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Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 12, 1895
A Fatal Accident at Charters Towers. p 89
The Under Secretary for Agriculture has received from Mr. Joseph SHAKESPEARE, mining inspector, a preliminary report concerning the fatal accident at Charters Towers on the 19th December last, whereby Robert HARGREAVES was killed and W.H. POUTTER seriously injured.

Lost in the Bush p 89
Death of Mr. D. LEAHY
Thargomindah, January 8
Dennis LEAHY was lost on Saturday morning whilst on his way from Toompine to Thargomindah. On receipt of the intelligence here Messrs. John LEAHY, M.L.A., and P.J. LEAHY, brothers of the missing man, accompanied by a large number of townspeople, including police and black trackers, left for the locality where LEAHY was last seen. A party from Soonah searched during Saturday, and the Toompine party and trackers were also at work on receipt of the news. A vigorous search was prosecuted, but without result until yesterday morning, when LEAHY'S dead body was found about four miles from the place where he had camped the previous Friday night. The remains were removed to Thargomindah, and interred yesterday evening. The funeral was largely attended. Another old resident of this district named Con GAFFNEY is reported as lost, GAFFNEY'S swag was found on the rabbit fence near Oontoo, and a search has been instituted, but it is feared that the unfortunate fellow perished through want of water.

New South Wales
Sydney, January 2
A fatal fire occurred at Tingha yesterday. Mrs BRAY went out in the evening, leaving her two children, Stanley and Pearl BRAY, aged 3 and 7 years respectively, in charge was a girl named Ruby SMITH, aged 10 years. A candle was left burning at the bedside, and the girl SMITH, when it burned out, lit another, and placed it beside the looking-glass. She then went to sleep, and was awakened later on by being burnt, and she found that the room was in flames. She took Pearl BRAY out, but did not rescue the boy. The little girl, however, was so severely injured that she lingered only a few hours.

A shipping fatality occurred early yesterday morning, when the 12-ton cutter Emma Mathilda, outward bound from Sydney to Port Stephen missed stays about a mile northward from Sydney heads and drifted onto rocks. Frederick BERNSDOFF, who was a man aged 64 years of age , and unable to swim, and his son John took to the cockleshell of a boat carried by the cutter. Hardly had it been launched when it was upset by a wave and sank. The lad strove to reach BERNSDOFF, who was unable to swim, but he sank immediately. The boy was later rescued, neither the vessel nor the small cargo it carried was insured. BERNSDOFF leaves a widow and several children.

January 7
The police this morning raided the premises of Henry M'CLURE, a shopkeeper in Mitchell-street, Glebe, and found a large still in full operation. They also arrested M'CLURE, who was fined £200, with the alternative of eight months' hard labour.

Late on Saturday night at Junee two boys who were looking for cattle in the bush found a partially clothed female lying between some high rocks. The police, directly the matter was reported to them, proceeded with medical aid to the spot, but the woman died ten minutes after their arrival. She was unable to speak, and was too weak to write. It transpired at the inquest, which was held to-day, that her name was Louisa MASON, and her age 18 years, and that she had friends at Wyalong and Hay. The woman must have been in the bush for seven or eight days. The jury returned a verdict of " death from exposure."

Probate duty was paid to-day on the estates of the late Mr. M'MASTER, of Weetalabah, valued at £30,240, and the late Mr. C.S. ORE, valued at £14, 785.

January 8
It has been reported that a female named Elizabeth BRYANT died under circumstances which caused her medical attendant to refuse to give a certificate. Death occurred after the woman had given birth prematurely to a child.

Among the passengers by the Canadian steamer Warrimoo is Mr. J.O. LARKE, the commercial representative of the Canadian Government, who will take up his residence in Sydney, and will seek to develop trade relations between the colonies and the Dominion.

James PENNY, licensee of the Galway Castle Hotel, Redfern, who was annoyed by larrikins on Christmas Day, and discharged a gun in their direction, was to-day committed for trial on a charge of doing grievously bodily harm by having shot William PHILLIPS in his legs and back.

