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Jacques Morin1        8th great grandfather and end of known line.
b. circa 1613, d. before 26 August 1670, #468

Morin crest Coat of Arms blwh coat
Histories Crest black and white
The coat of arms on the TOP LEFT is the one that is used by the Morin Association of Quebec.  

We do not know if any of our Morin's had the right to either this crest or the Coat of Arms......Or if these symbols were possibly just manufactured to please the Morin clan and NOBODY named Morin ever used them.  

Possible dit names for Morin are given as Valcour, Alphonse in 1670 and Chenevert Moise in 1707, both in Quebec in "The First Colonists to Quebec".2

Birth circa 1613 Jacques Morin was born circa 1613 in France.   http://epf.planete.qc.ca/base/affiche.asp?ID=I20449#info says that he was born ca 1613.4,5

Living 1645 On the birth information for his son Andre in 1645 his residence is given as "France".4 

Marriage circa 1644 Jacques Morin married Michelle Dion circa 1644 in La Roch-sur-Yon, Lucon, Poiteau (Poitou), France.4,6,7  

1650 The Meaning of "Morin"
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 00:04:07 EDT
From: Blithian@aol.com John Bliven Morin (retired prehistorian)
To: bmorren@newnorth.net

I know of at least three variations on Morin.... Morino, Morini, and possibly Moran. The name is Belgic Gaul in origin and is derived from the Celtic word "mor" for the sea. It's the same as Latin "mare" and modern French "mer." The name refers to a people who live near the sea.

The earliest reference to the people called Morin is in Julius Caesar's Conquesti di Gauli... circa 60 b.c. They lived in the part of Europe closest to Britain... NW France, SW Belgium. Caesar uses the Latin plural when referring to them "morini." It took his legions three years to conquer them and their allies before he could even begin to invade Britain, which was his objective.

Caesar says they came against him with 30,000 warriors; if true, we could estimate the total number of the people at more like 90,000 at the time. Although he refers to them as a "tribe," I should point out that they lived in cities and villages protected by hill-forts. They were civilized enough to have produced their own gold coins, so they were more than just farmers. One early hill-fort city was called "Tremorin," ("tre=city) and the legendary architect of King Arthur's Camelot in some legends was called "Tremorinus."8

Death before 26 August 1670 Jacques died before 26 August 1670 at St Jacques parish, Bazoges en Paillers,  Lucon, Poitou at France.9 

Family  Michelle Dion  b. before 1625, d. after 26 August 1670
Child  1. André Morin+ b. 1645, d. 30 Jan 1709/1010,11

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