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Greville's 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Lismore Lithgow Little Hartley Liverpool

Page 284
Distance 521 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office by Clarence River steamers
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday 11 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 1 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clarence River steamers
Route - Steam Grafton, 70m. Lismore; or by Richmond River, then boat 80m. or by land, 30m. Lismore

BAILLIE James blacksmith --- Lismore
BARKER Elizabeth storekeeper Gundarimba Lismore
BARROW James carpenter --- Lismore
BARRY Charles farmer --- Lismore
BEATTIE John innkeeper Gundarimba Lismore
BOLEN Owen farmer --- Lismore
BRITE George C. bailiff --- Lismore
BROWN Alexander labourer --- Lismore
BROWN George H. sawyer --- Lismore
BROWN John labourer --- Lismore
BROWN Thomas farmer --- Lismore
BROWNING Francis labourer Roseville Lismore
BROWNING John labourer Roseville Lismore
BRUGGY Jeremiah farmer Gundarimba Lismore
BRUGGY John farmer Gundarimba Lismore
BRUGGY Lote farmer --- Lismore
BRYANT James farmer --- Lismore
BUGDEN John farmer Gundarimba Lismore
CADLOLO Anthony farmer --- Lismore
CAMPBELL Alex., JP squatter Temstal Lismore
CAWLEY Owen farmer --- Lismore
CAWLEY William farmer --- Lismore
CHATFIELD Robert teacher Wilson's Ridges Lismore
CLERKEN Bernard farmer --- Lismore
COLEMAN E. cedar merchant & storekeeper --- Lismore
COOKE Edgar labourer --- Lismore
COOPER Benjamin labourer --- Lismore
CURRY Archibald storekeeper --- Lismore
CURRY Duncan storekeeper --- Lismore
CURTIN John carpenter Leister's Ck. Lismore
CUSACK Patrick farmer Leister's Ck. Lismore
DAVIS Thomas labourer Rose Hill Lismore
DEVINE Charles sawyer --- Lismore
DIXON William teacher Gundarimba Lismore
DRYNAN Andrew farmer Gundarimba Lismore
DUFFEY Daniel farmer Calico Grass Lismore
EDWARDS Benjamin farmer Gundarimba Lismore
EDWARDS Edward sawyer --- Lismore
EDWARDS Joseph farmer Gundarimba Lismore
EXTON James farmer Blake Brook Lismore
EXTON Thomas storekeeper --- Lismore
FITZPATRICK Geo. farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
FLAHERTY Edward farmer Gundarimba Lismore
FLAHERTY Michael farmer Gundarimba Lismore
FOLEY John farmer --- Lismore
FOLEY Thomas labourer --- Lismore
FRAHMUELLER Carper farmer Gundarimba Lismore
FREDERICKS F. storekeeper Gundarimba Lismore
FRENCH George butcher Gundarimba Lismore
GALLAGHER Owen farmer Gundarimba Lismore
GALLAGHER Patrick farmer Gundarimba Lismore
GARRARD Alfred farmer Blake Brook Lismore
GARRARD S. squatter & farmer Boorie Lismore
GERAGHTY James farmer --- Lismore
GERAGHTY Patrick farmer --- Lismore
GERAGHTY Thomas farmer --- Lismore
GIBSON Hugh farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
GIBSON Samuel farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
GIRARD Alfred, JP squatter --- Lismore
GIRARD Francis squatter --- Lismore
GLASGOW John E. saddler --- Lismore
GREENHALTCH Joseph farmer --- Lismore
GRIFFIN Christopher farmer --- Lismore
GRIFFITHS James farmer --- Lismore
HARLEY David farmer --- Lismore
HOGAN Daniel constable --- Lismore
HOLLINGSWORTH Thomas bootmaker --- Lismore
HOSKINS William sawyer --- Lismore
HOSKINS William jun. sawyer --- Lismore
HOWARD John farmer --- Lismore
HOWARD Joseph farmer --- Lismore