Melbourne, January 2
A sad fatality occurred near Murchison yesterday afternoon, two sons of Michael MINTER, of Dhurringile station, losing their lives. One of the youths named Geoffrey went into the water for a duck he had shot. He got out of his depth, and being unable to swim he sank. His brother Charles plunged in to his assistance, but was heavily weighted by leggings and shooting gear, and was unable to regain the bank. Both were drowned.

January 6
The sentence passed on Private Alfred GLASSON, of the militia force, of thirty days' imprisonment and dismissal, for drunkenness and striking a superior officer, was promulgated yesterday at Ballarat with full military ceremonial.

Adelaide, January 4
At the inquest to-day on the body of Victor PREST, who was drowned in the Port River through collision between the steamer Warooka and the yacht Rover on the 28th December, a verdict of accidental death was returned, with a rider impressing upon the marine Board the need of compelling all boats to carry lights at night time.

Launceston, January 6 p 94
A fatal accident occurred in the Silver Queen mines at Zeehan on Saturday afternoon, when a tributer named BENNY whilst stoping was killed by a fall of stone. Death was instantaneous, BENNY'S neck being broken. Several stones fell on the deceased, who was 40 years of age. He leaves a widow, but no children. At the inquest a verdict of " Accidental death" was returned.

Auckland, January 2
Through the bursting of an old five-pounder gun at Westport, which was fired to celebrate the advent of new Year, a youth named Charles GREEN was killed, James HOWARD, an elderly man, had his right arm shattered, and Mr. PATTERSON, master of the harbour dredge, had two ribs broken.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 12, 1895
Queensland News
. p 55
Cairns, January 3
Charles BOWMAN, who is stated to have been shot by Jack MARTIN at Mareeba, died in the hospital last night. The wound was in the groin, and the doctor was unable to extract the bullet. The deceased was aged about 30, MARTIN, who is aged about 50, will now be charged with wilful murder.

January 5
John MARTIN was brought before the Police Court and was remanded for eight days.

Georgetown, January 7
A sudden death occurred on Saturday last. A young man named Edward LACY, aged 23, who was a butcher at Durham, was brought into town about 5 o'clock, and admitted to the hospital suffering from heat apoplexy, and he died a few minutes after admission. It appears that the young fellow was carrying on his ordinary duties up to dinner time on that day. He was very popular throughout the district, which was testified by the large attendance at the funeral yesterday.

An attempted criminal assault on a girl named Deliato {DELIATO} by an aboriginal was reported to the police last night. { Not sure if this is christian or surname? Bev}

Townsville, January 4
The Jockey Jack ARMSTRONG died yesterday in the hospital, and was buried in the afternoon. His horse Justice fell and threw him in the Handicap Hack Race at Cluden on New Years Day. He was well known throughout the different racecourses of the North.

Hughenden, January 3
At the Police Court to-day, before Mr. M'GROARTY, Police Magistrate, Peter WHITE, Edward O'BRIEN, John M'KEOWN, and Edward WOODS, all prominent members of the Shearer's Union, were fined £5 each, or one month's imprisonment with hard labour for a cowardly assault on Harry YESBERG, a free shearer. WHITE and O'BRIEN were also fined £2 each, or fourteen days' imprisonment, for disorderly conduct.

Gladstone, January 9
A selector named JENSEN died in the hospital recently. He left that institution all his property, valued at a few hundred pounds.

Thargomindah, January 8
Edgar HAMPTON, a son of R.E. HAMPTON, of Ashby Vale, was fatally injured at a race meeting of the Cooper's Creek Amateur Jockey Club. he was thrown whilst riding Stalight in the hurdle race, and never regained consciousness, dying the following day.

Roma, January 3
Mr Joseph CARTER, who had been a stock and station agent for many years in Roma, and was well known in pastoral circles, died at an advanced age this afternoon somewhat suddenly, though he had been in feeble health for some time past.

Toowoomba, January 4
The death is announced of Mr. Conrad MENZEL, a very old resident of Middle Ridge. He leaves six children, forty-five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 12, 1895
MACLEAN, On the 6th December, 1894, at Westwood, the wife of H. A. MACLEAN, of a daughter

HOLMES A'COURT--CLOWES--On the 2nd January, 1895, at St' Mark's, Albion, by Rev. E.C. OSBORN, Hon. Charles HOLMES A'COURT to Martha, daughter of the late William CLOWES, surgeon, of Stalham, Norfolk, England.

