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Grevilles 1872 Post Office Directory - Towns on this page
Quambone Queanbeyan Quirindi

Page 429
Distance 350 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday noon.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7 a.m.
Route - ---.

ADAMS James stockman Warribiddy Quambone
ALISON William squatter Carwell Quambone
BAILEY Mary --- --- Quambone
BENTICK Bennett innkeeper --- Quambone
BLACKETT George squatter Bogera Quambone
BLOODSWORTH George squatter Merri Merri Quambone
BLOODSWORTH Miss --- Merri Merri Quambone
BLOODSWORTH Mrs. squatter Merri Merri Quambone
BOYLE Thomas superintendent --- Quambone
BRACKENRIGG Octavius --- Guabattiod Quambone
BURGESS Mrs. G. innkeeper Merri Merri Quambone
CATON Daniel squatter Wingenbar Quambone
CATON Mrs. D. squatter Wingenbar Quambone
COLLINS Henry shepherd --- Quambone
COLLINS Mrs. A. --- --- Quambone
CONNEL Moore squatter Merri Merri Quambone
COOK Peter stockman Bogera Quambone
CORNELIUS E. C. teacher Merri Merri Quambone
COWE Charles settler Yarra Yarra Quambone
CUTBUSH W. stockman Mole Quambone
DENNIS Reuben fencer --- Quambone
DICKSON --- --- --- Quambone
DONOHOE Patrick squatter Merri Merri Quambone
DOWNEY Andrew squatter Carwell Quambone
DUNN Charles shepherd --- Quambone
EVANS John settler Yarra Yarra Quambone
EVANS Thomas settler Yarra Yarra Quambone
EVANS William squatter Yarra Yarra Quambone
EVERETT Frederick squatter Mole Quambone
FLOOD Walter squatter --- Quambone
FURSE George shepherd --- Quambone
GIBSON George squatter Mole Quambone
GIBSON James squatter Sandy Camp Quambone
GOODWIN Andrew storekeeper --- Quambone
HARFORD Paul squatter Merri Merri Quambone
HERMAN & NELSON storekeepers Merri Merri Quambone
HIGGINGS John squatter Guabattiod Quambone
HUNDY James stockman Merri Merri Quambone
JOHNSTON Henry shepherd Carwell Quambone
MATHEWS Isabella --- Marthaguy Quambone
MATHEWS John settler Marthaguy Quambone
MATHEWS Thomas settler Marthaguy Quambone
MILLS Sydney squatter Mobla Quambone
MCLEAN J. squatter Mamgrabambone Quambone
NELSON Henry storekeeper Merri Quambone
PARKER Mrs. --- Guabattiod Quambone
PETTER Walter settler Yarra Yarra Quambone
PRICE F. W. --- Carwell Quambone
RAFTERY William fencer --- Quambone
RODGERSON James labourer --- Quambone
SMITH Henry squatter Mole Quambone
VEECH Patrick settler Merri Merri Quambone
WADGE Henry squatter Sandy Camp Quambone
WEBB Henry --- Mamgrabambone Quambone
WEBSTER James settler Broken Plains Quambone
WELSH Emanuel settler Mole Quambone
WILDS Thomas settler Merri Merri Quambone
WOODS John squatter Merri Merri Quambone


Page 430
Distance 189 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 pm, via Boro; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 4 pm via Collector.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 12.45 pm via Boro; Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 5.30 pm via Collector.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Friday via Boro 10 am; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 am via Collector.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Saturday via Boro; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday via Collector 7.15 am.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach Queanbeyan.