HOWELL Edward cedar cutter --- Lismore
JARRETT John farmer Gundarimba Lismore
JOHNSON James labourer Gundarimba Lismore
JOHNSON Richard labourer Gundarimba Lismore
JOHNSON Thomas labourer Gundarimba Lismore
JOHNSON William cedar cutter Big Grass Lismore
JOHNSON William farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
KING Benjamin labourer --- Lismore
KING William farmer --- Lismore
LEDGER James farmer Gundarimba Lismore
LEE John sawyer --- Lismore
LOADER Henry labourer --- Lismore
LOFTS Frederick farmer Gundarimba Lismore
LOFTS Luke labourer Gundarimba Lismore
LOFTS William farmer Gundarimba Lismore
LOPEZ R. C. de B. grazier Gundarimba Lismore
LUMLEY John carpenter --- Lismore
MACE Patrick labourer Blake Brook Lismore
MAHER John farmer Leister's Ck. Lismore
MALONE James farmer Gundarimba Lismore
MALONE John farmer Gundarimba Lismore
MARZOL John labourer Leister's Ck. Lismore
MAXWELL James cedar cutter --- Lismore
MOLE Peter farmer --- Lismore
MURPHY Edward farmer --- Lismore
MURRAY William farmer --- Lismore
MCCAHILE John farmer Gundarimba Lismore
MCCARTNEY Alfred farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
MCDONALD Alexander farmer --- Lismore
MCDONALD Archibald farmer --- Lismore
MCDONALD Duncan farmer --- Lismore
MCDONALD Peter farmer --- Lismore
MCDONALD Peter farmer Bald Hill Lismore
MCDONOUGH Edward farmer Leister's Ck. Lismore
MCINTYRE Thomas farmer --- Lismore
MCKENZIE Charles farmer --- Lismore
MCKENZIE James farmer --- Lismore
MCKENZIE John storekeeper --- Lismore
MCKENZIE Robert carpenter --- Lismore
MCLEAN Donald farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
MCLEAN John farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
MCQUILTY Edward cedar cutter Blake Brook Lismore
MCQUILTY Francis cedar cutter Blake Brook Lismore
MCQUILTY F. jun. cedar cutter Blake Brook Lismore
MCQUILTY James labourer Blake Brook Lismore
MCQUILTY Owen cedar cutter Blake Brook Lismore
NEWTON Walter farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
NICHOLS George storekeeper Leister's Ck. Lismore
NORRIS Vincent farmer Calico Grass Lismore
NYE Edward farmer Rose Hill Lismore
OLIPHANT Robert settler --- Lismore
PEAT John farmer --- Lismore
REISE Francis farmer Rose Hill Lismore
ROLSTON John farmer Rose Hill Lismore
ROUANE Matthew farmer --- Lismore
SAUL Jeremiah farmer Gundarimba Lismore
SEXTON John farmer Gundarimba Lismore
SEXTON Patrick labourer Gundarimba Lismore
SEXTON Thomas farmer Gundarimba Lismore
SHEA John labourer --- Lismore
SHEEHAN John farmer --- Lismore
SHELLY Joseph labourer --- Lismore
SHWAB John labourer Rose Hill Lismore
SIMES John farmer --- Lismore
SIVENWRIGHT John sawyer Blake Brook Lismore
SHEEN Francis sawyer --- Lismore
SKEEN Sylvester labourer --- Lismore
SMITH Robert farmer Wilson's Ridges Lismore
SMITH William cedar cutter --- Lismore
SNOW Lemuel Griggs contractor --- Lismore
STANFORD Charles farmer --- Lismore
STEWART Robert cedar cutter --- Lismore
STREET John sawyer --- Lismore
SULLIVAN David farmer --- Lismore
SULLIVAN James farmer --- Lismore
SULLIVAN Michael labourer --- Lismore
SUMMERVILLE John farmer Bald Hill Lismore
TAYLOR Charles cedar cutter --- Lismore
TAYLOR James cedar cutter Calico Grass Lismore
TAYLOR John cedar cutter --- Lismore
TAYLOR Nathan innkeeper --- Lismore
TAYLOR Robert farmer --- Lismore
TOMEY Denis labourer Bald Hill Lismore
TOWNSHEND Edward farmer Rose Hill Lismore