RAMSAY--BARNETT--On the 31st December, 1894, at All Saints, by the Rev. Canon ROBINSON, Rector, Bernard Alexander, eldest son of the late Rev. Alexander RAMSAY, Rector of Crewkerne, Somerset, England, to Rosa Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Thomas Smallman BARNETT, of Maryborough, formerly of Queen's College, Cambridge, and of Grandchester, Cambridgeshire, England.

CASEY--On the 13th December, 1894, at 16 William-street, South Yarra, Melbourne, Eileen Ruth Evelyn, the dearly loved and only daughter of Richard GARDINER and Evelyn CASEY, aged 1 year and 3½ months.

FALLOWS--On the 4th January, at her sister's residence, Maryborough, Clare Elizabeth, loved wife of Charles E. FALLOWS, of Brisbane.

KNOX--On the 15th November, 1894, at his residence, Crawford Square, Londonderry, Ireland, Samuel KNOX, aged 69.

M'DONALD--On the 31st December, 1894, at Roseborough, Lowood, suddenly, Richard, only beloved son of E. M'DONALD, Royal Hotel, Esk, aged 26 years. May he rest in peace. Amen.

BALE--In loving memory of Eliza BALE, who departed this life at Kensington, Lutwyche, on the 9th January, 1894.

BRADY--In loving memory of Thomas BRADY, who was accidentally drowned in the Brisbane River on 2nd January, 1893. Inserted by his widow and children.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 12, 1895
p 54
Jean de RAEVE has been fined £30 for selling liquer without a license.

Dennis LEAHY, of Thargomindah, was lost in the bush last Saturday morning and his dead body was found on Monday.

His Honour Mr. Justice HARDING has declined to make an order for the bail of the defendants in the William MANSON case.

A petition has been filed for the liquidation of the estate of Camille William FAUCHER, sugar manufacturer, of Pimpma Island.

The Rev. Mr. WARD, who was in charge of the aboriginal mission station at Batavia River, died on the 3rd instant from fever.

A jockey named Jack ARMSTRONG has died at Townsville from injuries received in the handicap Hack race on New Years Day.

At a meeting of creditors on Tuesday, it was decided to liquidate by arrangement the estate of Fanny PHILLIPS, of the Gresham Hotel.

At Hughenden on Thursday four prominent unionists were each fined £5, or one month's hard labour, for assaulting Henry YESBERG, a free shearer.

Two brothers, Geoffrey and Charles MINER, while out shooting near Murchison, Victoria, on New Years Day, were accidentally drowned.

A prisoner, named O'CONNORS, in the Bathurst Gaol has been murdered by another prisoner named WILLIAMS, who fractured his skull with a bass broom.

A verdict of wilful murder has been returned by the coroner's jury in Sydney against Annie BATTEN, in connection with the death of a young married woman, who died from the effects of an illegal operation.

At South Forbes, in New South Wales, on Tuesday morning, a burglar named Benedetto FOLCHIERO was shot dead by Constable HAWKINS. At the inquest a verdict of justifiable homicide was returned, and the constable was commended for his conduct.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 12, 1895
The following is a list, taken from Lloyd's Weekly newspaper, of persons who left the United Kingdom for Australasia, or were last heard of in these colonies, and who are inquired for by friends in Great Britain. Answers to inquires should be sent to the editor of Lloyd's who has the address of the inquiring friends, and it is requested that these answers mention should be made of the newspaper through which discoveries are made.

Helping to Find Lost Relatives
November 25, 1894
George BAILEY {15th July} who went to Sydney, NSW, has sent his address for his sister Mary Ann, an Islington resident, He is at Paroo River, Queensland, and read a reprint of notice for him in the Queenslander.

AKHURST, Emma, widow, formerly of Coburg-road, Old Kent-road, London went to Adelaide, South Australia, in 1852. Brother William inquires.

BAILEY, William Joseph, left Ipswich forty-five years back, and was last heard of from Walla Walla, Billabong Creek, New South Wales. His youngest sister would be glad of news.