ALLEN James farmer Woden Queanbeyan
ALLEN Emily milliner --- Queanbeyan
ALLEN Walter farmer Woden Queanbeyan
ARMSTRONG James selector Doughboy Ck. Queanbeyan
AUSTIN Samuel brickmaker Garryowen Queanbeyan
BARNETT Mrs. dressmaker --- Queanbeyan
BATES Charles carrier --- Queanbeyan
BATES George fencer --- Queanbeyan
BAXTER Robert photographer --- Queanbeyan
BEATTY Archibald selector Googongs Queanbeyan
BEATTY James selector Googongs Queanbeyan
BEATTY John selector Googongs Queanbeyan
BEATTY Thomas selector Googongs Queanbeyan
BEATTY William A. butcher --- Queanbeyan
BELL Johnstone groom Duntroon Queanbeyan
BENNETT Rev. W. (Wesleyan) --- Queanbeyan
BERRIGAN Patrick settler Yarralumla Queanbeyan
BETTS Charles selector Burra Queanbeyan
BLAIR Jasper W. --- Duntroon Queanbeyan
BLEWETT Joseph farmer Rob Roy Queanbeyan
BLEWETT William farmer Lob's Hole Queanbeyan
BOWER Richard wire worker --- Queanbeyan
BOWES James bricklayer Irish Town Queanbeyan
BOYD Richard saddler --- Queanbeyan
BREEN Joseph labourer --- Queanbeyan
BRENNON John selector Winiassa Queanbeyan
BRICK Patrick storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
BROCK R. C. surveyor --- Queanbeyan
BROOK William saddler --- Queanbeyan
BROWN James settler Googongs Queanbeyan
BROWN John settler Googongs Queanbeyan
BROWN Thomas farmer Winiassa Queanbeyan
BROWN William bailiff --- Queanbeyan
BROWN William settler Googongs Queanbeyan
BRUDENELL George settler Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
BRUDENELL John settler Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
BRYAN John assistant storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
BRYANT Thomas bricklayer --- Queanbeyan
BUIGLEY John settler Gundaro Queanbeyan
BUIGLEY William settler Gundarro Queanbeyan
BUNT Richard gardener --- Queanbeyan
BURTON Henry labourer --- Queanbeyan
BURTON Isaac tailor --- Queanbeyan
BUTTERFIELD John brickmaker --- Queanbeyan
BUTTLE Thomas farmer --- Queanbeyan
BYRNE Charles storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
BYRNE Martin storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
CAMERON Robert farmer Burra Queanbeyan
CAMERON Robert squatter Burra Ck. Queanbeyan
CAMPBELL George --- Duntroon Queanbeyan
CANE Henry innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
CANTLE William engineer --- Queanbeyan
CARTWRIGHT John squatter Woodbury Queanbeyan
CASTLE A. W. solicitor --- Queanbeyan
CLARKE A. confectioner --- Queanbeyan
COLLIER William farmer Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
COLVERWELL L. jun. farmer Dirty Swamp Queanbeyan
COLVERWELL L. sen. farmer Dirty Swamp Queanbeyan
CONNELLY John selector Burra Queanbeyan
CONNELLY Mrs. --- --- Queanbeyan
CONNELLY Patrick selector Burra Queanbeyan
CONNOLLY Miss J. B. --- --- Queanbeyan
CONNOLLY Mrs. --- --- Queanbeyan
COONEY Charles draper --- Queanbeyan
COOPER Charles baker --- Queanbeyan
COOPER Charles labourer --- Queanbeyan
COOPER James labourer Irish Town Queanbeyan
CORBETT John farmer --- Queanbeyan
CRAWSHAW Charles dealer --- Queanbeyan
CREW James farmer Woodbury Queanbeyan
CRINIGAN John farmer --- Queanbeyan
CURLY Patrick horse breaker --- Queanbeyan
CURRAN George labourer --- Queanbeyan
CURRAN Mrs. --- --- Queanbeyan
CURRAN Richard labourer --- Queanbeyan
CURTISS Charles hawker --- Queanbeyan
DALEY John labourer Irish Town Queanbeyan
DALEY John labourer Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
DARMODY Thomas farmer Duntroon Queanbeyan
DAVIS J. --- --- Queanbeyan
DAVLIN Frank dealer --- Queanbeyan
DAVLIN John --- --- Queanbeyan
DAVLIN Joseph labourer --- Queanbeyan
DELANEY Laurence farmer Wodin Queanbeyan
DEMPSEY Kate --- --- Queanbeyan
