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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Appin Apple Tree Flat

Araluen Lower

Araluen Upper Armidale Ashford


Page 12
Distance 42 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 9 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 2 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Campbelltown, coach Appin.

ACKROYD John carpenter Wilton Appin
ARKINS Miss teacher Brook's Point Appin
ARMSTRONG John storekeeper Main St Appin
BADHAM John D. sheep farmer Appin
BEST James farmer Wilton Appin
BEST John farmer Wilton Appin
BLACKWOOD C.W. --- Cataract Appin
BLADES John farmer Wilton Appin
BLADES John stockman Nepean Lower Appin
BRAGRER John gardener Wilton Appin
BREMAN Patrick farmer --- Appin
BROWN James labourer --- Appin
BUCKLEY William innkeeper --- Appin
BUMNAT Patrick farmer --- Appin
BURKE John farmer Ousdale Appin
BURROWS Mrs. --- Wilton Appin
BUTTERLY John labourer --- Appin
BUTTERLY William labourer --- Appin
BYRNE Thomas farmer Ousdale Appin
BYRNE James farmer --- Appin
BYRNES James baker Main St. Appin
CARROLL Michael farmer Appin Lodge Appin
CLAYTON Benjamin --- Rockwood Appin
CLAYTON Mrs. --- Rockwood Appin
CLEMENTS Thomas farmer Wilton Appin
CLYNCH John carpenter --- Appin
COLEMAN John farmer --- Appin
COLLETT Arthur farmer Wilton Appin
COLLINS James groom --- Appin
COOK Jacob labourer --- Appin
COOPER William bootmaker --- Appin
CRAMPTON Charles labourer --- Appin
CROWE Mrs. --- Lissen Green Appin
CULL James constable --- Appin
CURTIS John carpenter --- Appin
DARBY Thomas labourer Wilton Appin
DARCEY Lawrence farmer --- Appin
DARCEY Patrick farmer --- Appin
DONELY Tyson butcher --- Appin
DONNELLY George bootmaker Wilton Appin
DWYER Thomas farmer Doon Farm Appin
DWYER John farmer Appin Rd. Appin
DWYER Philip storekeeper --- Appin
EAGLES Henry farmer Wilton Appin
EAGLES John farmer Wilton Appin
EAGLES Archer farmer --- Appin
ELLIOT Philip --- Stanhope Appin
ELLIOT Thomas W. --- Stanhope Appin
ETCHELLS Charles carpenter --- Appin
FAHEY Edward farmer Haidwick Appin
FAHEY James farmer Haidwick Appin
FAHEY Timothy farmer Haidwick Appin
FAULL Patrick farmer Wilton Appin
FITZGIBBON Timothy farmer --- Appin
FLYNN Garrett selector --- Appin
GRANT Frederic farmer --- Appin
GREEN Charles labourer Wilton Appin
HAMMOND William farmer --- Appin
HANGHEY Bernard farmer --- Appin
HANGHEY Edward farmer --- Appin
HANGHEY John farmer --- Appin
HARDING William bird catcher --- Appin
HARROLD Edmund labourer --- Appin
HEWITT Stephen farmer --- Appin
HIGMAN W.H. surveyor Wilton Appin
HILDERBRAND Thomas selector Cataract Appin
HIPPER Jonathan labourer --- Appin
HIPPER Joseph labourer --- Appin
HUMPHREY George labourer --- Appin
JEFPEY William farmer Wilton Appin
KEESHAN William farmer --- Appin
KELLY Thomas farmer Wilton Appin
KELLY Michael blacksmith --- Appin
KENNEDY J.M. clerk --- Appin
KING Charles labourer --- Appin
LARKIN Edward --- Windmill Hill Appin
LAUGHLIN Henry farmer --- Appin
LAUGHLIN Michael bootmaker --- Appin
LUCH William farmer Lachlan Vale Appin
MAN Samuel sexton --- Appin
MARTIN Joseph farmer Stamvell Appin
MILLAR Lockhard --- Eladale Appin
MILLAR William --- Eladale Appin
M'LULLEA John farmer --- Appin
MOON John farmer --- Appin
MOORE Patrick farmer Wilton Appin
MULHOLLAND William farmer Wilton Appin
MULHOLLAND James farmer --- Appin
MURPHY Robert farmer --- Appin
NICHOLAS Josiah farmer --- Appin
NICOL George farmer --- Appin
NICOL John farmer --- Appin
NORTH James farmer Wilton Appin
O'BOURKE John farmer --- Appin
O'CONNELL Rev. Maurice Dean R.C. --- Appin
O'HALLORAN Martin teacher --- Appin
OLLIVER William farmer --- Appin
OXENBRIDGE Edward farmer Wilton Appin
OXENBRIDGE Henry farmer Wilton Appin
OXENBRIDGE James farmer Wilton Appin
OXENBRIDGE John farmer Wilton Appin
PASSMORE John labourer Wilton Appin
PERCIVAL John farmer --- Appin
POULTON James teacher --- Appin
PRIOR Henry farmer --- Appin
ROBINSON Charles labourer --- Appin
RYAN Lanty labourer --- Appin
SHEIL Francis farmer Wilton Appin
SHEIL James farmer Wilton Appin
SHEIL Thomas farmer Wilton Appin
SIMPSON John farmer --- Appin
SPEARING Benjamin farmer Wilton Appin
STANFORD John labourer --- Appin
STANTON James farmer --- Appin
STANTON John farmer --- Appin
TURNER James labourer --- Appin
TUSKER E. --- --- Appin
TYSON James squatter Hay Appin
VICKERY Mrs. --- Rockwood Appin
WALKER Henry farmer Wilton Appin
WHITE Joseph labourer --- Appin
WHITE Levy labourer --- Appin
WILEY Henry bootmaker --- Appin
WILKINSON Rev.T.H. minister Parsonage Appin
WINDSOR John farmer --- Appin
WINDSOR William labourer --- Appin
WINTON Harry farmer Upchurch Appin
WINTON Robert farmer Upchurch Appin
WONSON Joseph farmer Wilton Appin
WONSON William jun. farmer Wilton Appin
WONSON William sen. farmer Broughton Park Appin
WONSON James farmer --- Appin
WOODHOUSE E.H. --- Mount Gilead Appin