BAXTER, Robert, left London forty or fifty years ago; last heard of from Sydney, N.S.W., Frederick BAXTER asks.

BELL, Russell B., would be glad to hear from his sisters Carrie and Clarissa and his brothers Arthur, Stuart, Frank, Zante, and Stanley, who left Brixton for Melbourne, Australia, in 1874. They were last heard of fifteen years ago, when their mother died at Collingwood, Australia. Arthur was in New York eighteen years back.

BROWN or CABLE, John, of Ipswich, has not been heard of for twelve years, but is believed to be in Auckland, New Zealand. Father and sister Annie would like news.

BUTLER, W., seeks his brother, Thomas BUTLER, last heard of in 1880, when about to leave Adelaide for Sydney.

CAIN, Henry, gardener, late of Durham and Newcastle-on-Tyne, who left England in 1859 for Australia, is now dead. His son Joseph is very anxious to know if any of his relatives are living. Also Jane CAIN, wife of the above {maiden name Jane LAWSON}, who is also dead.

CALAGHAN, Edward and Kate--HOGAN, left Kilfinnane, county Limerick, Ireland, for New Zealand thirty-two years ago, Brother Thomas asks.

GILLARD, Mr. and Mrs., née Mary JINGLE, left Bedminster for Australia in 1860; last heard of from Melbourne in 1871, then in the coach-building trade. Sister Martha asks.

GOODACRE--HUCKETT, George GOODACRE, of Pitt-street, Old Kent-road, went to Adelaide about 1874; " went up country in the wine trade." Father seeks him and his cousin William HUCKETT.

HOPKINSON, Henry, sailed from Plymouth in February, 1882; last heard of from Avon Downs station, James River, Queensland, in September, 1890. Father { John } asks.

LEWIS, Edward, was addressed Otipopo, Otaga, N.Z., when last heard of. Mother asks.

MEMBERY, William and Benjamen, were in Melbourne in 1880. Their only sister Eliza has lost trace of them since.

MORLEY, Daniel, in 1884 sent his address care of Mr. J. BROOKER, Queensland Hotel, Roma, Queensland. He then said he had come from Dulacher station, Shuttlewood camp.

O'BRIEN, John, fisherman, left England in 1862; last heard of from Breakfast Creek, Brisbane, Daughter Eliza asks.

O'BRIEN, Mrs. Ellen--BROWN, husband a shoemaker, was last of about 1874 from Sydney, Australia. Mrs. H. NELLIGAN asks.

OXLEY,--The children of Harry OXLEY and his wife { née Miss HOWARD } of Icklesham, Sussex, are required for by their aunt Eliza. They were last heard of at West Maitland, New South Wales, twenty-five years ago.

PARSONS, Henry, who left England in August, 1888, was last heard of from Cecil-street, Albert Park, Melbourne. Brother Fred asks.

RASS, Charles, formerly an engine-driver on the District Railway, embarked in the s.s. ORIENT for Queensland, Australia, in 1886, and was last heard from 30th August, 1886. His father and brother William are anxious.

RIORDAN, Mary, who left her home at Glenbeigh, county Kerry, Ireland, nine years back, was last heard from about 1886, when a barmaid in the Star Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand. Sister Hannah inquires.

ROACH, Mary, Ellen and Bridget, went to Queensland, Australia, from Fermoy, Ireland, twenty-nine years back. Sister Kate asks.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, November 16, 1895

ASHBY--On the 1st November, at her residence, Church-street, Valley, the wife of L.E. ASHBY, of a daughter.

DAVIS--On the 29th October, at her residence, 4 Hodgson-terrace, George-street, the wife of W. DAVIES, of a daughter.

HUGHES--On the 3rd November, at her residence, Kindar, Breakfast Creek, the wife of E.F. HUGHES, of a son.

MOXON--On the 1st November, at Sherwood-road, Toowong, the wife of William E. MOXON, of a daughter, English papers please copy.

PORTER--On the 3rd November, at Coreelgra, Ramornie Meat Works, Clarence River, New South Wales, the wife of Tindal P PORTER, of a son.

QUINLAN--On the 4th November, at her residence, Darlinghurst, Hampstead-road, Highgate Hill, the wife of Mr. E.E. QUINLAN, of a daughter.