TOZER Henry farmer --- Lismore
VAUGHAN Daniel farmer --- Lismore
WALKER James Pater Field labourer --- Lismore
WALKER Lancelot farmer Gundarimba Lismore
WALLS Robert carpenter Gundarimba Lismore
WEBSTER James labourer --- Lismore
WEBSTER John labourer --- Lismore
WEBSTER William farmer --- Lismore
WEBSTER William jun. butcher --- Lismore
WEST Frederick boat builder Gundarimba Lismore
WETHERS Daniel farmer Bald Hill Lismore
WHITE Charles farmer --- Lismore
WHITE Henry farmer --- Lismore
WHITNEY William farmer Gundarimba Lismore
WILSON Henry O. B. freeholder Invercargill Lismore
WILSON W. grazier & freeholder Monalbrie Lismore
WOODWARE William farmer Gundarimba Lismore
WOTHERSPOON Andrew teacher --- Lismore
WOTHERSPOON James cedar cutter --- Lismore
WOTHERSPOON Robert cedar cutter --- Lismore
WOTHERSPOON Walter freeholder --- Lismore


Page 286
Distance 97 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 10.56 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 1.25 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Bowenfells, 3m. Lithgow

ANDERSON Alaric --- --- Lithgow
ANDERSON Robert storekeeper --- Lithgow
BIRKENSHAW W. fettler Railway Station Lithgow
BRADLEY James O. porter Railway Station Lithgow
BROOKS Edward carpenter --- Lithgow
BROWN Andrew --- --- Lithgow
BROWN George weaver Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
BROWN Samuel miller Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
BROWN Thomas --- --- Lithgow
CAMPION Henry porter Railway Station Lithgow
COULTER R. gate-keeper Railway Station Lithgow
CRAWFORD W. teacher Railway Station Lithgow
CROUR Patrick constable Railway Station Lithgow
DEAN Alexander weaver Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
DOUGLASS Robert coal miner Esk Bank Lithgow
FRENCH A. tweed factor Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
GREEN William coal miner Esk Bank Lithgow
HANKS John weaver Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
HARDMAN Michael coal miner Esk Island Lithgow
HARDMAN Thomas coal miner Esk Island Lithgow
HARDY Thomas weaver Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
HILL Thomas hawker --- Lithgow
HOLLIS Thomas fettler --- Lithgow
JEFFS Francis blacksmith --- Lithgow
KNIGHT Charles fettler --- Lithgow
LEE Thomas carrier --- Lithgow
LEES Timothy carrier --- Lithgow
MARSHALL Joseph baker --- Lithgow
METCALF James fettler --- Lithgow
MILLAR William fettler --- Lithgow
MOFFIT James weaver Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
MCCOY T. station master Railway Station Lithgow
MCNAB John pointsman --- Lithgow
PITT David coal miner Esk Bank Lithgow
PITT William R. carpenter --- Lithgow
RAYMOND Francis storekeeper --- Lithgow
RICKARDS Thomas coal miner --- Lithgow
RIEN William fettler --- Lithgow
SHEEDY Thomas storekeeper --- Lithgow
SHELLDRAKE Richard fettler Railway Station Lithgow
STEWART Rev. Colin minister --- Lithgow
THOMPSON J. overseer Cowerwell Station Lithgow
THOMPSON T. H. coal miner Esk Bank Lithgow
WALLIS W. weaver Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
WILSON John weaver Cowerwell Mill Lithgow
WOOLLEY Nathaniel storekeeper --- Lithgow


Little Hartley
Page 287
Distance 80 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7.15 a.m., Saturday 11 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 8 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m.