DENGATE John labourer --- Queanbeyan
DE PELATER L. F. confectioner --- Queanbeyan
DE SMET Jules --- --- Queanbeyan
DICKENSON Joseph plasterer --- Queanbeyan
DOYLE Bernard groom --- Queanbeyan
DOYLE Mary --- --- Queanbeyan
DOYLE Michael teacher Winiassa Queanbeyan
DOYLE Thomas labourer --- Queanbeyan
DUDLEY George labourer --- Queanbeyan
DUFF Michael storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
DUNN Christopher farmer --- Queanbeyan
DUNN John farmer --- Queanbeyan
EAVANS Edward O. builder --- Queanbeyan
EDMUNDS F. G. cordial manufacturer --- Queanbeyan
EHLERT Frederick clerk --- Queanbeyan
ELLIOT Samuel farmer Burra Queanbeyan
ELLIOT William farmer Burra Queanbeyan
EUSTACE Michael farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
EVANS John farmer Bungendore Rd. Queanbeyan
EVANS Robert blacksmith Irish Town Queanbeyan
EVETTS Henry plasterer --- Queanbeyan
EVETTS John plasterer --- Queanbeyan
FAGAN John farmer Googongs Queanbeyan
FAGAN William farmer Googongs Queanbeyan
FELL Joseph shepherd Woden Queanbeyan
FIELDS W. teacher --- Queanbeyan
FINERON Connor farmer Googongs Queanbeyan
FINERON Patrick farmer Googongs Queanbeyan
FINERON Peter farmer Googongs Queanbeyan
FINLAY James gaoler --- Queanbeyan
FITZALLEN Mrs. J. K. --- --- Queanbeyan
FITZGERALD Martin --- Duntroon Queanbeyan
FLANAGAN Denis farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
FLANAGAN Michael farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
FLANAGAN Thomas farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
FOGARTY James farmer Land Corner Queanbeyan
FOGERTY John contractor --- Queanbeyan
FOX John farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
FOX Owen farmer Winiassa Queanbeyan
FREESTONE Henry C. labourer --- Queanbeyan
FRENCH R. F. builder --- Queanbeyan
GABRIEL Augustus W. carrier --- Queanbeyan
GABRIEL William carrier --- Queanbeyan
GALE J. proprietor "Queanbeyan Age" --- Queanbeyan
GALLAGHER James horse breaker Burra Queanbeyan
GALLAGHER Michael farmer Winiassa Queanbeyan
GAMBLE Edward farmer Woodbury Queanbeyan
GAMBLE John farmer Woodbury Queanbeyan
GAMBLE William farmer Woodbury Queanbeyan
GEORGE William labourer --- Queanbeyan
GIBBONS Peter school --- Queanbeyan
GIBBS Augustus squatter Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
GIBBS Colonel --- Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
GIBBS James selector Burra Queanbeyan
GIBBS John lime burner Primrose Valley Queanbeyan
GIBBS Mrs. Edward --- --- Queanbeyan
GIBBS William selector Burra Queanbeyan
GIBBS William lime burner Primrose Valley Queanbeyan
GIFFORD George selector Doughboy Ck. Queanbeyan
GLENNIE Henry Commercial Bank --- Queanbeyan
GOULDING --- miller --- Queanbeyan
GRADY Cornelius selector Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
GRADY John selector Winiassa Queanbeyan
GRAHAM William farmer Garryowen Queanbeyan
GRANT Louis farmer Burra Queanbeyan
GRANT Simon farmer Burra Queanbeyan
GRAY James wool sorter --- Queanbeyan
GRAY Miss B. --- Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
GREGORY John miller Duntroon Queanbeyan
GUARIN James farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
HALL John farmer Winiassa Queanbeyan
HARDY Philip --- --- Queanbeyan
HAYLON John fruiterer --- Queanbeyan
HELMUND Frederick painter --- Queanbeyan
HESLOP Frederick farmer --- Queanbeyan
HIAMS Benjamin farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
HINKSMAN W. T. butcher --- Queanbeyan
HOLDEN James farmer Burra Queanbeyan
HOLLAND W. T. teacher --- Queanbeyan
HOLLET William boot warehouse --- Queanbeyan
HONEYBLEW Lewis labourer --- Queanbeyan
HORNBY John draper --- Queanbeyan
HORNBY Mrs. --- --- Queanbeyan