WALKER--On the 31st October, the wife of T.W. WALKER, Sherwood, of a son.

BURSTALL--MEYER--On the 23rd October, at St. John's Pro-Cathedral, by the Rev. STONE-WIGG, Frank W. BURSTALL, of Northampton Downs, to Addella MEYER, of Sexton-street, South Brisbane, late of Warwick and Gladstone.

MARKS--WALLIS--On the 6th November, at All Saints, Brisbane, by the rev. Mr. PRINGLE, Victor Clarence, third son of William MARKS, of Charleville, to Catherine Alice, third daughter of the late William WALLIS, of Goondiwindi.

ZAHEL--KEMP--On the 6th November, at the residence of the bride's parents, Montonville, Mackay, by the Rev. Father BUCAS, Mark Charles ZAHEL {solicitor}, to Ethel May, youngest daughter of J.P. KEMP.

PERRY--On the 4th November, at the West End Club, Montague-road, South Brisbane, Elizabeth Jane PERRY, nee ROGERS. {RIP}

BRUCE--In loving memory of our beloved son William Henry BRUCE, who was drowned off Queen's Wharf, 10th November, 1893.

O'NEILL--In sad but fondest memory of our dear and only little girl, Ida May, who died at Duncan-street, 8th November, 1893, aged 5½ years.

Cunnamulla, November 7
Patrick DONALDSON was drowned in the Claverton waterhole on the 1st instant while bathing with his nephew, aged 14. They swam across the waterhole, when DONALDSON complained of slight cramps. Both attempted to swim back, but the deceased sank near the shore in 18ft of water. The nephew called his father to the rescue, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

Hughenden, November 7
Mrs SADLIER, widow of the late Captain SADLIER, died to-day, aged 77 years. The deceased was a very old colonist.

Bundaberg, November 7
The hearing of the case against the Polynesians charged with the murder of Joseph LAWTEY was concluded to-day, when, after a patient inquiry, the Police Magistrate committed the prisoners for trial at the Circuit Court on the charge of wilful murder. The following are the names of the accused:- Jack, alias HARRUNH; Peter, alias LEELEER; Benny, alias MEWTOE; Alec, alias CORRACORRA; Joe, alias MAYROON. These five are all Malayta Islanders.

Cairns, November 8
A man named Oliver MYLES was to-day sentenced to two months' hard labour. He was charged with a brutal assault on Isaac CHAPPEL, aged 85 years. The charge was reduced to one of common assault, and the Police Magistrate in sentencing the prisoner said he regretted that the law would not permit him to pass a heavier sentence and order a flogging. The prisoner is a stranger to Cairns.

November 12
A seaman on H.M.S. Royalist named COAKER, aged 37 years, died in Cairns Hospital yesterday, and was buried today with full naval honours by the Naval Brigade.

Croydon, November 9
The District Court opened yesterday afternoon; and concluded this morning.
Annie CAMPBELL was acquitted on a charge of arson at true Blue camp last month.

Arthur FITZGERALD, committed for sentence from the Police Court for embezzlement from his employers, Ruge and Co., was sentenced to four months' imprisonment, to be released under the First offenders' Probation Act if the money is restored.

There was only one civil action, James SUTHERLAND and Co. v. Royal bank, commission £50. Judgement was entered for defendants, with costs.

Mackay, November 11
A sad drowning accident occurred this afternoon. Miss Belle WALKER, daughter of the schoolmaster at Tekowai, and Miss Maggie M'LENAHAN, daughter of a prominent settler, were bathing in the Pioneer River. They got out of their depth, and before assistance could be rendered they were drowned.

Bowen, November 9
A young girl, 14 years of age, daughter of Mr David MURPHY, of Selina Creek, was burned to death on Thursday last while attempting to extinguish a bush fire, The sad event has excited great sympathy.

Rockhampton, November 9
At the Police Court yesterday Archibald CARSWELL was committed for trial for passing a spurious sovereign. Bail was allowed, accused in £20 and one surety of similar amount.

Gladstone, November 12
Mr. S. EVANS, a very old Gladstone resident, died in the Blackall Hospital on Saturday last during a visit to that place.