Route - Rail One Tree Hill, coach Little Hartley

AMBROSE George farmer Cherry Tree Hill Little Hartley
AMBROSE Mrs. farmer Cherry Tree Hill Little Hartley
ANDREWS John farmer --- Little Hartley
ANSLOW James jun. labourer --- Little Hartley
ANSLOW James sen. labourer --- Little Hartley
ANSLOW John blacksmith --- Little Hartley
ARMSTRONG Alexander labourer --- Little Hartley
AVENS Aven farmer Round Swamp Little Hartley
AVENS John farmer Black Swamp Little Hartley
BARBER Henry farmer --- Little Hartley
BLACK Charles storekeeper --- Little Hartley
BRADY Hugh farmer --- Little Hartley
BRENNAN George labourer --- Little Hartley
BUTFIELD George labourer --- Little Hartley
CARMICHAEL Patrick labourer --- Little Hartley
CARROLL James farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
CLARK Charles teacher --- Little Hartley
CONNOR Mrs. farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
CORNMAN Robert farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
COSTELLO Thomas blacksmith --- Little Hartley
CROWTHER Moses householder --- Little Hartley
CULLEN James farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
DALZIEL James farmer Rose Vale Little Hartley
DELANY Edward farmer --- Little Hartley
DELANY James farmer --- Little Hartley
DELANY N. farmer --- Little Hartley
DELANY Thomas farmer --- Little Hartley
DOOLY Thomas miner --- Little Hartley
DOYLE Hugh farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
DUFF Lewis farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
DUFF Lewis farmer Long Swamp Little Hartley
DUFF Robert farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
DUNN Margaret householder --- Little Hartley
ENGLAND Edward coal miner --- Little Hartley
FIELD Edward innkeeper --- Little Hartley
FIELD Thomas carrier --- Little Hartley
FIELD William labourer --- Little Hartley
FLANAGAN Terence farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
FLANAGAN Hugh farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
FRYER Reuben coal miner --- Little Hartley
GERNERY Patrick miner --- Little Hartley
GIBLET Jane householder --- Little Hartley
GLENROY Mrs. farmer Long Swamp Little Hartley
HAIRES John bricklayer --- Little Hartley
HARDING George farmer Mount Pleasant Little Hartley
HAY Charles miner --- Little Hartley
HEPBERN John miner --- Little Hartley
HILL John bootmaker --- Little Hartley
HUGHES Daniel farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
JOHNSON Joseph labourer --- Little Hartley
KELLY Daniel farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
KELLY Daniel jun. farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
KELLY Michael farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
KENNON Patrick farmer Cullenborey Little Hartley
KIRK Thomas farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
LAMB John labourer --- Little Hartley
LEADER Robert coal miner --- Little Hartley
LEE Timothy farmer --- Little Hartley
LEWINGTON William storekeeper --- Little Hartley
LINCH William farmer Black Swamp Little Hartley
LOUNDS Benjamin miner --- Little Hartley
LYNCH Maurice farmer --- Little Hartley
MACAULEY Arthur farmer Black Swamp Little Hartley
MACAULLY Dominick farmer Long Swamp Little Hartley
MACAVENY John farmer Medlow Little Hartley
MACAVENY John farmer Round Swamp Little Hartley
MACAVENY Michael farmer Pulpit Hill Little Hartley
MACAVENY Patrick farmer Medlow Little Hartley
MACAVENY Patrick farmer Pulpit Hill Little Hartley
MAVACENY Thomas farmer Kimbler Little Hartley
MACDONNELL Carl farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
MACKENZIE Thomas miner --- Little Hartley
MACPHERSON John farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
MACPHERSON Margaret farmer Black Swamp Little Hartley
MADDEN Peter farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
MAGARY Patrick farmer --- Little Hartley
MEADS Lewis innkeeper --- Little Hartley
MERRICK Richard farmer --- Little Hartley
MERRIOTT George farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
MOONEY William farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
MOORE Laurence butcher --- Little Hartley
MORRIS Edward labourer --- Little Hartley
MORRIS Sarah householder --- Little Hartley
NASH William bootmaker --- Little Hartley
NICKOLS John farmer --- Little Hartley
O'CONNELL John farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
PAUL John labourer --- Little Hartley
PEACHMAN John labourer --- Little Hartley
PEACOCK James farmer --- Little Hartley
PEACOCK William farmer --- Little Hartley
PITTITT Charles wheelwright --- Little Hartley
PORDEN W. labourer --- Little Hartley
ROUCK William farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
RYAN Michael farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
SALTER George labourer --- Little Hartley
SEAMOND Charles miner --- Little Hartley
SHARP George miner --- Little Hartley
SIMPSON John farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
SKEEN John farmer Colletgilt Little Hartley
SKEEN John sawyer Cherry Hill Little Hartley
SKEEN Thomas farmer Cherry Hill Little Hartley
SMITH William labourer --- Little Hartley
TAYLOR John farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
TESAMOND Thomas --- --- Little Hartley
WARD Samuel farmer Cox's River Little Hartley
WEBB William miner --- Little Hartley
WILSON Arthur farmer Marsden's Swamp Little Hartley
WILSON S. E. storekeeper --- Little Hartley
WILSON Thomas farmer Cherry Hill Little Hartley


Page 288
Distance 20 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily 6.5 and 8.9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 and 9.10 a.m.
