To our Australian, Canadian and American family members

Before telling you about the Van Landschoot family history, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my uncle Leon Van Landschoot, for his dedication to this project, who took it upon himself to track down the history of the Van Landschoot’s. His wife provided me all his files needed to reconstruct our family's past. It took me about 7 years to put all these names and information into a genealogyprogram. Another 7 years to find all the Van Landschoot's in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, France and the USA. Adding more than 8000 names, with a total now of over 18000. These genealogy pages are setup as follows.

There is a general index for each surname, please follow the according link. The information is about all of the Van Landschoot name variations, altough, only 5 of them are still used today. I have been able to locate 8 branches, Eeklo (2) with Landschoot descendants in Belgium, Michigan and France. Branch Adegem, Maldegem and Kleit have a common ancestor. From this area are most of the immigrants to the USA (between 1851-1925), Canada (between 1903-1925) and France (between 1870-1920). The first Van Landschoot families arrived in Taos, MO as early as 1847. There's another branch in Knokke and Moerkerke, but sharing the same ancestor in 1650, descendants emigrated to Missouri, Michigan, France and Canada. The last years two others emigrated to England and Mexico. The Van Landtschoote family of Knokke has a differant ancestor. CD's of each group are now available , instead of one DVD. The Cd's contain birth-, marriage- and death certificates, draft cards, probates files, census records (as early as 1860 ), newspaper obits,passenger lists (as early as 1851 )pictures of gravestones,family pictures and much more. The last couples of years i have been able to make a collection of almost 4000 images.

This family tree is not only the work of the compiler, special thanks must go to all persons who have contributed to my research. The information presented on this dvd is the result of many years of research by Hans Van Landschoot and his late uncle Leon Van Landschoot(1917-1980) of Maldegem, Belgium. All along I've continued to treat this as a hobby, with no promises to anyone about the final product. But one day I will achieve this goal.

This family tree is not only the work of the compiler - special thanks must go to all persons who have contributed to my research :

1/ Erin McKee of Creston, Union Co, Iowa
* Carol McKEE of Creston, Union Co, Iowa
* Mary Beth McKee of Omaha, Nebraska
* Sharon Dowd of Denver, Colorado
* Pamm Larry of Chico, California.
* Kenneth Hayner of Omaha, Nebraska
* Mary J VanRyn of Atkinson, Illinois
all of them are 4th and 5th generation descendants of Ambrose Van Landschoot (°1788 in Belgium - + in 1854 Moline,Illinois)

VOLUNTEERS of RAOGK = Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
* Miller Irma of Creston, Union County, Iowa
* Steve Peterson of Moline, Rock Island County,Illinois
* Barbara Kelly of Moline, Rock Island Co,Illinois
* Cindy Collins of Genesseo, Illinois
* Margeret Fleming of Dubois, Pennsylvania and Yvonne of Tennessee
all of them did some very extensive research for me in obtaining information and documents on Ambrose Van Landschoot (°1788 Belgium - + in 1854 Moline, Illinois -group Maldegem) family and descendants.
* Debby Kohl of Iowa, she helped me locating descendants of Paul Van Landschoot of Brugge ,Belgium (1833- 1925 Freemont TWS,IA - group Knokke)

SPECIAL THANKS to the following familymembers in the USA:
Donna Landschoot of Port Huron,MI and Peter Landschoot of State College,PA who both did extensive research on their Belgian ancestor.
2/ Donna Landschoot,great granddaughter of Peter Van Landschoot of St Jan in Eremo,Belgium (1823 -1907Port Huron,Michigan)
3/ Peter Landschoot, great grandson of Constantinus Van Landschoot of Ijzendijke ,Netherlands (1857- 1927 New York)
4/ David and Allan Van Landschoot, Jeff Bodett, John and Nancy Barnes all grandchildren of Phillip Van Landschoot of Knokke ,Belgium (1886- 1970 Gladstone,MI)
5/ Elaine Devinck,Lois Ann Van Landschoot grandchildren of Joseph Van Landschoot of Knokke, Belgium (1875- 1955 Superior,WI)
6/ Judy Louis Lacomb granddaughter of Joanna Van Landschoot of Knokke ,Belgium (1877- 1967 Ecanaba, MI)
7/ 4 -5 - 6 are descendants of Jacobus Van Landschoot of Knokke ,Belgium (1848- 1941Knokke, Belgium)
8/ Julianne Criger Van Landschoot (wife of Thomas),Allen,Phillip and Patricia Van Landschoot all grandchildren of Camille Van Landschoot of Adegem ,Belgium (1871- 1953 Kewanee,Illinois)
9/ Maria-Vivienne Van Lantschoot granddaughter of Alfons-August Van Lantschoot of Aalter, Belgium (1865- 1917 Montana,USA)
10/Irene Wood-Van Landschoot of California and brother Charles of Utah, children of Renee Van Landschoot of Eeklo ,Belgium (1892- 1962 Eeklo)
11/Kenneth Nenninger greatgrandson of Henry Van Landschoot of Oostwinkel, Belgium (1882- 1931 Mount Clements, MI)
12/Charles and Gloria Landschoot grandson of August Landschoot of Moerkerke, Belgium (1866- 1915 St Louis, MO)

At the start of the genealogical research of Leon Van Landschoot, he systematically noted all the (Van)Land(t)scho(o)t(e), together with every imaginable spelling. Spellings which he had found in birth, death and marriage certificates and in numerous parish registers. He checked the complete registers of the province of East Flanders and parts of West Flanders, from about 1600 up to 1900, for as far as they were present in the state archive. All these data were written on cards and has been processed by myself into a genealogical computer programm. During my own research, I have added other information from notarial deeds, census records, passengerlists and other old documents.

I have become obsessed with genealogy a couple of years ago. I've always been interested in my ancestry. I already had quite a bit of information, my uncle Leon had done some extensive research on our family. I decided to investigate my ancestry, so I bought a PC. I realized that nobody (as far as I knew) had done the Van Landschoot family. I thought somebody should gather the information and preserve it; making all this available to all members of the (Van)Lan(d)(t)schoot(e) families and that 'somebody' might as well be me.

I purchased a copy of Family Tree Maker version 1 in June 1994, several upgrades later v.7.5,I decided to buy a new genealogy programm THE MASTER GENEALOGIST. This programm has much more possibilities. The genealogy information can now be read in dutch ,french and english. So, everyone will have the benefit to read it in his own language.

This website contains a one name genealogical study concentrating on the name VAN LANDSCHOOT and its variants, such as Van Landschoot - VanLandschoot - Landschoot - Landscoot -VanLandtschoote - Van Landschoote - Van Lantschoot -VanLantschoot - Van Lanschot -Van Lantschot - Lantschot..The Van Landschoot family originated in Belgium, more specific in the area named the Meetjesland, with Eeklo as it's capital.The family was settled primarily in the triangle Eeklo -Knokke - Brugge.

In addition to direct ancestors, the database includes spouses, siblings, their ancestors, and related families. This site documents all of my research to date. I use the word family in its widest sense as I have included all people I have come across, however tenuous the link.It now contains over 17300 names and over 3000 pictures and documents ,such as ,birth-,marriage-, death records,draft cards WW1, census records, passenger lists, newspaper obits, In memoriam cards,last wills and much more.

Feel free to explore also the Dutch pages with general information. It includes general information such as dates, places, names etcc.