HORROCKS William labourer --- Queanbeyan
HUNT George innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
HUNT John carpenter --- Queanbeyan
HUNT William innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
HUTCHINSON James carpenter Winiassa Queanbeyan
HUTCHINSON John carpenter Winiassa Queanbeyan
JACKSON Robert mason --- Queanbeyan
JOHNSON Daniel draper --- Queanbeyan
JORDAN Thomas carpenter --- Queanbeyan
KEEFE James selector Urilla Queanbeyan
KEEFE James labourer --- Queanbeyan
KEEFE Mary --- Garryowen Queanbeyan
KENNEDY W. teacher --- Queanbeyan
KINSELA James --- --- Queanbeyan
LAMB William farmer Woodbury Queanbeyan
LAMBERT George P. surgeon Oaks Queanbeyan
LAND Edwin innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
LANYON Patrick carpenter --- Queanbeyan
LARKINS John blacksmith --- Queanbeyan
LATIMER Robert sergeant police --- Queanbeyan
LAWLOR James farmer Burra Queanbeyan
LAWLOR John farmer Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
LAZARUS Nathan carpenter --- Queanbeyan
LEE Mrs. innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
LEE William farmer Burra Queanbeyan
LESMOND George lock-up keeper --- Queanbeyan
LEVER Haywood bailiff --- Queanbeyan
LEWIS Frederick boot warehouse --- Queanbeyan
LONERGAN Alice --- --- Queanbeyan
LONERGAN James blacksmith --- Queanbeyan
LONERGAN John blacksmith --- Queanbeyan
LONG Richard farmer Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
LOUGE Mary --- --- Queanbeyan
MADGWICK Rev. E. D. (Wesleyan) --- Queanbeyan
MAHER Michael labourer --- Queanbeyan
MALONEY Jeremiah labourer --- Queanbeyan
MANLEY Michael labourer --- Queanbeyan
MARKS T. hawker --- Queanbeyan
MEHEGAN Richard saddler --- Queanbeyan
MEREDITH James cattle driver --- Queanbeyan
MEREDITH Sarah farmer --- Queanbeyan
MITCHELL James farmer Doughboy Queanbeyan
MOORE Christopher selector Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
MOORE Richard selector Burra Queanbeyan
MOORE Richard jun. selector Burra Queanbeyan
MOORE William selector Burra Queanbeyan
MORAN B. coach driver --- Queanbeyan
MORAN James mail driver --- Queanbeyan
MORAN John mail driver --- Queanbeyan
MORAN Mary --- --- Queanbeyan
MORAN Thomas mail driver --- Queanbeyan
MORGAN Lewis painter --- Queanbeyan
MORTON Andrew surgeon --- Queanbeyan
MORTON William innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
MUGERIDGE Hugh carpenter --- Queanbeyan
MULQUEENEY John labourer --- Queanbeyan
MULQUEENY Thomas labourer Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
MURPHY John labourer --- Queanbeyan
MCAULIFFE Rev. J. (RC) --- Queanbeyan
MCCANN Ellen teacher --- Queanbeyan
MCCANN William bootmaker --- Queanbeyan
MCCAULIFFE Thomas innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
MCDERMOT Edward farmer --- Queanbeyan
MCDONALD Alexander --- River Station Queanbeyan
MCDONALD Alexander farmer Swamp Queanbeyan
MCDONALD Alexander selector Burra Queanbeyan
MCDONALD Collin farmer Burra Queanbeyan
MCDONALD Ewen mason --- Queanbeyan
MCDONALD James labourer --- Queanbeyan
MCDONALD Kenneth farmer Glengarve Queanbeyan
MCENULTY John labourer --- Queanbeyan
MCINNISS John farmer Swamp Queanbeyan
MCINTOSH James farmer Narrabunda Queanbeyan
MCINTOSH Malcom bootmaker --- Queanbeyan
MCINTYRE Alexander farmer Garryowen Queanbeyan
MCKENZIE Rev. W. (Presbyterian) --- Queanbeyan
MCLAUGHLAN R. constable --- Queanbeyan
MCLEAN A. surgeon dentist --- Queanbeyan
MCNAMARRA John farmer Katty's Flat Queanbeyan
MCNAMARRA Michael farmer Burra Queanbeyan
MCNAMARRA Patrick farmer Burra Queanbeyan
MCPHERSON Lachlan farmer Mogga Mogga Queanbeyan
NAYLOR Peter farmer Urilla Queanbeyan
NAYLOR William farmer Urilla Queanbeyan