Route - Rail Liverpool

ADAMS Isaac butcher Moore St. Liverpool
ABBOTT George farmer Glenfield Liverpool
ABBOTT Joseph labourer Glenfield Liverpool
ALEXANDER James farmer Collingwood Liverpool
ALLAN Rebecca farmer Sydney Rd. Liverpool
ANDREWS James farmer --- Liverpool
ARMSTRONG George farmer Moorbank Liverpool
ARMSTRONG Thomas farmer Green Hills Liverpool
ARUNDELL George blacksmith Collingwood Liverpool
ARUNDELL Thomas farmer Bigg St. Liverpool
ASHCROFT Margaret butcher Macquarie St. Liverpool
ATWELL John labourer Bull's Hill Liverpool
ATWOOD Charles splitter George St. Liverpool
ATWOOD James splitter Cabramatta Park Liverpool
BARRETT Edward farmer Soldier's Flat Liverpool
BARRETT William freeholder Minto Liverpool
BARROW T. fireman Northumberland St. Liverpool
BAYLY Mrs. Charles freeholder George St. Liverpool
BAYLY P. N. --- George St. Liverpool
BEAL James labourer Scott St. Liverpool
BENT Henry labourer Gillick's Cottages Liverpool
BLIGH W. R. W. --- Collingwood Lodge Liverpool
BLUNMAN Charles farmer Minto Liverpool
BOOTHWAY Matthew labourer McMane St. Liverpool
BOSSLEY Frank grazier Edenson Park Liverpool
BOSSLEY J. B. grazier --- Liverpool
BOSSLEY Tarburton grazier Edenson Park Liverpool
BOWLES James chair maker Elizabeth St. Liverpool
BOYCE Robert fisherman Elizabeth St. Liverpool
BRAITHWAITE W. saddler Macquarie St. Liverpool
BROHAN Denis gardener Cabramatta Liverpool
BROHAN Edward farmer Bernera Liverpool
BROWN J. D. station manager Forbes St. Liverpool
BROWN John labourer Campbelltown Rd. Liverpool
BROWN William bailiff Campbelltown Rd. Liverpool
BROWN W. labourer Drummond Estate Liverpool
BROWNE Clarence M. S. --- Moore St. Liverpool
BRYANT John farmer Cross Roads Liverpool
BRYANT Reuben labourer Minto Liverpool
BUCHANAN W. F., JP squatter Macquarie Fields Liverpool
BULGER William carrier Campbelltown Rd. Liverpool
BULL James farmer Bull's Hill Liverpool
BULL John freeholder Bull's Hill Liverpool
BULL Maria storekeeper Terminus St. Liverpool
BULL Richard farmer Bull's Hill Liverpool
BULL Richard splitter Northumberland St. Liverpool
BUNKER Charles storekeeper Collingwood Liverpool
BURGESS H. woodcutter Drummond Hill Liverpool
BURNETT James labourer Collingwood Liverpool
BURNSIDE --- matron Asylum Liverpool
CAHALAN Edward farmer Cairn's Hill Liverpool
CAMPBELL John farmer Green Hills Liverpool
CAMPBELL John sen. farmer Green Hills Liverpool
CAMPBELL Robert farmer Moorbank Liverpool
CAMPBELL William farmer Green Hills Liverpool
CAREY Thomas farmer Hoxton Park Liverpool
CARNEY Patrick labourer Atkinson St. Liverpool
CATLING John carrier McMane St. Liverpool
CATOR William labourer --- Liverpool
CHAMPION Samuel splitter Terminus St. Liverpool
CHILDS Archibald farmer Moorbank Liverpool
CHILDS Henry farmer Moorbank Liverpool
CHILDS John farmer Moorbank Liverpool
CHILDS William jun. farmer Moorbank Liverpool
CHILDS William splitter Mill Ck. Liverpool
CHILDS William sen. farmer Moorbank Liverpool
CLEMENTS J. F. JP Woodlands Liverpool
CLYDE Robert wheelwright Terminus St. Liverpool
COHEN Andrew farmer Town's Head Liverpool
COLLIMORE Robert farmer Glebe Liverpool
CONALAN Patrick farmer Cairn's Hill Liverpool
CONLON John innkeeper Cross Roads Liverpool
CONLON Thaddeus farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
