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Rogneda of Polotsk1,2,3
b. circa 960, d. circa 1002, #24158
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   Rogvolod Prince of Polotsk4,1,5 b. circa 925, d. circa 978
Mother   Ingelborge6 b. circa 930

Name Variation Rogneda of Polotsk was also found as Regneide of Polotsk.6 
!AInfoNew From: Igor Sklar ( 2003-02-18

Rogneda is not a Slavic name. Her father was Ragnvald of West Gotland, then of Polotsk (killed 970), the brother of Truggvi Olafson of Norway (died 965) and the illegitimate son of Olaf Haraldson of Norway (died 934). As you may see, Yaroslav was a great grandson of Harald I Fairhair (died 931), the first Yngling king of Norway. This explains why in Norse sagas Vladimir is called a kinsman of Norse King Olaf Traggvison (who was brought up in Kiev) more than once.

Some folks are in pains to establish their line of descent from Macedonian Emperors of Byzantium. They assume that Yaroslav was born in 988 and his mother was Anna of Byzantium. But it's nothing more than their fantasy.6

Birth* circa 960 Rogneda was born circa 960. If she was married when she was 12, the IF that marriage was about 978 then she was born ca 966. Weber puts her birth at about 960.1,7,6 
!AInfoNew Weber citing Weis and Turton gives their children as:
Daughter of Kiev b: ABT 975 in Kiev, Ukraine
Jaroslaus I "The Wise" Grand Duke of Kiev b: ABT 976 in Kiev, Ukraine
Iszyaslav Valdimirovich Duke of Polotsk b: ABT 978 in Kiev, Ukraine
Wyrtgeorn (Vortigern) King of Wenden b: ABT 980 in Wenden, Germany
Premyslava of Kiev b: ABT 982 in Kiev, Ukraine.6 
Marriage* 978 Rogneda of Polotsk married Saint Vladimir I Grand Duke of Kiev, son of Svyatoslav Igorevich and Malusha of Lubech, 978. Possibly as late as 980. Her father, Rogvolod, watched the skirmishes between Vladimir and his brothers trying to remain neutral. Both wanted and needed the support of Rogvolod. Rogvolod had to make a choice of which brother to support. Both brothers send Matchmakers to Rogvolod to secure his daughter Rognieda. The Matchmakers of brother Yaropolk decided it was not suitable. But Rognieda is recorded as answering the Matchmakers from Vladimir with "I do not want to marry the ilegal born. I want Yaropolk" This made Vladimir extremely angry. He collected an army and went to Polotsk, captured the town, ravenaged Rognieda, who was but about 12 years old, in front of her parents, then killed her parents and her brothers. Vladimir renamed Rognieda.....Gorislava.4,8,2,7 
!AInfoNew* Tho' Rogneda had not wanted to marry Vladimir she had 5 children by him in about 10 years. She may have forgiven him for having killed her father and brothers but she could not abide by his unfaithfulness. When Rogenda was about 22 years old, and son Izyaslav was about 7 she had had enough. While Vladimir was sleeping she took his knife and drove it into his heart. But he lived!!!! Rogneda expected to pay the penalty of death for murder but Vladimir chose a worse sentence. She should never see her children again. Son Izyaslav put up such a real fuss that he was deported with her to a "deaf" (that is what the translation from the Russian says!!) place at the source of the Svislock river.7 
!AInfoNew* After Vladimir married Anna and became a Christian he had Rogneda christened also, after which she became a nun.2,7 
Death* circa 1002
Rogneda died circa 1002 in a monastic cell as a nun named Anastasia.1,7,6 

Family   Saint Vladimir I Grand Duke of Kiev b. circa 955, d. 15 July 1015
Children  1. Daughter of Kiev+ b. c 9756
  2. Mstislav b. c 979, d. c 10357
  3. Izyaslav b. c 981, d. 10017
  4. Predslava b. bt 982 - 9887
  5. Promislava b. bt 983 - 9887
  6. Yaroslav I The Wise Prince of Kiev+ b. c 985, d. 20 Feb 10541
  7. Vsievolod b. c 985, d. a 1019

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