Apple Tree Flat
Page 13
Distance 156 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 12.40 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 9.15 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Wallerawang, Cobb's coach to Apple Tree Flat.

BARNES James T. contractor Stoney Pinch Apple Tree Flat
BARRATT Thomas miner --- Apple Tree Flat
BATES George farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
BAYLESS Richard farmer Stoney Pinch Apple Tree Flat
BENNETT William farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
BRADE James labourer --- Apple Tree Flat
BRADY Martin farmer Horse Flat Apple Tree Flat
BRENNAN Michael farmer Stoney Pinch Apple Tree Flat
BROWN Edward farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
CADELL T. farmer Mullamudy Apple Tree Flat
CARROLL Thomas miner --- Apple Tree Flat
CLEAVER Robert miner Stoney Pinch Apple Tree Flat
CLEAVER Thomas farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
CONDON Cornelius farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
CONDON Maurice farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
COOK John miner --- Apple Tree Flat
COONY Thomas miner --- Apple Tree Flat
CORBETT Patrick miner --- Apple Tree Flat
CORCHRAN Patrick miner --- Apple Tree Flat
DONALDSON David engineer --- Apple Tree Flat
EMERTON Henry miner --- Apple Tree Flat
GLOVER Robert miner --- Apple Tree Flat
HAYS John miner --- Apple Tree Flat
HUTCHINS Henry miner --- Apple Tree Flat
LEWIS Albert miner --- Apple Tree Flat
LEWIS James miner --- Apple Tree Flat
LLOYD Richard gardener --- Apple Tree Flat
LOUIS Myer miner Stoney Pinch Apple Tree Flat
LYONS Cornelius farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
MCKENNA Dennis miner --- Apple Tree Flat
MOORE Samuel farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
MORONEY Joseph miner --- Apple Tree Flat
MOSTYN James farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
NEILSON Neil miner --- Apple Tree Flat
NEWTON William innkeeper Broomby Apple Tree Flat
OLDFIELD William farmer Limestone Flat Apple Tree Flat
PARTRIDGE Richard miner Stoney Pinch Apple Tree Flat
PAULING John innkeeper --- Apple Tree Flat
PHEBE --- engineer --- Apple Tree Flat
PRINCE Sarah farmer Horse Flat Apple Tree Flat
RAMSAY Henry contractor Red Hill Apple Tree Flat
SAMSON --- miner --- Apple Tree Flat
SEARGENT John farmer Swan Ck. Apple Tree Flat
SHEILS William farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
SKINNER Francis farmer Stoney Pinch Apple Tree Flat
STRANGER Edward farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
STRANGER Nehemiah farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
WELSBY James miner --- Apple Tree Flat
WELSH Patrick farmer Horse Flat Apple Tree Flat
WELSH John farmer --- Apple Tree Flat
WOOD Robert inspector sheep Limestone Apple Tree Flat


Araluen Lower
Page 14
Distance 206 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 3.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 7.15 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach via Braidwood to Araluen Lower, or steam to Clyde River via Nelligen and coach to Araluen Lower.