Cunnamulla, November 12
Frank ARMSTRONG, aged 20, the eldest son of Mr. John ARMSTRONG, of Coongoola station, was killed by his horse falling with him on the 7th instant.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 8, 1888
Southern District Court
Toowoomba, December 3.
The District Court opened to-day before Judge PAUL, Mr. DICKSON, being Crown Prosecutor.
Thomas SHIELDS and Ah SANG, a Chinaman, who were indicted for the forgery and uttering of several cheques in September last, were found guilty, and each sentenced to five years' penal servitude. There were three previous convictions against Ah SANG, although in a written statement that he handed to the Judge he said he was a poor, unsophisticated Chinaman. Two previous convictions were also recorded against SHIELDS.

John WILSON, who was committed from Leyburn for maliciously shooting a filly, was sentenced to twelve months in Toowoomba goal, but the sentence was suspended under the Offenders' Probation Act.

William GRAHAM, who was committed for sentence from Crow's Nest for horse- stealing, was sentenced to eighteen months in Brisbane Goal, but the sentence was suspended under the offenders' Probation Act. The prisoner was a new arrival, and appeared to have yielded to sudden temptation when under the influence of drink, and he seemed to feel his position acutely.

Alexander FRANZ, who was committed by the Toowoomba bench for sentence on two charges of larceny, was sentenced to three months in Toowoomba Goal on each charge, the sentences to be concurrent.

The sittings of the District Court in its criminal jurisdiction at Roma, on Monday, 26th November, before Judge PAUL were concluded the same day.

Valentine DOMINAC, a Pole, was found guilty of assaulting Helena BECK, the wife of a selector on Bungil Creek, and was fined £5, or one month in goal.

James GREGORY, a coloured man, pleaded guilty to a charge of forgery and uttering, and was sentenced to eighteen months' in goal, with hard labour.

Wm. THOMPSON, committed for sentence for horse stealing, was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment, the Judge promising to recommend his release under the Offenders' Probation Act.

John SMITH, charged with having assaulted a Chinaman, was sentenced to twelve months with hard labour, but was released under the provisions of the Offenders' Probation Act.

Wm. George DAVIES, charged with embezzlement pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to three years' penal servitude.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 8, 1888
Barcaldine November 28
Last Friday the Barcaldine Small Debts Court was occupied nearly the whole of the Court time in hearing a claim made by Dr. WILLIS, of Barcaldine, against Mr. C.J. JAMES, as financial secretary of the local lodge of Oldfellows, for £29 8s., work done, which consisted of examining candidates applying for admission to the lodge.

Richard HAZELWOOD, lately employed on Saltern Creek, who had been in town a few days drinking, suddenly left the hotel he had put up at. As the landlord considered HAZELWOOD was not in a fit state to be at large, information was given to the police. They were just about to start in search of HAZELWOOD, when a man came in from the Four-mile and stated that a bushman, who seemed to be out of his mind, had stuck a pocket knife into his head behind the ear. The witness had drawn out the knife, and secured the man so that he
could not further injure himself, and came in to inform the police. HAZELWOOD was brought into town and attended to by Dr. WILLIS, who thought the man would recover. He had a deep horizontal wound about and inch in extent, and had a narrow escape. HAZELWOOD was brought up at the Police Court, and remanded for eight days.

Cooktown, November 29
Thomas THOMPSON, a young man, was fined £5, in default one month's imprisonment, at the Police Court this morning for assaulting Jas. FOWLER, editor of The Independent. A case of threatening language against the same defendant was withdrawn by FOWLER.

Rockhampton, November 30
At the Police Court to-day a young man named Patrick GRAY was sentenced to a month in goal for assaulting a Chinaman. The assault consisted of unfastening the reins of a horse the Chinaman had been driving, while the latter was absent, in consequence of which the Chinaman was thrown from the cart and injured by the wheel passing over his left thigh.

December 5
Mrs. STRACHAN, a resident at Lake's Creek, died very suddenly this morning. She was milking a cow when she hurt herself, and died in a few minutes. Fatty degeneration of the heart is believed to be the cause of death.

