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Robert Black II1
b. circa 1724, d. 1799, #26340
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   Robert Black The first b. circa 1700, d. 2 April 1760
Mother   Sarah M (?) b. circa 1708, d. after 1779

Birth* circa 1724 Robert was born circa 1724 at Scotland. They may have been from Ireland and in Scotland as refugees.1,2 
Marriage* before 1748 Robert Black II married Ann McCall before 1748.1  
research* 1750 Find 1750 possibly an immigrant from Scotland in the mid 1700's. Don Black
!AInfoNew* 1762 There are two Robert Blacks on the 1762 tax list for York county, Pennsylvannia. One in Cumberland township and one in Mt. Joy. One is likely this man. There is also a Widow in Cumberland township, widow of whom is not indicated.3 
research* 22 June 1773 Find at Manor of Maske, York now Adams county, Pennsylvania, 22 June 1773 Robert Black received a special Land Grant in Manor of Maske, York now Adams county, Pennsylvania on 22 June 1773. This is recorded in Pennsylvannia Archeves Series 3, Vol 3 pages 259-266. Why the 300 acres that are recorded in the name of his wife Sarah are recorded 8 years before the 400 acres that were granted to Robert is not known.

The scenerio that seems to fit is this:
Land belonged to Robert the first. He died ca 1760; land went to widow Sarah ; this was recorded in 1765 and then that 300 acres plus 100 more from somewhere were recorded in son Robert's name in 1773. Sarah is still listed on the tax duplicate in 1779.
research* 1774 Find at Straban township, Adams county, Pennsylvania, 1774 A Robert and a Robert F. Black are on the tax history of Cumberland twp. Adams county PA for 1774. Two Robert Blacks are listed in 1779 and 1778 in Straban twp. Also James, Adam, John, Sarah, widow; robert and Matthew in Straban in 1779. Check this source again. Sarah is the widow of this Robert Black. The others could be sons. 
!AInfoNew 1795 Robert Black was a planter and a member of the Presbyterian Church. He owned land on Rock Creek, Cumberland Twp, York, Pennsylvania.4 
Death* 1799
Robert died in 1799 at York county, at Pennsylvania.5 
Will 10 May 1799 Robert Black II left a will dated 10 May 1799 and witnessed by Ann McCall, Rachael Black, Sarah Black and Hugh D. Dinwiddie II Following is the will of Robert Black:
I, Robert Black, of Mt. Joy township, York county and the state of Pennsylvania, bring sick and weak of body, but of sound mind and memory, Thanks to God for the same, this Tenth day of May in the year of our Lord, One thousand Seven Hundred and ninety-nine, make and publish this instrument of writing as My Last Will and Testament in manner form, following that is to my just debts being well and truly paid, Discharge in the first place.

I give and bequeath to my wife Ann Black, all my household furniture except my house clock. Also Two cows of her own choice out of my stock and kept for her as well as pastured and wintered on my land. Also the use of my Negro woman Lucy. During my said wife's natural life, over and above the one third part of the residue of my estate real and personal, which one third part as a foresaid I also will and bequeath to her to with the one third part of the personals absolutely, and the one third part of the yearly rents of the keep during life...........

SECONDLY, I give and bequeath to my two daughters, Sarah Devenny, intermarried with Aaron Devenny and Rachal Linn intermarried with Samuel Linn, and to each of them the sum of fifty pounds in gold or silver money of amount to be paid to them in two years after my decease, with what they have received of me heretofore to be in full of their share of my estate real and personal..........

THIRDLY, I give and bequeath to my son James Black, the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds money aforesaid, to be paid to him out of my personal estate in lieu of services he has redered me more than any of my other children, also I bequeath to my son James, my house clock to be holden of him absolutely............

FOURTHLY, I grant and bequeath to my two sons Henry Black and James Black as tenants in common and not as joint tenants and equally to be divided all and singular, the rest and reside of my estate real and personal........Lands and tenements which I hold in my own right to be holden of them and their heirs and assigns forever.

Also I release and forever quit claim to their heirs and assigns forever all my right and title of in as far of a certain patent taken out in my name as relates or respects the land I sometime ago sold and conveyed to them on the North side of Rock Creek and in Cumberland township hereby fully and absolutely confirming the title heretofore by me to them made of said land - as if the same had been made by me since the issuant said patent, as I do not at this time consider the said land as any part of my real estate although the said patent issued in my name, they jointly contributed in paying the purchase money for as much of the said land as they hold by the aforesaid conveyance but their land lies in the same tract with a part of my land.

LASTLY, I do hereby appoint, constitute and ordain my two sons, Henry Black and James Black, my executors of this my last will and testament in trust to execute the same according to the intent and meaning hereof.......In testimony of this being my last will and testament.

I have here unto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by Robert Black as for for his last will and testament in presence who were in the presence of each other and witnesses at his request.

Robert Black (Signature)

R. McIlhinney (signature)
James Black (signature)
Hugh Denwidie (signature)

(This last may be Dinwidoie)

Will* 10 May 1799 Robert Black II left a will dated 10 May 1799 that was written at Mt. Joy township, York now Adams county, Pennsylvania, This will names wife, Ann Black and daughters, Sarah wife of Aaron Deveney, Rachel, wife of Samuel Linn, and sons James and Henry. Executors are to be Henry and James Black of Mt. Joy township, which was in York county at this time but is now in Adams county. I appears that James and Henry are his only two sons or at least the only two sons that are alive in 1799..7  
Death before 27 June 1799
Robert died before 27 June 1799 at Mt. Joy township, at York now Adams county, at Pennsylvania. As his will was proven on that date.7 
research* Find Robert Black was either close to eighty years old and immigrated to Colonial US and joined his country men in southern rural PA. If inncorrect, his father was probably also Robert Black the immigrant coming to America in Massachucets and related to the JOHN BLACK family dating back to Inverness, Mid Lothian Scotland. I got the Irish connection from my Aunt and think Ann McCall's family lived in the Irish township of Donegal of York County. (DonBlack thinking)

Robert Black II may have come to the colonies as a child ca 1740 or as a young man if he was bca 1724.8
research Find It is not known who R. McIlhinney was that witnesses this will, nor just which James Black it was, son or brother. Watch this Ann McCalls mother may have been a McIlvanie.6 

Family   Ann McCall b. 1724, d. circa May 1808
Children  1. James Black the unmarried b. bt 1748 - 1760, d. fr 18 Jun 1816 - 9 Jul 18167,10
  2. Sarah Black+ b. 26 Oct 1748, d. 12 Jan 18341
  3. Rachael Black+ b. c 1750, d. a 18081
  4. Henry Black+ b. 1752, d. 19 Apr 183610,1

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