Formal charge of Wiping out Bassler family made against woman today.
Neighbors depositions
Sanity inquest held yesterday results in Woman Being declared insane. Emma Hobaugh, age 33, was formally charged with the slaying of the three members of the Henry Bassler family and her own three year old daughter Viola by Coroner J, J. Stanton this morning when a verdict of death due to gunshot wound of the head inflicted by a 12 guage shotgun in the hands of Emma Hobaugh, a person of unsound mind was returned in each specific case. The finding of. the coroner was based upon the depositions submitted today by neighbors of the Bassler family who were the first persons to reach the scene following the terrible discovery shortly before noon Monday. In addition to completing the coroner's inquest today, Dr. Stanton also attached his signature to the death certificates, specifying in the customary medioal languages the time at which it has been determined the four victims met their fate.

Father First Victim
From the evidence submitted at the inquest the Coroner found that Henry Blasser was the first victim of the crazed woman's wrath, his death occurring at 5 o'clock Sunday evening as he was seated in the front room chair. The death of Viola Hobaugh was determined by the coroner to have occurred at 5:05 p. m. Sunday as she lay asleep on the middle room couch with her face to the north. The death of Mrs. Bassler, according to the certificate took place at 6 p. m,, Sunday night as she was on her way from the barn to the house, while fate was meted to John Bassler, age 23, shortly before 1 o'clock Monday morning an Intervale of approximately seven hours existing.

How they were shot
Close examination of the bodies by the coroner this morning show that Bassler and his son John were shot from the front; that the charge which struck Mrs. Bassler was fired from behind her and that the load that ended the life of the baby entered right side of head. Powder marks on the faces of Henry and John Bassler substantiate the coroner's statement while the condition of the wounds sustained by the child and mother also support the theory of Dr. Stanton, In reconstructing details of the crime Pr. Stanton stated today that John Bassler was shot down just as he opened the kitchen door. The discolorations about the eyes and mouth show that the charge was fired at close range and that the killer stood on the south side of the door within the house.

Depositions Submitted.
At the inquest held today by Coroner Stanton at his office on Fourth street depositions were submitted to the coroner by members of the Ed. Moyer family with whom Emma Hobaugh left a sum of money Monday morning; Daniel Murphy, a neighbor, who discovered the body of Henry Bassler; Lyman Yantis, A neighbor, and Mrs. Evans. The latter was among the first persons to reach the scene of the murder Monday, The deposition of Mrs, Florence Rodger, one of the surviving daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bassler, was also obtained. The versions of these people were similar to the facts that have been previously brought out concerning the murder and the mental condition of Emma Hobaugh. At the sanity inquest held Tuesday afternoon in the court of Justice of the Peace M. C. Beebe, many interesting tales of the "(queer and "peculiar" actions of Emma Hobaugh were brought to light by witnesses. Probably the most important evidence of the inquest was given by Mrs. Mary McGaughey, instructress at the Gossard corset' factory under whom Emma Ho- (Continued from page' one) baugh was employed five years ago.

Discharged from Factory.
At that time the accused woman was unmarried and, according to Mrs McGaughey, she often acted strangely. An act which led to her discharge from the employment at the plant occurred a month after the woman began work there, when she attempted to plunge a ripper, an instrument used at the plant in cutting materials, into the neck of another girl employe who "had made fun of Emma." Another employe grabbed Mrs. Hobanghls arm just as the blade was about to descend, according to the testimony of the instructress. Testimony concerning Mrs. Hobaugh'e actions and behavior since being incarcerated in the county jail, was also given at the sanity hearing by Sheriff Walter Bowyer. Mrs_ Hobaugh was absolutely deaf to all questions asked her by Dr. Terflinger and Dr. Holloway. who comprised the sanity commission, and after all efforts to make the woman talk had failed, she was remanded to her cell in the county jail.

Late yesterday, Mrs, Emma Hobaugh No. 1, who is shown in the first picture, confessed that she murdered four members or her family at the home near Logansport by shooting them to death. The four victims of the shotgun murderess were her father, Henri Bassler, shown in picture No. 2, at whose home the shooting occurred; No. 3 is Mrs. Henry Bassler, her mother, John Bassler, a brother, is shown in the fourth picture, and the last is of her own 3-year-old daughter, Viola.

