Oh, well guess I am going to go back to Marmelady's Home Page.  I sort of miss it, besides, My Life sort of sounds hokey and since I really am not baring my life here. . .so on with the fairly updated pages.  The new pages may be more organized and then again looking at my desk, maybe not. One thing I have done is to sort of color code the pages.  Any page having to do with genealogy is going to be in the browns and any pages to do with me are blue.  The main part of this website is for my genealogy and the rest is just my stuff.  I have added a new page because we moved and so will have some pictures of things we have seen since we have been here.

I, thought to end the music on the following pages, but it is a part of me, sort of my feelings to music; so the music stays.  My pages, well some of them are picture intensive.  I have been lucky and have many, many pictures and since I have made most of these pages to share with family, it seemed only right to share the pictures also.  Some of the pictures are large so you can see them, some are thumb nailed so you see a small one but can click to see the large one.  So, if the pages load slow that is why.

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  " Anyway, thought I would give you a bit of advanced warning. . . .there are sounds on most of my pages but I have put the Crescendo player at the bottom of the pages, so if the music is too much you can just turn it off by clicking on the stop button, but I love music and there are all sorts on my pages.  From New Age to Cajun to Country and especially one the big kids will love. . . chuckle;  Bluegrass.  I was going to put a polka as background music on Hauser Genealogy pages, but those polkas can be a bit too much, even for me, so most of the genealogy pages have no music."

***An added note, if you are doing your genealogy and want to have contact with other family, do a web page.  Of course this is my opinion only.  It is the most exciting thing to be "found" by a cousin.  I would like to take a moment here and thank Roots web for providing the space for this page.    I used to have my page on Geocities, but you have to pay for extra space over what they give you which is not much when you have lots of pictures.  I do and am getting more.  I feel so lucky that there are so many pictures that have survived the years.  I am also button-bursting proud that I am the one chosen to get them all.  I will treasure them always.  This has been the best year for me and being "found."  Several new cousins have found me and now I am in email contact with them.  I think that creating this website was just the best way.


I am in the process of making some changes.  One, no more guestbook.  I do not promote or like the pornographic entries and no matter what I do with the guestbook I cannot seem to delete them.  Nor do I want to put my email address on the page so that those robot things can find it and spam my inbox, so I will attempt to make the email address a graphic so anyone truly interested in my genealogy can contact me or maybe just click on the mailbox below will work just as well.

Here is a link to a website that is/was about the Hauser Family reunions held in Iowa.  I have check this link and it still works, but the page has not been updated in three years, so I am removing it.  Cannot see much worth in a page about a family reunion when it is not kept current.  I have a reunion page and will attempt to keep the pictures I have gotten from a cousin in Iowa who attends updated.  I have some new ones from the reunion last year and will be adding them.

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