DAVIS Geo. station master Railway Station Liverpool
DAVIS John labourer Northumberland St. Liverpool
DAVIS Sidney farmer Moorbank Liverpool
DAYMENT John labourer George St. Liverpool
DENT Henry dealer Cabramatta Liverpool
DEVANNY James labourer Collingwood Liverpool
DEVANNY Patrick farmer Moorbank Liverpool
DEVANNY Thomas farmer Moorbank Liverpool
DIXON William splitter Cabramatta Liverpool
DONNON John S. labourer McMane St. Liverpool
DOYLE James farmer Bull's Hill Liverpool
DOYLE Richard farmer Bull's Hill Liverpool
DUKE Thomas farmer Moorbank Liverpool
DUNK John farmer Moorbank Liverpool
EAGAR Edward G. clerk George St. Liverpool
EASTON James baker McMane St. Liverpool
ELYARD --- railway porter Gatehouse Liverpool
FARQUHAR James engine driver Scott St. Liverpool
FINNIGAN Timothy storekeeper McMane St. Liverpool
FLAHERTY J. R. clerk Elizabeth St. Liverpool
FORBES Samuel dealer Drummond Hill Liverpool
FRANKLIN John farmer Moorbank Liverpool
GALLAGHER Thomas farmer Moorbank Liverpool
GAZZARD Job labourer Drummond Hill Liverpool
GILLICK John innkeeper Sydney Rd. Liverpool
GRAHAM Mrs. Mary --- George St. Liverpool
GREEN John farmer Collingwood Liverpool
GREY Robert farmer Moorbank Liverpool
GRIBBEN James S. teacher Elizabeth St. Liverpool
GRISDALE Levy railway porter Drummond Estate Liverpool
HALL Mrs. John --- Moore St. Liverpool
HARTZE John carpenter Moore St. Liverpool
HATTIN John bootmaker Macquarie St. Liverpool
HATTON Thomas bootmaker Macquarie St. Liverpool
HATTON William currier Macquarie St. Liverpool
HAY Timothy farmer White Hill Liverpool
HAYNES Paul splitter Bull's Hill Liverpool
HEALY James splitter George's Hall Liverpool
HENSON T. cordial maker Elizabeth St. Liverpool
HIGGERSON John farmer Lansdowne Liverpool
HOSKING P. M. cattle dealer Northumberland St. Liverpool
HOY Timothy farmer Potter's Hill Liverpool
HURLY John JP Forbes' Villa Liverpool
INCE Thomas farmer Holdsworthy Liverpool
IRVING John farmer Moorbank Liverpool
JOHNSON George storekeeper McMane St. Liverpool
JONES William labourer Cabramatta Liverpool
JOSEPH Victor tailor Drummond Estate Liverpool
KELLIGHER Michael farmer Moorbank Liverpool
KELLIGHER Patrick farmer Moorbank Liverpool
KING Rev. Robert L. --- Moore College Liverpool
KINNEAR Michael farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
KNIGHT John farmer Lansdowne Liverpool
KNOX Hugh farmer Holdsworthy Liverpool
KNOX James farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
LACKEY William grazier Moorbank Liverpool
LAING Henry blacksmith Bigg St. Liverpool
LANE William farmer Moorbank Liverpool
LENNON Arthur --- Collingwood Liverpool
LEWIS George farmer Collingwood Liverpool
LONG William teacher Bigg St. Liverpool
MAKIN Frederick butcher McMane St. Liverpool
MARKHAM T. labourer Northumberland St. Liverpool
MARSDEN T. jun. butcher McMane St. Liverpool
MARSDEN T. sen. innkeeper Drummond Hill Liverpool
MEARES Peter farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
MILLER Peter farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
MITCHELL Robert farmer --- Liverpool
MUNRO Alexander carpenter Elizabeth St. Liverpool
MUNRO James innkeeper Elizabeth St. Liverpool
MURPHY Hugh storekeeper McMane St. Liverpool
MURRAY Thomas labourer Collingwood Liverpool
MCDONALD Duncan farmer Rose Dale Liverpool
