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Egbert The Great , King of Wessex1     34th great grand father   both Morin and Eastman lines
b. circa 775, d. 4 February 839, #24005

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Father   Ealhmund King of West Saxons b. circa 750, d. between 786 and 800
Mother   Daughter Aethelbert II of Kent1 b. circa 750

Name Variation Egbert The Great , King of Wessex was also found as Egbert King of Wessex. 
Name Variation Egbert The Great , King of Wessex was also found as Egbert III King of Wessex.1 
Name Variation Egbert The Great , King of Wessex was also found as Ecgbert. 
Birth circa 775 Egbert The Great , King of Wessex was born circa 775. Original relationship from "Fobes Family in America". He is also listed as a descendent of Woden in a royality GEDCOM AB09.2,3,4 
! 776 He passed many of his early years at the court of Charlemagne and succeeded to the West-Saxon throne upon the death of King Bithrick in the year 800. (Other sources say he acceded the throne in 802) At this date England was divided into three separate Kingdoms, Mercia, Northumbria and Wessex. West-Saxon and Wessex are somewhat synonymous.5 

Marriage Egbert The Great , King of Wessex married Redburga. Tho no date is given for this marriage in any of the references consulted so far, it can be assumed that the marriage was before the birth of their eldest son, AEthelwulf who is purported to have been born ca 806.7,3,8,9,1 Some say she was related to Charlemagne.  But it is possible that she was just a "lady of the court" of Charlemagne.

Acceded 802 Egbert The Great , King of Wessex acceded the throne of  Wessex in 802.5,3,1  

He secured the submission of KENT, EAST ANGLIA, MERCIA, and NORTHUMBRIA. Historians later called him the first king of England, but there was no conception of a kingdom of England in his day.10 

825 He defeated the Mercians at Ellandune in 825, soon after which he completed the conquest of Merica and Northumbria, and then ruled over all the states of the Heptarchy, and gave the name of England to the whole. Here's the annal from the Parker Chronicle, identical in wording to the Laud (Peterborough, Kent) Chronicle:

In this year there was a battle at Galford between the Britons [of Cornwall and the men of Devon. And the same year king Egbert and king Beornwulf fought at Ellandun, and Egbert was victorious, and great slaughter was made there. Then he sent his son Aethelwulf from his levies, and Ealhstan his bishop, and Wulfheard his ealdorman, to Kent with a great force, and they drove king Baldred north over Thames, and the Kentishmen submitted to him, and the men of Surrey and Sussex and Essex, because formerly they had been wrongly forced away from [their allegiance to] his kinsmen. And the same year the king of the East Angles and the court turned to king Egbert as their protector and guardian against the fear of Mercian aggression; and the same year the East Angles slew Beornwulf, king of the Mercians.5,11 

829 His reign as the ruler of all England is considered to be from 829.12 

835 In 835, he defeated an army of Danes who had invaded England.5 


4 Feb 839

Egbert The Great died on 4 February 839.10,3 

In summary:
King of the West Saxons from 802 to 839, who formed around Wessex a kingdom so powerful that it eventually achieved the political unification of England (mid-10th century).

The son of Ealhmund, king in Kent in 784 and 786, Egbert was a member of a family that had formerly held the West Saxon kingship. In 789 Egbert was driven into exile on the European continent by the West Saxon king Beorhtric and his ally, the powerful Mercian king Offa (d. 796). Nevertheless, Egbert succeeded to Beorhtric's throne in 802. He immediately removed Wessex from the Mercian confederation and consolidated his power as an independent ruler. In 825 he decisively defeated Beornwulf, king of Mercia, at the Battle of Ellendune (now Wroughton, Wiltshire). The victory was a turning point in English history because it destroyed Mercian ascendancy and left Wessex the strongest of the English kingdoms. By virtue of long-dormant hereditary claims, Egbert was accepted as king in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Essex. In 829 he conquered Mercia itself, but he lost it in the following year to the Mercian king Wiglaf. A year before his death Egbert won a stunning victory over Danish and Cornish Briton invaders at Hingston Down (now in Cornwall).6 

Burial Egbert The Great , King of Wessex was buried at London, England.3 
Note See Europäisch Stammtafeln Bund II tafel 58. House of Wessex.3 
HELP Noted genealogist David Kelly is convinced that Count Egbert of Saxony is none other than KING EGBERT of the Saxon line in England. He has not been able to find general agreement among his peers. Their ages certainly seem to be about the same.13

Family  Redburga  b. circa 778
Children  1. Editha Abbess of Polesworth b. c 802, d. 8713
  2. Æthelwulf King of Wessex+ b. c 806, d. 13 Jan 8583
  3. Athelstan Sub King of Kent b. c 8083

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