ADAMSON Andrew miner Lower Araluen
ADAMSON Matthew miner Lower Araluen
ALLEY George miner Lower Araluen
ALLEY Trevor grocer Lower Araluen
AMOUR Richard miner Lower Araluen
AMPS Edward miner Lower Araluen
ANDREWS Michael --- Lower Araluen
ARMSTRONG James innkeeper Lower Araluen
ARMSTRONG Thomas woodman Lower Araluen
ATKINS William carrier Lower Araluen
ATKINS William innkeeper Lower Araluen
ATKINSON Thomas miner Lower Araluen
ATKINSON Thomas R. storekeeper's
Lower Araluen
BEANCHOP George blacksmith Lower Araluen
BEATTIE James miner Lower Araluen
BEDEL Frederick baker Lower Araluen
BENNISON Frank storekeeper Lower Araluen
BENNISON William storekeeper Lower Araluen
BERENHARDT Marcus storekeeper Lower Araluen
BERTHA Julien miner Lower Araluen
BIGGS William blacksmith Lower Araluen
BLATCHFORD John miner Lower Araluen
BLUNDELL George miner Lower Araluen
BOWEN William hairdresser Lower Araluen
BOWLAND Matthew miner Lower Araluen
BOWLER Joseph wheelwright Lower Araluen
BRADY James miner Lower Araluen
BREW Frank saddler Lower Araluen
BROWN Frederick postmaster Lower Araluen
BROWN Robert blacksmith Lower Araluen
BROYNE Charles miner Lower Araluen
BRUCE W.B. farmer Lower Araluen
BUCKLEY James miner Lower Araluen
BURKE Edward miner Lower Araluen
BURKE Stephen --- Lower Araluen
BYLES James fruiterer Lower Araluen
CAIN John miner Lower Araluen
CALLAGHAN James miner Lower Araluen
CAMBRIDGE Alexander woodman Lower Araluen
CAMPBELL Alexander miner Lower Araluen
CAMPBELL Archibald miner Lower Araluen
CAMPBELL Robert bootmaker Lower Araluen
CARTWELL John miner Lower Araluen
CARTY John miner Lower Araluen
CHANDLER Stephen miner Lower Araluen
CHARLTON George miner Lower Araluen
CHARLWOOD Daniel tanner Lower Araluen
CHARLWOOD Samuel bootmaker Lower Araluen
CHARLWOOD Walter tanner Lower Araluen
CHESWORTH John dealer Lower Araluen
CLEMENTS Ebenezer miner Lower Araluen
CLIFTON James storekeeper Lower Araluen
CLUNE Cornelius miner Lower Araluen
COLE David bootmaker Lower Araluen
COLLINS Henry miner Lower Araluen
CONCEDINE Michael miner Lower Araluen
CONNORS James miner Lower Araluen
COOMBER Thomas bootmaker Lower Araluen
COOTE Charles storekeeper Lower Araluen
CORLETTE W.C. manager Bank NSW Lower Araluen
COSTELLO James miner Lower Araluen
COSTELLO Pierce innkeeper Lower Araluen
CRASTON Peter gardener Lower Araluen
CUNNINGHAM Lawrence engineer Lower Araluen
CURRAN James blacksmith Lower Araluen
CURRIE Alexander groom Lower Araluen
DAVIS John miner Lower Araluen
DEANE Caleb miner Lower Araluen
DEAR Robert teamster Lower Araluen
DELPONTE Antonio miner Lower Araluen
DELPONTE Fanstino farmer Lower Araluen
DELPONTE Joseph miner Lower Araluen
DE ROME James miner Lower Araluen
DE ROME Peter miner Lower Araluen
DE ROME Thomas miner Lower Araluen
DICKSON John miner Lower Araluen
DOHERTY Dominick storekeeper Lower Araluen
DONNELLAN Patrick bootmaker Lower Araluen
DONNELLY John carter Lower Araluen
DUNCAN William miner Lower Araluen
DWYER Stephen tinsmith Lower Araluen
ELLIOTT Erwin miner Lower Araluen
ELLIS John storekeeper Lower Araluen
ELLWOOD John miner Lower Araluen