Mrs. Hobaugh confined to Longcliff for Treatment Commitment Papers say
Prosecutor Wall Says Slaying of Four Will Be Taken Before Grand Jury. Mrs. Emma Hobaugh, held for the murder of four' members of the Henry Bassler family includ-ing her, parents, a brother and three year old baby, was removed to the Northern Indiana hospital for the Insane for treatment shortly after noon today. Walter Bowyer, sheriff, acting with committment papers presented to him through 'the office of the county clerk as the result of the sanity commission finding of insanity late Tuesday transported. the widow from the jail cell where she has been held since her arrest Monday to the Longcliff institution. Mrs. Julia Hauer, assistant visiting nurse, accompanied the officer. Early today Dr.. Samuel Dodds. superintendent of the state 'institution notified the sheriff that the hospital was ready to receive Mrs. Hobaugh as soon as all legal conformatieshad been carried out in the admission :steps. The commitment papers does ot place the unfortunate woman In the institu-tion for any specified time but only states that she be admitted to the place for treatment. Retain Attorney Yarlott Charles Yarlott of the firm of Long and Yarlott has been retained by remaining members of the family and instructed to prepare papers for the appointment of a guardian for Mrs Hobaugh. These papers will be filed with the circuit court within the next few days after which time the court will fix a date for a hearing upon the matter. The petitions will be required to present evidence to show that the appointment of a guardian for the woman is necessary at this time. This evidence is expected to be in the form of proof of insanity. Merl M. Wall, prosecuting. attorney, in answer to the question as to the steps he would take in the murder case declared that he expected to follow out the process of the law. The matter will be taken up by the grand jury when it convenes on January 6, he stated. Wall also declared that he would fight any attempt to remove the prisoner from the county jail the insane hospital, setting forth that he was not so certain whether or not be would be able to have her removed from the 'hospital and returned here for trial. However, no restraining order against the removal had been issued at the time Sheriff Bawyer took Mrs. Hobaugh to the institution. Mr. Wall states that the decision of the sanity commission as reached by the board appointed by the coroner will not govern his activities as the state's representative in the murder case. "It was a gruesome murder and it is my duty as prosecuting attorney to follow the steps as required by law in handling such an act" was a statement made this morning by Wall. Another View Given. A local attorney who has practiced in the Cass circuit court for several years and is well versed with the Indiana laws was interviewed by newspaper representatives this morning with the view of straightening out the apparent tangle in which the proceedure appeared to the common layman to be in. He declared that the appointment of a sanity commission and its action in commitment of the accused woman to the state insti-tution was purely legal and could not be interferred with by the state. It is a matter wholly di-vorced from any other action or investigation in connection 'with the murder.

The attorney further declared that the matter could and probably would be aired by the January grand jury which has they power to indict the woman on charges in connection with the deaths of the four or it may refuse to return an indictment if the jury decided from the evidence introduced before it that the woman was insane at the time the act was committed and responsible for them. In case a murder indictment was returned and Mrs. Hobaugh was arraigned in court the matter would result finally in the commitment of her to the hospital for treatment just the same as has occurred. In event of her arraignment her attorney. either retained by the relatives or appointed by the state, would enter a plea of insanity and produce evidence bearing out the statements in the plea. Under such circumstances the only procedure of the court would be to order the woman confined to the hospital for treatment according to this attorney. The orders would be on the papers of practically the same wording whether they came from the circuit court or the sanity commission, it was pointed out. Should Mrs. Hobaugh ever been discharged from the institution as cured, which is possible, she could then be tried for the murder if she had not previously stood trial on the same charge and in event she was arraigned after dismissal she could then enter a plea of insanity at the time the act was committed and not be sentenced to prison. *****

Members of Sassier Family to be Buried Side by Side at Metea

Chase and CoMpany Receive Many' Compliments for Work Accomplished Tomorrow afternoon ,shortly after 12 o'clock, four hearses of the' Chase undertaking establishment will begin the mournful journey to , the little brick Baptist church at Metea where the last sad rites will be carried out by relatives and friends of the victims, for the Henry Bassler family and their little niece Viola Hobaugh, who were murdered Sunday night by the insane daughter, Emma Hobaugh. The task of presenting the bodies for burial was completed' this morning and the remains lay in state at the Chase morgue, where they were viewed by hundreds of relatives, friends and curiously inclined folks. Upon the arrival at the church the caskets will be forever sealed and no one will be allowed to view the bodies. The services will in charge of H. Trickey; pastor of the Westside Presbyterian church. The members of the Bassler family and their little niece will be side by side in separate graves that have already been dug in the Metea cemetery. Solid oak caskets and airtight steel vaults have been purchased for each of the murder victims. Faces Reconstructed An accomplishment regarded but little short of a miracle by those who saw, the remains at the Bassler home Monday, was performed by Undertaker Chase and his assistants in preparing the :bodies for interment. From the remnants of heads that remained following the murders, Undertaker Chase has reconstructed the faces and heads of each member of the family. The transformation produced by the undertakers by the art of deml-surgery, makes plainly visible the faces and features of each member of the murdered family to the extent that they may be readily identified. Several years ago this reconstruction of mutilated bodies would have been impossible, but modern methods of embalming have since been introduced. Persons who viewed the bodies today were utterly astonished at the results of the skillful work of art that has been produced by the experts of the Chase undertaking establishment. Mere words fall far short of describing the expression of appreciation extended to Mr. Charles Chase and his assistants by the bereaved relatives and friends of the Bassler family. ****

Mother of Henry Bassler Does Not Know of Slaying of Son and Family.
Unconscious that the frenzied attacks of her granddaughter took the lives of four of her kin, Mrs. Christine Bassler age 87 years sits at the home of her son, Fred Bassler near Lucerne and wonders why her son Henry, who was the first victim in the series of murders, is neglecting her. Fred Basler, her favorite son with whom she resieds, has deemed it best not to tell his aged motther of the terrible tragedy which has visited the family. "The shock would probably be too much for her". Mr. Bassler said today She will not attend the funeral of her son and his family tomorrow and it will probably be some time before she is acqainted with the fat that four of her kin were murdered by her crazed grand daughter. Mr. Bassler said that her health was only fair and that he would await an opportune time when, she was in a stronger condition before he told her the terrible tale. At present all facts are being carefully cancealed from the aged woman and her son believes that she already "scents" something and has a suspicion that there is something wrong.

SOURCE: Logansport Pharos Tribune ** 31 december 1924 ** page 1 and 9