NICHOLAS William labourer --- Queanbeyan
NUGENT J. W. storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
O'BRIEN Miss milliner --- Queanbeyan
O'BRIEN Thomas --- --- Queanbeyan
O'CONNOR Edward constable --- Queanbeyan
O'NEILL James saddler --- Queanbeyan
O'NEILL W. G. auctioneer --- Queanbeyan
O'ROURKE David --- --- Queanbeyan
O'ROURKE Patrick --- Reedy Ck. Queanbeyan
PALMER P. C. landowner Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
PARKER David general store --- Queanbeyan
PARKER William carpenter --- Queanbeyan
PARR Thomas solicitor --- Queanbeyan
PATTERSON William --- Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
PEARCE John labourer --- Queanbeyan
PEMASTONE Mrs. dressmaker --- Queanbeyan
PENNY Frank carrier --- Queanbeyan
PENNY Thomas carrier --- Queanbeyan
PENNY William carrier --- Queanbeyan
PERCIVAL G. F. bootmaker --- Queanbeyan
PIKE Martin farmer Winiassa Queanbeyan
PIKE Michael farmer Winiassa Queanbeyan
PLUMMER Peter farmer Burra Queanbeyan
PURCELL John carrier --- Queanbeyan
QUIGLEY John farmer Winiassa Queanbeyan
REECE John labourer --- Queanbeyan
RICHARDS Thomas shepherd Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
ROLFE George innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
ROOHAN William mail contractor --- Queanbeyan
ROWLEY Richard selector Doughboy Queanbeyan
ROYAL Thomas --- --- Queanbeyan
RUNNING William dealer --- Queanbeyan
RUSSELL Albert Commercial Bank --- Queanbeyan
RUSSELL F. B. PM --- Queanbeyan
RUSTEN John labourer Irishtown Queanbeyan
RUSTEN Mrs. matron Hospital Queanbeyan
SCHOFIELD James bootmaker --- Queanbeyan
SEYMOUR J. farmer Googongs Queanbeyan
SHEEDY Michael selector Winiassa Queanbeyan
SIEBERT George cooper --- Queanbeyan
SIMS William wheelwright --- Queanbeyan
SMALLHORN John draper --- Queanbeyan
SMITH George S. painter --- Queanbeyan
SMITH James labourer Garryowen Queanbeyan
SOARES Rev. A. D. (CE) --- Queanbeyan
SPARROW George farmer Fell'd Timbers Queanbeyan
SPRATT Joseph saddler --- Queanbeyan
STREET William watchmaker --- Queanbeyan
STROUD James splitter --- Queanbeyan
STROUD Thomas mailman --- Queanbeyan
SURLES John gardener --- Queanbeyan
SWAN John blacksmith --- Queanbeyan
SWAN Richard carrier --- Queanbeyan
SWAN William labourer --- Queanbeyan
SWAN William splitter --- Queanbeyan
TANDEY E. labourer --- Queanbeyan
TAYLOR Samuel labourer Dodsworth Queanbeyan
THOMPSON J. B. surveyor --- Queanbeyan
THOMPSON William --- Jerrabombera Queanbeyan
TIGHE Joseph innkeeper --- Queanbeyan
TINDALE Robert storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
TORPY Mrs. --- --- Queanbeyan
TRAVERS Mary --- --- Queanbeyan
WALKER John clerk --- Queanbeyan
WALKER Samuel storekeeper --- Queanbeyan
WALLACE Mrs. selector Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
WALLACE Richard selector Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
WALLACE William labourer --- Queanbeyan
WALSH Thomas labourer --- Queanbeyan
WATSON --- butcher --- Queanbeyan
WEBB W. E. auctioneer --- Queanbeyan
WEBBER James horse breaker --- Queanbeyan
WELLS Mrs. --- Yarrowlumla Queanbeyan
WILLIAMS O. CPS --- Queanbeyan
WILSON Charles labourer --- Queanbeyan
WILSON Thomas blacksmith --- Queanbeyan
WIRE William labourer --- Queanbeyan
WOODS Thomas splitter --- Queanbeyan
WOODWARD J. J. postmaster --- Queanbeyan
WRIGHT John J. merchant --- Queanbeyan
YOUNG John baker --- Queanbeyan


Page 433
Distance 217 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Saturday 11.25 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 2 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday evenings.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, 19m. Quirindi.
