
Unknown place.
Possibly Mary Holbrook on the right.
Probably Skegness . Mid to late 30s
Mid 30s.  Like the jacket !!
Charlie and mum June are fairly sure that this is June's g grandmother
Place unknown.

Courtesy of Bill Wardle

Admiral Rodney 2001
Bill & Barbara 2004
Calverton Reunion 2003 Jan, Zita, Mavis,& Sheila Calverton 2003

The Prince Meets Bill
        Well nearly!!

Susan & Jim Daniel's UK visit 29 June 2004

Awaiting Susan and Jim's Arrival 
 Hands across the ocean
             Re-joining of Smiths & Hartshorns after 160yrs.
 10-02 a.m.
Canal Lock
Susan Meets John Mellors
Susan & Bill
At the Archives
The "Trip to Jerusalem"
Castle Gates
Susan & Jim Meet Robin Hood
Slab Square
Calverton Church
                          Cousins, Arthur (our kid),  Bill, and Susan pay respects to their Holmes ancestors.
 At the Altar: Susan and Jim
At the Altar: Bill and Anne
At the Altar: Zita and Tony
Robin Hood and Little John Pub  Susan, and Bill call in at the Pub to pay our "Swarm Society Dues"
Arnot Hill Lake
Arnot Hill House
Arnot Hill Gate 
                              See the ghost of Cottage Row!

Courtesy of    Phil Hand and Alison (nee Dexter)

Herbert Dexter&Emma Shaw (Moore)  Publicans
Emma Dexter Shaw (Moore)
                 Family Photograph taken on front doorstep.
Evelyn &Ethel Dexter
                              Studio photograph
Ethel Dexter
                                             Studio photograph
Clarice Hooton (nee Dexter)
                  Family Photograph
Beaumont Villa FC
                                 John Dexter

Letter from the Trenches 
                       Letter from Herbert to Emma c1916
Jack Dexter & Clara Boot                      1926 Wedding photograph


Guy & Hanna Grenny's  UK visit 2 June 2007

Arrival in Nottingham                              Guy , Hanna , & Daughter Joanne  meet  UK cousins.


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