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The transcripts will take over 40 pages each page to print - print at your own risk
To read offline you might like to copy them to another document.
Do not contact me about the contents - I am just displaying it.
Do not contact Bev Edmonds about lookups - read the message from her below and you will understand why.

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I commenced this site because Bev Edmonds spent a lot of time typing up some pages from some old newspapers she has. I thought it was a waste to have all that effort go to waste without displaying it somewhere.

The originals were posts to soc.genealogy.aust+nz newsgroup or the Rootsweb Aust/NZ list, which are one and the same thing. One mirrors the other. I have copied them, as they are, with the newspaper heading - followed by the transcript - they are very crudely formatted documents.

Bev has asked me not to put her email address up here as she can't do lookups. Most of the newspapers are held in the State Libraries and you can view them there.

These pages are only a finding aid for the original source. I have just copied the posts as they were with some spelling corrections and formatting changes (my secretary's background got the better of me). Bev is so prolific at doing these, I could have spent hours re-editing so they looked good when I transfer them for web publishing. They were originally emails so copying to another document was not as smooth as I would have liked. When comparing these pages to the original newspaper there will be differences. Bev is a two finger typist and what she is doing is a mammoth effort. Where the spelling is picked up as wrong and the changing of the spelling does not affect the story I have corrected it - ie: "accidently" (original) changed to "accidentally"; "lief" changed to "life"; by spell checker. It is very difficult to tell if some of the mistakes are typo's or if that is how they were in the original paper. The indexer's will check variations in spellings of names if possible. We are unable to tell if the paper got it wrong or Bev typed it wrong. All posts are checked by Bev before sending but some of the papers she has to work with are unreadable in parts.

Message from Bev:
Hi Listers,
If you would like to visit this site hosted by Paul BENYON, it has English info on it that is attributed to me also. Lots of high profile folk and military. Pictures as well. Not a lot at this stage but hopefully more to come when I can find time to do it all.

Explanation from Bev:
Just like to say thanks to those who have emailed me with appreciating remarks re the above. These papers make fascinating reading and the style of reporting in those days to what we get now is quite different. I find it refreshing although some stories can be a tad on the gruesome side.

I am very sorry, unfortunately I can't do blanket look-ups for names because:
No 1: I don't have the time.
No 2: I don't have the time to index them all, to make this easier.
No 3: I don't have all the papers for the years 1888 to about 1894 {only a few later ones for Sydney and the Telegraph.
No 4: They are stored down in the shed and I bring a few up at a time then they go back. Some are just too brittle and fall to pieces as it is, so the less handling the better. If someone in 6 months time is going through the Archives for this List and decides to ask for a look-up, then I shall be pulling my hair out.

I'd like to give you a bit of background as to how I came about these old papers. So delete now if you not interested.

We used to live in Gladstone, Central Qld, my sister came to live with us in the hope of marrying a rich and handsome country squire, {I used to think she read too many Mills and Boon}. Anyway, she eventually got a job as a Jillaroo and met this young chap who was a Jackeroo, they married. His parents were quite well off {they lived just out of Gladstone} and they had a property south of Gladstone as well with about 2,000 acres, where the two brothers eventually settled with their wives.

This old shed that had fallen over was due to be bull-dozed and my sister being the ever diligent person she is had crawled under all the overgrown vines {the thought of creepy crawlies, snakes in this case} wasn't far from her mind, I'm surprised she persevered. I'm just glad that she did, she phoned me all excited with the news "that there were all these old papers" in there and did I want to see them, I had started family history by then. Rather a silly question don't you think :)

I was down there pronto the next week-end and to my amazement these papers went back to the 1880's and not 1840's like I had at first thought. Being stored in that old shed like a haystack had preserved some of the inner stack {same way as hay is preserved in the centre of a heap} but the outer papers were a write-off much to my dismay. Also grubs/moths/lava {whatever} had tunnelled their way through the heap over the years also. I imagine the first settlers to that area would have immigrated from England and had their favourite papers delivered from back home, along with the Queenslander which is what I am predominately sending to this List.

Subsequently, the papers that I have are not in order as a lot would have been used for wrapping/lighting the fire and etc. Dozens were lost because they were too brittle to transport home. I even took home ones that I had no hope of rescuing such was my determination to save this history. {Didn't know then that they were all on microfiche/films in the State Library}

My husband was not impressed either as they were full of silver fish and to put them in the boot of " his Car " was nothing short of utter carelessness on my part. Thankfully I stood my ground, and I sprayed the life out of the car with Mortein when I got home. You should see some of the little pieces that I have rescued, I can laugh now as I delve into all these boxes with these old papers. Every now and again I get the urge to post to a List so that I can share all those names that lay hidden and who must belong to someone out there. If only everyone was tracing their History, how much easier it would be. None of my names have appeared as yet and I don't expect ever to find any, but I can read about " their lives " just by seeing these old papers in reality and try to imagine what their lives were like back then, it sure wasn't pretty I can tell you. Some of this should be taught in school to the kids of today, after all it is "Our History ", the way in which they lived and the hardships they endured, I get the goose-bumps some times just wondering how they survived. Hope I have not bored the pants off any of you, while I have the time I will continue to Post to this List.


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These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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