EMERY James miner Lower Araluen
EVANS William miner Lower Araluen
FAIRBARN John H. miner Lower Araluen
FAULKNER Thomas storekeeper Lower Araluen
FITZGERALD Robert bootmaker Lower Araluen
FITZPATRICK John miner Lower Araluen
FLEMMING Alexander miner Lower Araluen
FLEMMING James miner Lower Araluen
FLETCHER Abraham engineer Lower Araluen
FLETCHER Henry miner Lower Araluen
FLOOD John carrier Lower Araluen
FOGARTY Michael miner Lower Araluen
FREEMAN Thomas miner Lower Araluen
GIBSON John miner Lower Araluen
GILFORD William miner Lower Araluen
GILMORE John miner Lower Araluen
GILMORE Thomas miner Lower Araluen
GOUGH John miner Lower Araluen
GRADY William storekeeper Lower Araluen
GREENWOOD Alfred carrier Lower Araluen
GUTTERIE James miner Lower Araluen
GUTTERIE John miner Lower Araluen
HALL Thomas tailor Lower Araluen
HALL William miner Lower Araluen
HALLIDAY John wheelwright Lower Araluen
HARVEY William miner Lower Araluen
HAYDON Josiah miner Lower Araluen
HEILEY John miner Lower Araluen
HENNESSY Patrick miner Lower Araluen
HERBERT George miner Lower Araluen
HIINCHCLIFF John miner Lower Araluen
HOBBS Edward storekeeper Lower Araluen
HOGAN Edward miner Lower Araluen
HOGARTH Thomas miner Lower Araluen
HOSKING John miner Lower Araluen
HUGHES William miner Lower Araluen
HYDON Thomas miner Lower Araluen
HYNES John miner Lower Araluen
ISLEY William carpenter Lower Araluen
JACK Robert miner Lower Araluen
JEFFREY James miner Lower Araluen
JOHNSON Francis bootmaker Lower Araluen
JONES William miner Lower Araluen
KEIR William miner Lower Araluen
KELLY John miner Lower Araluen
KENNY James miner Lower Araluen
KENNY Michael miner Lower Araluen
KERBY John miner Lower Araluen
KINGSLAND George engineer Lower Araluen
KNIGHTLY Henry miner Lower Araluen
LAFFAN James miner Lower Araluen
LAPPIN Bernard miner Lower Araluen
LAWLESS Miles miner Lower Araluen
LEACH Benjamin baker Lower Araluen
LEARY Timothy miner Lower Araluen
LEWIS Frank auctioneer Lower Araluen
LITHGOW Benjamin miner Lower Araluen
LONSDALE Thomas miner Lower Araluen
LUBY Bernard teacher Lower Araluen
MACKEY Daniel miner Lower Araluen
MAHER James storekeeper Lower Araluen
MAHER James M. storekeeper Lower Araluen
MALONEY Lot waterman Lower Araluen
MANGAN James miner Lower Araluen
MARTIN Alexander baker Lower Araluen
MATHIAS Frank blacksmith Lower Araluen
MAXWELL John engineer Lower Araluen
MAY James miner Lower Araluen
MAYHEW Samuel dealer Lower Araluen
METCALF William gardener Lower Araluen
MINERS William miner Lower Araluen
MONAGHAN Denis miner Lower Araluen
MONTGOMERY William miner Lower Araluen
MOORE Peter miner Lower Araluen
MORRISSEY John miner Lower Araluen
MURPHY Garrett miner Lower Araluen
MCCANN Patrick miner Lower Araluen
MCCARTHY John miner Lower Araluen
MCCOWAN Walter bootmaker Lower Araluen
MCCUBBIN John miner Lower Araluen
MCCURLY Thomas miner Lower Araluen
MCDONALD William miner Lower Araluen
MCELHENNEY Charles miner Lower Araluen
MCFADDEN Patrick butcher Lower Araluen
MCFADDEN Thomas butcher Lower Araluen
MCKENZIE Roderick miner Lower Araluen
MCKENZIE William miner Lower Araluen
