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Welcome to the Hayden Family home page!

I have created this page as a place to archive the history of the Hayden Family in Kentucky.

In time, I am hoping others will contribute their stories and photos to enrich this site.  I personally have visited several cemeteries where Haydens are interred in Central Kentucky and have photographed headstones and other historically significant items for archival purposes.  I will upload these photos to this site on an ongoing basis.

Basil Hayden, Sr. Roadside Historical Marker Loretto, KY

Historical Roadside Marker at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Loretto, KY

Visit the page on Basil Hayden, Jr. by following the link.

Visit the page on Headstones and Gravesites related to the Hayden Family.

You can contact me through my business website below.  I have access to the full-size photo files and original documents or copies of the original documents that I have personally uploaded to this site.  All you have to do is ask!

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Joe Hayden

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