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George Allen the Elder1  11th great grand father  Morin line
b. before 1568, d. April 1648, #21139

Birth before 1568  George was born before 1568 at Weyouth, Dorset, England. "George Allen is believed to have been born in either Somersetshire, or Dorsetshire, England."
Jack MacDonald.1,2  

ALERT :  Some suggest that his father may have been a Ralph Allyn//Allen without any documentation. Some give his mother as Margaret Wyott, daughter of Walter Wyott and Joan Pilford.  This  descent  has been been  disproven as THAT Margaret married  Richard Allyn about 1583 in Devonshire England.

Marriage #1 26 Oct 1592  George Allen the Elder married Katherine Watts???, who was 16 years old, 26 October 1592 in Scraptoft, Leicestershire, England. The children attribuated to this union are:
John ALLEN John Allen; m. Christian; d. 1690.
He resided at Weymouth, MA. at
Rehoboth, MA. and Swansea, MA.

Ralph ALLEN b. circa 1615 at England; (He may have been born in Thurcaster, Leiscester, England) m. Susanna Esther Swift(born 1622/23 Bocking, Essex, England
died 1691 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts)

circa 1638; d. circa Mar 1697/98 at Swansea, MA.
He resided at Sandwich, MA. He was a wheelwright, a planter and a ferryman. ( died 18 December 1691 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts
buried ?18 April 1675? Quaker Cemetery, Barnstable County, Massachusetts)

Rose ALLEN m. Joseph Holloway; 1st husband; m.
William Newland 1648; 2nd husband, 2nd wife; d.
after 1689.

George ALLEN (This is our forefather)
Francis ALLEN (Some say his mother was Catherine) Francis Allen; m. Mary Barlow 1662; d. 1697/98 at
Sandwich, MA.
He resided at Sandwich, MA. He resided at Newtown,
Long Island, NY. He and Mary Barlow had 6

Robert ALLEN Robert Allen; d. 1661 at Rehoboth, MA; unmarried.
He resided in 1645 at Sandwich, MA. He resided in
1650 at Yarmouth, MA.

Joan Allen; m. Clement Briggs 1631; 1st wife.1,2

Marriage #2 circa 1628  George Allen the Elder married Katherine (?) circa 1628 in England. Children were:

Matthew ALLEN m. Sarah Kirby 1657; d. 1695 at Dartmouth, MA. He and Sarah Kirby had 7 children.

Francis Allen; m. Mary Barlow 1662; d. 1697/98 at Sandwich, MA.
He resided at Sandwich, MA. He resided at Newtown, Long Island, NY. He and Mary Barlow had 6 children

William ALLEN m. Priscilla Browne; d. 1 Oct 1705 m. Priscilla Browne; at Sandwich, MA

Samuel ALLEN resided at Boston, MA.

Gideon ALLEN ; m. Sarah Prudden 1672; d. 1694 at Milford, CT. He resided at Rehoboth, MA.and at Boston, MA. at Swansea, MA. and at Milford, CT

Henry ALLEN m. Sarah Hill; 1st wife; m. Rebecca Sherwood; 2nd wife, 2nd husband; d. 1690 at Stratford, CT.
Henry  and Sarah Hill had 7 children.

Joshua?? m. Mary 1671; 1st husband; d. 1699 . He resided at Yarmouth, MA. He resided at Windham, CT.1
Immigration circa 1635  George Allen the Elder and Katherine (?) immigrated circa 1635 from England to Boston in circa 1635. They brought young children with them. ''According to the list of passengers making up the Hull party, Katherine was thirty years old in 1635, thereby indicating that she had probably been born in about 1605 in England... " (
Jack MacDonald )

He joined the party under the leadership of the Rev. Joseph Hull and sailed from Weymouth March 20, 1635, arriving in Boston May 6, and remaining there until July, when with other members of Mr. Hull's party he settled at Weymouth. In 1637 he moved to Sandwich and was a member of the first church in 1638. Certain Comeoverers" Crapo, Henry Howland New Bedford, Mass.: E. Anthony & Sons, 1912; p181

In a listing of immigrant ships and their passengers were find on the ship "Blessing" the following passengers. This ship sailed from Weymouth on 20 March 1635.
46 George Allin, aged 24 years.
47 Katherine Allin, his wife, aged 30 years.
48 George Allin, his son, aged 16 years.
49 William Allin, his son, aged 8 years.
50 Matthew Allin, his son, aged 6 years.
51 Edward Poole, his servant, aged 26 years.

Actually, we believe that George was a bit older than 24 years old, closer to 54 years. The George Allin, 16 was a son by his first wife, no Katherine..1,3

  George, was an Anabaptist, a sect originating in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1523, which rejected infant baptism, advocated separation of church and state, so it is easy to understand his family’s sympathy with the Quakers.2

  Although no records have been found to verify it, shortly after settling at Wessaguscus (Weymouth), George and his family may have moved to the village of Saugus, Massachusetts (now Lynn, Massachusetts). In 1637/38, however, George and his family again moved, this time to the newly organized settlement in New Plymouth Colony of Sandwich on Cape Cod. George, who was a farmer by trade, was recommended for "freeman" status in New Plymouth Colony on 5 March 1638/39, and was later admitted as such on 3 September 1639. George was subsequently sworn in as the Constable of Sandwich on 4 June 1639, and served as Surveyor of Highways in 1640. He also served as a Committeeman for the New Plymouth Court in 1640, 1641, 1642, and 1644.4

  Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs"
Cuyler Reynolds
New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911.

"The American ancestor of the Sandwich, Massachusetts, family was George Allen, born in England, about 1568, was probably the son of Ralph Allen of Thurcaston, Leicester county."
"He had twelve sons and several daughters; some of his sons preceded him to America and settled first in the vicinity of Boston, but after the purchase of Sandwich they all removed to that
town and settled near the residence of their father."

Note that the above gives a birthdate somewhat earilier than we have found previously.
Death April 1648  George died in April 1648 at Sandwich, at Barnstable, at Massachusetts. George apparently died during the last part of April 1648 at Sandwich,   New Plymouth Colony, as he was subsequently buried there on 2 May 1648.  His will was probated before the New Plymouth Court on 7 June 1648. One year later, on 8 June 1648, Katherine furnished an inventory of George'sestate to the New Plymouth Court. 1

Burial 2 May 1648  George was buried in Sandwich, Massachusetts.1 
  "He was bur. 2 May 1648; and his will, witness. by Rev. William Leveridge, and others, mentioned. sons . Matthew, Henry, Samuel, and William, beside "five least ch." not named and made wife. Catharine Extrix. His home built, 1646, it is said, is in good repair, and still occup." A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England" James Savage Pub. Boston, 1860-1862; vol. 1 p. 30.


Family 1 Katherine Watts??? b. 7 October 1576, d. before 1628
Children  1. Ralph Allen 4
  2. George Allen 1

Family 2 Katherine (?) b. circa 1605, d. after 1670

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