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Amalafrida of the Ostrogoths1    46th great grand mother  .. Morin and Eastman lines.
d. circa 525, #38058
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   Theodoric I King of the Ostragoths & Italy2 b. 451, d. 26 August 526
Mother   Erelicia b. circa 430

Name Variation Amalafrida of the Ostrogoths was also found as Amalafrida.1

WHO were the Ostrogoths??

The Goths originally lived north of the Danube.  According to their legend, they had migrated to the Black Sea area from the island of Scandza in the Baltic Sea.  They separated into two tribal groups, the Visigoths to the west and the Ostrogoths to the east.  Under pressure from the Huns, they sought permission from the Roman Emperor Valens to move into the Roman Empire to the south of the River Danube.  By 380, the Ostrogoths had settled in Pannonia as federates of Emperor Gratian but appear to have become subjected to the Huns. 3

Marriage #1 Amalafrida of the Ostrogoths married Hugo (?). The Widukindi Res Gestæ Saxonicæ names "Huga rex Francorum…unicam filiam Amalbergam" who married "Irminfredo regi Thuringorum", but there is no indication to whom "Huga rex Francorum" could refer.3

Marriage #2 ca 500 Amalafrida of the Ostrogoths married King Thrasamund of the Vandals. This was a second marriage for Amalafrida, arranged by her bother.  He was NOT the father of Amalaberga nor of Theodahad. This marriage likely occurred about 500. After this marriage Thrasmund not longer paid "tribute" to Theodoric, but Theodoric was "content with a alliance of friendship". Amalafrida went to Carthage with a retinue of 1000 elite soldiers and 5000 servants -- to support Theodoric's policy of barbarian balance of power. It seems to have not worked too well. Thrasamund did not send troops or ships to aid the Goths when Theodoric's imperial Navy was ravaging the southern coast of Italy in 507. Theodoric was prevented from marching into Gaul as a result.4,5

She had remained in Africa after her second husband's death, and was probably useful to her brother in maintaining the good relations between the courts of Ravenna and Carthage which her marriage had inaugurated. But as king Hilderic leaned more and more towards Constantinople, and fell under the influence of Justinian, he drew away from the Goths, and his friendship with Theoderic cooled. Amalafrida, who had her own Gothic entourage in her adopted country, was accused, rightly or wrongly, of conspiring against the king, and was thrown into prison, where she died, from natural causes it was given out, but it was suspected that her death was violent. All her Goths were killed. Theoderic, if he had lived, would doubtless have attempted to wreak vengeance on Hilderic. After his death his daughter was not in a position to do more than address to the king of the Vandals a strong remonstrance.6

Death circa 525 Amalafrida died circa 525.7   It is generally believed that she was murdered.

Family 1  **Hugo (?)  d. before 500
Children  1. **Amalaberga of the Ostrogoths+ b. b 500
  2. Theodahad of the Ostrogoths d. 5361

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