MCNAMARRA Patrick miner Lower Araluen
MCNAUGHT Thomas teacher Lower Araluen
MCNERTNEY Michael miner Lower Araluen
MCQUADE Constantine miner Lower Araluen
NEWMAN James miner Lower Araluen
NEWMAN Thomas groom Lower Araluen
O'BRIEN David miner Lower Araluen
O'DAY Michael miner Lower Araluen
O'REILLY James baker Lower Araluen
ORPHIN Charles miner Lower Araluen
O'SHEA Simeon miner Lower Araluen
O'SULLIVAN James miner Lower Araluen
PALFREY John miner Lower Araluen
PEPPER Andrew miner Lower Araluen
PIGTHORN James dealer Lower Araluen
POLLOCK Hepburn photographer Lower Araluen
PRICE Hamilton manager Oriental Bank Lower Araluen
PUTNEY James miner Lower Araluen
RATTRAY Alexander miner Lower Araluen
RELPH Joseph blacksmith Lower Araluen
REYNOLDS Richard miner Lower Araluen
ROSS George miner Lower Araluen
ROWE John miner Lower Araluen
RUSSELL F.W. storekeeper Lower Araluen
RYAN John miner Lower Araluen
RYAN Patrick miner Lower Araluen
RYAN Thomas miner Lower Araluen
SALVID F. farmer Lower Araluen
SANDERSON George waterman Lower Araluen
SAUNDERS Richard butcher Lower Araluen
SENNETT James miner Lower Araluen
SHERMAN William teacher Lower Araluen
SHORT George newsagent Lower Araluen
SHURMAR John miner Lower Araluen
SIMPSON Robert miner Lower Araluen
SMITH Edmund butcher Lower Araluen
SMITHARD Edmund fruiterer Lower Araluen
SNEDDON Alexander engineer Lower Araluen
SPICER Jason storekeeper Lower Araluen
STAINES Robert miner Lower Araluen
STANBY John miner Lower Araluen
STANTON James miner Lower Araluen
STEPHENS James miner Lower Araluen
STEWART William --- Lower Araluen
STONEBRIDGE George miner Lower Araluen
TARBUCK William miner Lower Araluen
TAYLOR Reuben miner Lower Araluen
THOMAS Charles --- Lower Araluen
THOMAS Michael saddler Lower Araluen
THOMAS R.M. innkeeper Lower Araluen
THOMPSON Charles miner Lower Araluen
TIERNEY Edward waterman Lower Araluen
TIERNEY Richard miner Lower Araluen
THOMPSON Henry butcher Lower Araluen
TORLAN John miner Lower Araluen
TORRENS Thomas miner Lower Araluen
TRACEY John miner Lower Araluen
TRACEY Thomas miner Lower Araluen
TUTTLEHU William veterinary surgeon Lower Araluen
WALSH John miner Lower Araluen
WALSH Patrick --- Lower Araluen
WALTON John miner Lower Araluen
WALTON Louis chemist Lower Araluen
WALTON Storey miner Lower Araluen
WARD Henry miner Lower Araluen
WARD James bootmaker Lower Araluen
WARD Joseph miner Lower Araluen
WARD William miner Lower Araluen
WAY W.C. miner Lower Araluen
WAY W.F. miner Lower Araluen
WEBSTER John miner Lower Araluen
WEST William miner Lower Araluen
WESTON Alfred miner Lower Araluen
WHITE Daniel bricklayer Lower Araluen
WICKEN Henry miner Lower Araluen
WICKEN Joseph miner Lower Araluen
WICKS Henry baker Lower Araluen
WILLIAMS Thomas miner Lower Araluen
WILLOUGHBY James miner Lower Araluen
WILLOUGHBY Joseph miner Lower Araluen
WILSON William baker Lower Araluen
WINSLETT Richard --- Lower Araluen
WINTER Robert miner Lower Araluen
WOODS Joseph miner Lower Araluen
WOODWORD John innkeeper Lower Araluen
WOOLF John miner Lower Araluen
WORTH James tailor Lower Araluen
YOUNG James engineer Lower Araluen


