Australian Transcriptions

Australian Transcriptions

The 3 main areas of this site are:
Miscellaneous Transcripts from Australia
Grevilles Post Office Directory
Penrith District Registers

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  • The Ryerson Index - The Ryerson Index is an index to death notices appearing in current Australian newspapers



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I started this site as I commenced transcriptions of some old documents but my failing eyesight got the better of me and within 12 months I was unable to read the prints of the micro-fiche. I decided to continue on by making as many transcripts available on the web as I can. Bev Edmonds commenced posting transcripts of newspapers on the soc.genealogy.aust+nz newsgroup, some other people gave me more transcripts and when Kathy Pearson started typing up the Greville's Post Office Directories I added them.

The website is deliberately free of graphics, except counters, and other things that may prolong the text loading. Some of the pages are quite lengthy (30 to 40 pages) and any additions would only frustrate the reader. I also do not wish to have complaints about other browsers clashing.

There is a search engine for each part of the site so if you want to search please click on one of the large heading links above and you will find a search engine on that page.

Helen Castle, previously Shellharbour NSW, now living in Narangba Qld Australia.

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