MCFARLANE Charles labourer George St. Liverpool
MCGILVENY John farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
MCGRATH James teacher Cabramatta Liverpool
MCHUGH Gilbert tanner Moore St. Liverpool
MCHUGH John clerk Moore St. Liverpool
MCKINNON Hugh farmer Camden Rd. Liverpool
MCMAHON John innkeeper Terminus St. Liverpool
O'BRIEN James labourer Collingwood Liverpool
O'CONNEL John innkeeper Moore St. Liverpool
ORR William butcher Macquarie St. Liverpool
PAINE Frank butcher Elizabeth St. Liverpool
PATERSON Thomas storeman Macquarie St. Liverpool
PATMORE Josiah plasterer Elizabeth St. Liverpool
PEARCE Stephen butcher Moore St. Liverpool
PEARCE Thomas innkeeper McMane St. Liverpool
PEARCE William butcher McMane St. Liverpool
PEARCY John farmer Moorbank Liverpool
PENNY Benjamin farmer Cross Roads Liverpool
PETERS Stephen farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
PRIDDLE Rev. C. F. D. (C. E.) Parsonage Liverpool
RIELLY William farmer Cabramatta Liverpool
ROBERTSON Kinnear --- George St. Liverpool
ROWE James rail porter Drummond Estate Liverpool
RUSH John farmer Gleadswood Liverpool
SADLEIR Capt. Richard (R. N.) Lansdowne Liverpool
SADLEIR Robert farmer Warwick Farm Liverpool
SAUNDERS William carpenter Paper Works Liverpool
SAUNDERS William labourer --- Liverpool
SCAIFE Thomas painter Elizabeth St. Liverpool
SCOTT G. wool washer Northumberland St. Liverpool
SCRIVENER Charles A. storekeeper Moore St. Liverpool
SEWELL Matthew farmer --- Liverpool
SHARPE John farmer Macquarie Fields Liverpool
SHEPHERD William farmer Moorbank Liverpool
SIMPSON Robert farmer Summer Hill Liverpool
SIMPSON William H. farmer Summer Hill Liverpool
SOLE Thomas innkeeper McMane St. Liverpool
SOLOMON Abraham --- Horningsea Park Liverpool
SOLOMON Charles --- Horningsea Park Liverpool
SOLOMON David --- Horningsea Park Liverpool
SOLOMON Moss --- Horningsea Park Liverpool
SOLOMON Saul --- Horningsea Park Liverpool
SOUTHWELL Charles wood cutter Sydney Rd. Liverpool
SQUIRES William labourer John's Farm Liverpool
STEINE John farmer Lansdowne Liverpool
STEWART Charles labourer Collingwood Liverpool
STRATFORD C. teacher Northumberland St. Liverpool
STRONG Dr. W. F. surgeon George St. Liverpool
STUBBS William carpenter McMane St. Liverpool
STUMPT John farmer Lansdowne Liverpool
TAYLOR Peter watchmaker Terminus St. Liverpool
TEASDALE Thomas farmer Holdsworthy Liverpool
THOMAS W. F. paper maker Paper Mills Liverpool
THORNE Charles farmer Moorbank Liverpool
THORNE John farmer Moorbank Liverpool
THORNE Thomas farmer Heathfield Liverpool
TILLETT George C. E. Moore St. Liverpool
TINDALL James bushman --- Liverpool
TINDALL Thomas carter Bigg St. Liverpool
TURNER Mrs. S. farmer Liverpool Road Liverpool
WEARNE Joseph merchant Moore St. Liverpool
WEARNE William publisher Elizabeth St. Liverpool
WELSON Robert labourer Campbelltown Rd. Liverpool
WESTON Edward H. grazier Horsley Park Liverpool
WHEELER Jonas innkeeper McMane St. Liverpool
WHITEFORD George storekeeper McMane St. Liverpool
WILSON Alfred storekeeper Moore St. Liverpool
WILSON William farmer Flowerdale Liverpool
WOOD James butcher Lansdowne Liverpool
WOODS John merchant Glenfield Liverpool
YOUNG Rev. Peter (R. C.) George St. Liverpool


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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