Araluen Upper
Page 16
Distance 205 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 3.15 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 7.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam to Clyde River via Nelligen and coach to Araluen Upper, or rail Goulburn, coach Braidwood, 16miles to Araluen Upper.

ASHBY John innkeeper Burke Town Upper Araluen
AULD Thomas teacher --- Upper Araluen
BAKER Robert storekeeper --- Upper Araluen
BARNETT William miner --- Upper Araluen
BROWN Thomas miner --- Upper Araluen
BURKE William innkeeper Burke Town Upper Araluen
CAHILL Michael miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
CAMPBELL James miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
CAVANAGH James miner --- Upper Araluen
CEGG James miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
CHISHOLM Robert miner --- Upper Araluen
CLARK Daniel teacher Burke Town Upper Araluen
CONNOLLY Thomas teacher Burke Town Upper Araluen
COWEN Samuel storekeeper Burke Town Upper Araluen
CRAIN Joseph carter Burke Town Upper Araluen
CRAIN Thomas miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
CUMMING Henry miner --- Upper Araluen
CURRY John miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
CUTTLE Robert miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
DALBY Patrick miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
DILLON Timothy miner --- Upper Araluen
DONOHOE Bernard miner --- Upper Araluen
ELHORS Frederick cooper --- Upper Araluen
ENNIS Joseph miner --- Upper Araluen
FOSTER Thomas miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
GALLAGHER James miner --- Upper Araluen
GALLOWAY David miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
GARMAN Joseph miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
GEARON Patrick miner --- Upper Araluen
GIBSON George miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
GILLIGAN John miner --- Upper Araluen
GOGGIN Daniel miner --- Upper Araluen
GOUGH John miner --- Upper Araluen
GRANT Frank settler --- Upper Araluen
GRANT Walter miner --- Upper Araluen
GRAY Andrew miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
GRIFFITHS George miner --- Upper Araluen
HALPIN Hugh miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
HARRISON Henry miner --- Upper Araluen
HAWS George miner --- Upper Araluen
HEALEY James miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
HICKEY James miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
HICKEY Michael storekeeper --- Upper Araluen
HOGAN John M. innkeeper Burke Town Upper Araluen
HOPE George miner --- Upper Araluen
HUGGETT Stephen miner --- Upper Araluen
JARMAIN James miner --- Upper Araluen
JENNINGS Edward miner --- Upper Araluen
JOHNSTON William teacher Burke Town Upper Araluen
KAY John hairdresser Burke Town Upper Araluen
KIME Samuel miner --- Upper Araluen
KING George miner --- Upper Araluen
KING James miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
KNIGHT William miner --- Upper Araluen
LANE Stephen miner --- Upper Araluen
LEWIS James miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
LLEWELLYN Rev Thomas minister Burke Town Upper Araluen
LOVICK James miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
LOYDSTROM Errick storekeeper --- Upper Araluen
MADDIGAN Michael innkeeper Burke Town Upper Araluen
MALONEY Thomas miner --- Upper Araluen
MARSHALL James hairdresser --- Upper Araluen
MORRIS William miner --- Upper Araluen
MULLENS John H. Gold Comr. Burke Town Upper Araluen
MCCOWAN Bernard market gardener --- Upper Araluen
MCKAY Alexander miner --- Upper Araluen
MCPHERSON Allen --- Burke Town Upper Araluen
MCSORLEY Francis miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
MCSWEEN Donald miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
MCSWEEN William miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
NEWMAN Daniel bootmaker Burke Town Upper Araluen
NORMAN William miner --- Upper Araluen
O'MEALLEY Denis blacksmith Burke Town Upper Araluen
OSBORNE Jesse miner --- Upper Araluen
PEADON William miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
POILE Thomas storekeeper Burke Town Upper Araluen
ROONEY Michael miner --- Upper Araluen
ROSS David N. butcher Burke Town Upper Araluen
ROSS Kenneth butcher Burke Town Upper Araluen
SIMPSON William miner --- Upper Araluen
SMITHARD John butcher Burke Town Upper Araluen
STEPNEY John miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
STONE James miner --- Upper Araluen
STUTCHBURY Abraham miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
TAYLOR Henry miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
TAYLOR John sawyer --- Upper Araluen
TAYLOR Joseph sawyer --- Upper Araluen
TENSON Thomas miner --- Upper Araluen
WALLACE John B. miner --- Upper Araluen
WARD Joseph miner --- Upper Araluen
WATT Thomas W. miner --- Upper Araluen
WHITE James miner --- Upper Araluen
WILKINSON Joseph farrier Burke Town Upper Araluen
WILSON William miner --- Upper Araluen
WINSLETT Richard miner --- Upper Araluen
WISBEY Frederick miner --- Upper Araluen
WISE Frederick miner Burke Town Upper Araluen
WOODS William miner --- Upper Araluen
YOUNG Samuel miner --- Upper Araluen