Thargomindah, November 24
Mr. F.W. REEVE, JP., who left Thargomindah this morning for Sydney, was presented last night with a purse of sovereigns as a token of esteem in which he is held by the residents of this town. Through his departure a vacancy occurs on the Bulloo Divisional Board. This will probably be filled by the election of Mr. W. SLY, of Ardoch station, who, it is understood, will offer himself as a candidate.

Ipswich, November 30
Richard CANTRELL, on remand, appeared at the Police Court this morning, on a charge of having attempted to murder his wife, and was further remanded for a week, Sub-inspector O'DRISCOLL intimating that the injured woman though improving would not be able to give her evidence for some time yet.

The bigamy case in which Carl August LUDCKE appeared as accused excited a good deal of interest. From the evidence it appeared that LUDCKE was married to Johanna Sophia DEGAN on the 9th of January, 1870, about four years ago the latter left her husband and took up her abode with her son, with whom she has been residing ever since. On the 31st of July last, the accused was married to Susanna SMITH, and these two had lived together as man and wife until LUDCKE was arrested on the present charge. The accused, when arrested, told the constable that the affair was not his fault, but that he had married the woman on the advice of Mr. FRANCIS, who is a J.P., and well-known resident of this town. LUDCKE reserved his defence, and was committed to take his trial at the District Court on Friday next, bail being allowed, himself in £80 and two sureties of £40 each.

At the Laidley Police Court on Thursday last, Arthur HUGHES was charged with a breach of the Licensing Act, inasmuch as he had failed to have his name painted over his licensed billiard saloon in Patrick-street. He admitted the offence, stating that he was unaware of the fact that such was required, and as he was not residing in the district, he asked the bench to cancel his license. He was mulcted in the sum of 10s., and his license was cancelled forthwith.

{PS. " mulct" means " to take money away from" } had never heard of it before, see we learn something every day, Bev.!

