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Cerdic King of Wessex1
b. circa 460, d. 534, #24016
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Father   Elesa2 b. circa 439

research* Find copy p54 of Notes on Anglo Saxon Kings.. B2355, E1233 Saxon King. 
Birth* circa 460 Cerdic was born circa 460. 
Ruled* from 519 to 534 Cerdic ruled in what is now England from 519 to 534. He was a SAXON king.3,4
Death* 534 Cerdic died in 534 at Wessex at in what is now England.4,1 
HYPER* HYPERLINK this file: c:\book\maps\wessex.bmp.5  
!AInfoNew* 535 Founder of the West Saxon kingdom, or Wessex. All the sovereigns of England except Canute, Hardecanute, the two Harolds, and William the Conqueror are said to be descended from him. A Continental ealdorman who in 495 landed in Hampshire, Cerdic was attacked at once by the Britons. Nothing more is heard of him until 508, when he defeated the Britons with great slaughter. Strengthened by fresh arrivals of Saxons, he gained another victory in 519 at Certicesford, a spot which has been identified with the modern Charford, and in this year took the title of king. Turning westward, Cerdic appears to have been defeated by the Britons in 520 at Badbury or Mount Badon, in Dorset, and in 527 yet another fight with the Britons is recorded. His last work was the conquest of the Isle of Wight, probably in the interest of some Jutish allies.6 

Child  1. Creoda+ b. c 4752

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