Page 17
Distance 313 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 3.50 p.m..
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 11 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb's coach to Armidale.

ALLEN Robert tailor --- Armidale
ALLINGHAM George auctioneer --- Armidale
ALLINGHAM Henry pound keeper --- Armidale
ATCHESON Gilbert farmer Jerry's Plains Armidale
BAILEY A.C. road superintendent --- Armidale
BAKER Edward --- --- Armidale
BELL Robert bootmaker --- Armidale
BERRY Jacob G. farmer --- Armidale
BLYTHE Sidney CPS --- Armidale
BRANDSCHEIDT Ambrose farmer --- Armidale
BRERETON William bootmaker --- Armidale
BROWN James farmer --- Armidale
BROWN John D. superintendent Police --- Armidale
BUCHANAN James P.M. --- Armidale
BURTON George mail contractor --- Armidale
BUTLER Matthew farmer --- Armidale
BYRNE Daniel farmer --- Armidale
CALDWELL Samuel governor of Gaol --- Armidale
CALLIGAN John innkeeper --- Armidale
CAMERON Hugh farmer --- Armidale
CHAMPION Charles saddler --- Armidale
CLARKE John farmer --- Armidale
CLUTTERBUCK George woodcarrier --- Armidale
COCHRANE John farmer --- Armidale
COOPER John miller --- Armidale
COWLEY Thomas farmer --- Armidale
CRAIGIE Walter editor"Express" --- Armidale
DREW William saddler --- Armidale
DUNKIN John baker --- Armidale
EMBLIN JohnW. postmaster --- Armidale
FLASHMAN Charles teacher --- Armidale
FLASHMAN John assistant storekeeper --- Armidale
FREDERICK James coach builder --- Armidale
FYSOE James --- --- Armidale
GALLAGAS John wood carrier --- Armidale
GALLAGHER Alexander blacksmith --- Armidale
GARTHWAITE Matthew wool washing estab. --- Armidale
GELDARD H.G. tailor --- Armidale
GENTLE Samuel farmer --- Armidale
GLASS John Commercial Bank --- Armidale
GORDON James innkeeper --- Armidale
GORMAN Mary --- --- Armidale
HALL Josiah storekeeper --- Armidale
HERZOG Bernard tinsmith --- Armidale
HEWITT Charles cabinetmaker --- Armidale
HIPGRAVE Henry & George proprietors "Express" --- Armidale
HIRCHBERY Joseph cabinetmaker --- Armidale
HISCOX John farmer --- Armidale
HOLLOWAY Robert farmer Bald Nobs Armidale
HORNER John bricklayer --- Armidale
HOWELL Willoughby manager Bank NSW --- Armidale
HUNGERFORD Rev. Septimus C.E. minister --- Armidale
HUNT JohnH. tailor --- Armidale
ICECAMP ---- cabinetmaker --- Armidale
INCE Joseph farmer --- Armidale
JACKES Franklyn storekeeper --- Armidale
JACKSON ---- blacksmith --- Armidale
JENKINS Charles cordial manufacturer --- Armidale
JOHNSTONE Rev. Thomas Presbyterian minister --- Armidale
JONES John L. inspector (school) --- Armidale
JONES Thomas farmer Kelly's Plains Armidale
LANE Thomas wheelwright --- Armidale
LAWLER John wood carrier --- Armidale
LEWIS George splitter --- Armidale
LEWIS James P. farmer --- Armidale
LUMLEY Thomas P. innkeeper --- Armidale
MALLAM Henry G. chemist --- Armidale
MARKHAM Lewis soap manufacturer --- Armidale
MASON William builder --- Armidale
MAYHEW Robert teacher --- Armidale
MILLER John R. builder --- Armidale
MILLS George sawyer --- Armidale
MITCHELL Joseph W. solicitor --- Armidale
MITCHELL Thomas carrier --- Armidale
MOORE Charles H. painter --- Armidale
MOORE James farmer --- Armidale
MOORE John storekeeper --- Armidale
MOORE Rev. William Wesleyan minister --- Armidale
MORROW George innkeeper --- Armidale
MOSES Barnet A. tanner &saddler --- Armidale
MOSES Bernard W. saddler --- Armidale
MURRAY John innkeeper --- Armidale
MULLIGAN Henry carter --- Armidale
MUTLOW William H. chemist --- Armidale
MCDONALD James storekeeper --- Armidale
MCINTYRE Duncan farmer --- Armidale
MCKEON John gaol warder --- Armidale
MCLEAN James storekeeper --- Armidale
MCNAMARA Thomas van proprietor --- Armidale
MCSHAUL Henry carpenter --- Armidale
NEWTON Frank editor "Telegraph" --- Armidale
NISBET Miss Maria ladies seminary --- Armidale
NIXON Thomas farmer --- Armidale
NORRIS Johnston water carrier --- Armidale
PERRET RobertJ. registrar District Court --- Armidale
PILCHER George de V. solicitor --- Armidale
RICHARDS William surgeon --- Armidale
RYAN James squatter Springmount Armidale
SALMON James E. storekeeper --- Armidale
SCHMUTTER Henry farmer --- Armidale
SCHOLES Joseph, sen --- --- Armidale
SEELEY William L. manager AJS bank --- Armidale
SEWELL Robert farmer --- Armidale
SHIELDS Peter carrier --- Armidale
SHELDON William surgeon --- Armidale
SIMPSON John McNeil surveyor --- Armidale
SIMPSON AlbertW. solicitor --- Armidale
SLY Henry carrier --- Armidale
SMITH Thomas C. auctioneer --- Armidale
SPASSHATT Samuel surgeon --- Armidale
SPEARE Peter butcher --- Armidale
SPENCE George baker --- Armidale
STARR James innkeeper --- Armidale
STEPHENSON Wm H. farmer --- Armidale
STEVENS Wm H. miller --- Armidale
TRIM John storekeeper --- Armidale
TURNBULL John engineer --- Armidale
WILLIAMS David farmer --- Armidale
WILSON Charles miller --- Armidale

The Company's Flour Mill, Armidale.
John COOPER, Proprietor.
Grinding, one shilling per bushel.

