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Claramonde de Marsan1   20th great grandmother
d. before 4 February 1287, #51078
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Father   **Arnaud-Guillaume de Marsan

She shared the estates of her father with her brother 

Marriage before
30 June 1272
Claramonde de Marsan married Sir Arnaud de Gabaston, son of Garsie de Gabaston, before 30 June 1272. When they acknowledged a debt of 20,000 sous de morlans (ca. 450 l.) to Edward I of England.  Bearn had technically been under English suzerainty since 1152 (but remained mainly independent).

Arnaud and Claramonde had 5 childen,
Arnaud-Guillaume de Marsan,
Gerard de Gabaston,
Raimond-Arnaude de Gabaston and
Amy de Gabaston. Piers also seems to have had an illegitimate brother, Guillaume-Arnaude de Gabaston .The exact date of Piers birth is unknown, although most historians believe it to be around the early 1280’s.

Piers' mother Claramonde died in 1287, when he would have been of a similar age when Edward II lost his mother – thus giving them a kind of bond. Claramonde’s death plunged the family into financial difficulties, and Arnaud spent the last years of his life serving Edward 1st, along with his sons, including Piers.1
Death before
4 February 1287

Claramonde died before 4 February 1287 at England. In or about 1305, Piers and his elder brother Arnaud-Guillaume de Marsan (he was a full brother to Piers but used his mother's name) petitioned Edward I, asking - among other things - that four Gascon castles be taken into the king's hand and that the testament of their mother 'the lady de Marsan' might be carried out. Claramonde had died shortly before 4 February 1287 - and was certainly not burned as a witch, as some novels and older works of non-fiction say. The petition spells their names 'Arnaud Guilhem de Marsan and Perrot de Gavastun'.1

One of the most common myths about Piers’ mother Claramonde was that she was a witch and burned at the stake. In fictional accounts of Piers’ life, this story is a common thread – but there is not a shred of evidence for it. Medieval chroniclers despised Piers, and the accusation of witchcraft was often levelled at those who were unpopular and powerful – Piers himself was described by one chronicler as a sorcerer. The medieval mind was obviously soothed to think that Piers’ influence over the king was obviously due to witchcraft. 

Family Sir Arnaud de Gabaston   b. 1247, d. 1302
Child  1. Piers Galveston Earl of Cornwall+ b. c 1284, d. Jun 1312

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