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The first Van Landschoot families settled in the Knokke area probably in the late 16th century. Between 1414 and 1575, no Van Landschoots were found in orphan listings of "Het Brugse Vrye Noord".

The Landschoot branch of Moerkerke has its roots in Knokke. In the 18th century Emmanuel Van Landschoot moved to Moerkerke which is about 8 miles south of Knokke. For 1 or 2 generations we still see " VAN " in the name, but finally the "VAN" was dropped.

The VanLandtschoote families are also of Knokke, they settled in the early 17th century in the west part of Belgium, along the shore line. Others appeared in French Flanders as early as 1720 and the Veurne area, Belgium.

In 1762 Engelbertus Landschoot of Moerkerke embarks for Batavia, Dutch Indies, enlisted as a soldier for the VOC (Dutch East India Company. After a couple of weeks on board the vessel "Velzen", he died as many other persons on board. Other Van Landschoot's were enlisted in the Army of Napoleon, in the late 18th and early 19th century.

The first migration starts in 1867 with Leopold Van Landschoot, he settled in Hamilton County Iowa, USA and Joannes Landschoot in Paris, France in 1860. Others followed soon to the USA, France and Canada. In the early 1970's we have Jeanine VanLandschoot who emigrates to Australia and Albert Landschoot to Canada.