James SMITH, Tobacconist & Hairdresser, Armidale
A large stock of fancy goods always on hand.


Page 18
Distance 423 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday 6 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday evening
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb's coach to Armidale, via Inverell, 40 miles to Ashford.

BOOTH George labourer Bala St. Ashford
BROWN W. H. mail contractor Fraser's Ck. Ashford
BRYANT John selector Fraser's Ck.Station Ashford
CARROLL Thomas innkeeper Martin St. Ashford
COLLINS Thomas farmer Near Ashford Ashford
FITZGERALD W.F. Francis squatter Egerton Station Ashford
GREYSON Thomas caretaker Arthur's Seat Ashford
HAULP Ernest bootmaker Bukkulla St. Ashford
HENDERSON James wheelwright Duff St. Ashford
HORAM Samuel teacher Bukkulla St. Ashford
KINMORHEY James selector --- Ashford
LANGWORTHY W. senior constable & CPS -- Ashford
MACDONALD Alexander selector Fraser's Ck. Station Ashford
MACDONALD H. squatter Fraser's Ck. Station Ashford
MACDONALD John squatter Fraser's Ck. Station Ashford
MASON Thomas stockkeeper Bukkulla St. Ashford
MCCUTCHEON John overseer Egerton Station Ashford
MCINTYRE John selector --- Ashford
NEW Emanuel carrier Duff St. Ashford
PATTERSON John saddler Albury St. Ashford
PAUL William innkeeper Duff St. Ashford
PISCHKE Christopher farmer Near Ashford Ashford
ROBERTSON John blacksmith Duff St. Ashford
SILLS Peter carrier Dudley St. Ashford
SLACK Joseph postmaster Duff St. Ashford
SLACK Joseph selector Near Ashford Ashford
SLACK William poundkeeper --- Ashford
STEVENS James carrier Fraser St. Ashford
URQUHART S. J. selector Egerton Station Ashford
WHITESIDE Elizabeth --- Albury St. Ashford


Page 19
Distance 186 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 9.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 3.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Wallerawang, Cobb's coach to Mudgee, 24 miles Avisford.

ALDER Abraham miner Maitland Bar Avisford
AMBLER Joseph miner --- Avisford
AMBLER Thomas miner --- Avisford
BARNES John miner --- Avisford
BLAKE Mrs. storekeeper Maitland Bar Avisford
BLOAG William shepherd --- Avisford
BRANDINE Victor miner --- Avisford
BROWN William miner --- Avisford
CEHLER Charles miner --- Avisford
CODAGON William miner --- Avisford
COLLINS John miner --- Avisford
COX John miner --- Avisford
CRAWFORD Matthew miner --- Avisford
CRAWFORD Robert miner --- Avisford
CROSS George miner --- Avisford
CULKIN William miner --- Avisford
DELPH John miner Maitland Bar Avisford
DENNIS James miner --- Avisford
EVERENGTON --- miner Maitland Bar Avisford
FETTLE Joseph storekeeper Maitland Bar Avisford
GELDGALLY J.D. miner --- Avisford
GORRIE Thomas innkeeper --- Avisford
HARPER Charles storekeeper Maitland Bar Avisford
HAWKINS James innkeeper Maitland Bar Avisford
HAWKINS Lawrence miner --- Avisford
HILL William miner --- Avisford
HOGAN William miner --- Avisford
HOGWARF Arey miner --- Avisford
HUFF Henry miner Maitland Bar Avisford
HUFF Robert miner Maitland Bar Avisford
JOHNSTON Alexander miner Maitland Bar Avisford
LEADER Frederick miner Maitland Bar Avisford
LONSDALE James miner --- Avisford
MAGRO Polo miner --- Avisford
MCDONALD Hector miner --- Avisford
MELLA John miner --- Avisford
MILLER George miner --- Avisford
MORGAN William miner --- Avisford
NESBITT Richard miner --- Avisford
PAYNE William miner --- Avisford
PHILLIPS John miner --- Avisford
RAMSAY Christopher miner --- Avisford
ROE John miner Maitland Bar Avisford
SERGESON John miner --- Avisford
SHEENS George miner Maitland Bar Avisford
SMITH Antonia miner --- Avisford
SOMMERFIELD James miner Maitland Bar Avisford
WYMAN --- miner --- Avisford

This hotel affords excellent accommodation for commercial gentlemen and others.
Wines and Spirits of the best description.
Good stabling and accommodation paddocks for travelers on the road.


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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