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Hugo (?)1    46th great grandfather  ..  both Eastman and Morin lines.
d. before 500, #38064


His birth is not known, but likely before 475 as he was married and had two children before 500 when his WIDOW remarried.

Marriage Hugo (?) married Amalafrida of the Ostrogoths, daughter of Theodoric I King of the Ostragoths & Italy and Erelicia. The Widukindi Res Gestæ Saxonicæ names "Huga rex Francorum…unicam filiam Amalbergam" who married "Irminfredo regi Thuringorum", but there is no indication to whom "Huga rex Francorum" could refer.1

Death before 500 Hugo died before 500 as widow remarried about this time.. 

Family **Amalafrida of the Ostrogoths   d. circa 525
Children  1. **Amalaberga of the Ostrogoths+ b. b 500
  2. Theodahad of the Ostrogoths d. 5361

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