ABBOTT Robert teacher --- Quirindi
ALLSOPP J. shepherd Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
AUSTEN Alfred farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
BARNS John farmer Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
BARRY John sen. farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
BERRY John jun. farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
BLACKMAN John farmer Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
BOGGS James farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
BRIDGE John farmer Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
BURDEN T. storekeeper Quipolly Quirindi
BURGESS Leonard labourer Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
BURGESS William labourer Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
CARPENTER James farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
CLARKE James farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
CLARKE Samuel farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
COOK Benjamin farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
COOK Benjamin innkeeper Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
COOK Edward farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
COOK W. Henry farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
DONOHOE J. farmer Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
DOOLAN John landowner Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
FOX James drover Emu Holes Quirindi
FOX Patrick drover Emu Holes Quirindi
HALL John farmer --- Quirindi
LLOYD Edward farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
LLOYD Frank farmer Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
LODER Mrs. I. M. S. squatter Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
LYONS Alfred grazier The Dumbles Quirindi
MILLER George shepherd Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
MILNER James grazier --- Quirindi
MURPHY Michael carpenter Warrah Ridge Quirindi
MCGILVERY C. farmer Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
MCKEY Alexander farmer Boramble Ck. Quirindi
MCKEY William farmer Boramble Ridge Quirindi
NOWLAND Alex. grazier Warrah Ridge Quirindi
NOWLAND Alfred grazier Warrah Ridge Quirindi
NOWLAND Charles labourer Warrah Ridge Quirindi
NOWLAND George grazier Warrah Ridge Quirindi
NOWLAND Henry grazier Warrah Ridge Quirindi
NOWLAND Michael grazier Boramble Ridge Quirindi
NOWLAND Robert grazier Warrah Ridge Quirindi
O'NEAL Hugh innkeeper --- Quirindi
PARKS William farmer Boramble Ck. Quirindi
PARNELL Mrs. James grazier Emu Plains Quirindi
PLUNKETT Thomas stock-keeper Emu Holes Quirindi
PORTER J. grazier Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
PRICE Robert --- Boramble Ck. Quirindi
ROSS Hugh landholder --- Quirindi
ROSS John poundkeeper --- Quirindi
SADLER Charles farmer Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
SADLER Joseph drover Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
SADLER William grazier Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
SAIRRAH T. B. householder Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
SHANAHAN John grazier Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
SHANAHAN Richard grazier Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
SPRIDJIN James innkeeper Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
SQUIRES Walter labourer Warrah Ridge Quirindi
SQUIRES William grazier Warrah Ridge Quirindi
STENZ Peter grazier Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
STROUB Christian farmer Boramble Ck. Quirindi
SULLIVAN John shepherd The Bumbles Quirindi
SUMNER Linkin farmer Boramble Ck. Quirindi
SUMNER Nevel farmer Boramble Ck. Quirindi
SWAINSON W. shepherd Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
SUTCHFIELD Martin shepherd Quipolly Ck. Quirindi
TAFFE Henry farmer --- Quirindi
TAYLOR G. farmer Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
TAYLOR John stockman Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
TELFER Edward grazier Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
TELFER William stockman Warrah Ridge Quirindi
TEYS William farmer Boramble Ck. Quirindi
WEIR James farmer Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
WEIR John shepherd Quirindi Ck. Quirindi
WILLIAMSON J. farmer Jacob and Joseph Ck. Quirindi
YORK Hamilton farmer Quirindi Ck. * Quirindi


These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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