Moreton Bay Courier, Brisbane, July 1854
ELECTORAL LIST--Stanley Boroughs, South Brisbane and Kangaroo Point. Gives Name Qualification {householder etc.} and Where Property is situated.
F--Freeholder H--Householder L--Leaseholder
It gives names-- grouped, but not in alphabetical order.
APPEL, Geo., H Stanley-st.
BARR, James, H Stanley-st.
BAILEY, S.W., F Stanley-st.
BISHOP, Jno., F Russell-st.
BELL, D., H Grey-st
BOSTRIDGE, R., H Grey-st.
BOYLAND, T., F Russell-st.
BOWLES, P., H Kangaroo Pt.
BRYDEN, Jno., F Grey-st.
BYRNE, Pat., H Russell-st.
BUNTIN, D., H Grey-st.
BULLOCK, D., F Russell-st.
CANNAN, R., F Kangaroo Pt.
CARTER, W., F Kangaroo Pt
CASSIM, Jno., F Kangaroo Pt.
CAIN, Jno., F Kangaroo Pt.
CLARK, Wm., H Kangaroo Pt.
CAMPBELL, Jno., H Stanley-st.
COSTIN, T., H Stanley-st.
CONNOLLY, Wm., F Stanley-st.
COCKERILL, Jno., H Stanley-st.
CLARKE, Joseph, F Grey-st.
CRONK, Jno., H Grey-st.
CHAMBERS, Jno., H Russell-st.
CHRISTIE, Geo., L Stanley-st.
COXEN, Chas., F kangaroo Pt.
CUPSON, Jas., H Kangaroo pt.
DARAGH, Joseph, H Kangaroo Pt.
DOUGLASS, Robt., F Kangaroo Pt.
DUFFY, Timothy, H Kangaroo Pt
DRAKE, W.H., H Kangaroo Pt.
EABORN, Charles, H Russell-st.
ELLIOT, Richard, F Stanley-st.
FIELDER, John, H Kangaroo Pt.
GEARY, W.H., H Kangaroo Pt.
GRAHAM, Jno., F Stanley-st.
GRENIER, Thos., F Grey-st
HARRIS, Jno., F Grey-st.
HARRIS, Geo., F Grey-st
HARRISON, Frederick, H Grey-st.
HOCKINGS, A.J., F Stanley-st
HOWARD, Jno., H Hope-st.
HYMES, Jno., F Kangaroo Pt.
HOWE, Joseph, H Kangaroo Pt.
HODGE, William, H Kangaroo Pt.
JACKSON, Jno., H Grey-st.
INGLIS, Robert, F Stanley-st
JOHNSON, Joseph, F Hope-st.
ISAAC, H.E., F Kangaroo Pt.
KENT, W., F Russell-st.
KERFOOT, S.T., H Stanley-st.
KINSELA, Thos., F Russell-st.
LACY, Wm., F Stanley-st.
LYNCH, Peter, H Russell-st.
LYNCH, Wm., F Kangaroo Pt.
LORD, Edward, F Kangaroo Point
MATHERS, Jno., F Grey-st
MALONEY, Hugh, H Grey-st.
MELVILLE, Wm., H Grey-st.
MOYES, Jas., F Grey-st
McINTYRE, Alexander, F Russell-st.
MERCER, F.D., H Kangaroo Pt.
de L. MOFFATT, T., F Kangaroo Pt.
MULCAHY, Thomas, H Russell-st.
OCOCK, Jno., F Stanley-st.
ORR, Jno., F Stanley-st.
ORR, Jas., F Stanley-st.
ORR, Wm., F Stanley-st
O'REILLY, P., F Kangaroo Pt.
PETERSON, D., F Stanley-st.
PEARCE, Fred., H George-st.
POWER, Jas., F Russell-st.
PORTER, Jas., H Kangaroo pt.
QUALTROUGH, Wm., H Russell-st.
RAMSAY, Jas., F Stanley-st.
RANKIN, Jno., F Kangaroo Pt.
REIDMAN, Jno., F Kangaroo Pt.
REID, Jas., F Stanley-st.
ROWLAND, Robt., F Russell-st.
RUSSELL, H.S., F Kangaroo-st.
SMITH, Richd., H Kangaroo Pt.
SMITH, Wm., F Grey-st.
SOUTER, Jno., F Grey-st.
STEVENS, Saml., F Stanley-st.
SOMERSET, D.R., F Kangaroo Pt.
SMITH, Jas., H Kangaroo Pt.
SUTTON, W.S., H Kangaroo Pt.
SLAUGHTER, A., H Kangaroo Pt
SLOMAN, J.H., H Kangaroo Pt.
SAULSTON, Joseph, H Kangaroo Pt.
SCOTT, Jno., H Kangaroo Pt.
TAYLOR, Thomas, F Kangaroo Pt.
TILLENEY, Ambrose, H Stanley-st.
TOPPIN, Jno., F Russell-st.
TUCKER, G.S., H Russell-st
TRUEMAN, Jno., H Kangaroo Pt.
WARNER, Jas., F Kangaroo Pt.
WAKEHAM, Geo., H Grey-st.
WATSON, H.R., H Kangaroo Pt.
WATSON, Richd., H Kangaroo Pt.
WALMSLEY, Jno., H Stanley-st.
WALKER, Fredk., F Hope-st.
WWEKES W.R.D., F Stanley-st.
WILLIAMS, Jas., H Grey-st
WILSON, Thos., H Grey-st.
WINSHIP, Taylor, F Grey-st.
WELDING, Elijah, H Kangaroo Pt.
WILLIAMS, Jno., F Russell-st.
WILSON, Donald, F Russell-st.
WICKHAM, Jno. C., F Kangaroo Pt.
WRIGHT, Robt., F Kangaroo Pt.

Moreton Bay Courier, Brisbane, July 1854
ELECTORAL LIST--Stanley Borough, North Brisbane
Gives Name, Qualification { means householder etc} and Where Property Situated
F--Freeholder H-- Householder L--Leaseholder
It gives names--grouped, but not in alphabetical order.
ADAM, William, H William-st
ADKIN, Geo., H Queen-st.
ALCOCK, Edward,, H Albert-st
BARNEY, Jno. Edwd., H Queen-st
BARTON, F.J.,, F Queen-st.
BURNS, Wm., H Creek-st.
BEECHEY, Jas., H Albert-st.
BYRAN, Abram., H Edward-st.
BEACH, Jno. S., F Queen-st.
BACKLEY, Henry, F Queen-st
BINSTEAD, Jno., F George-st.
BINSTEAD, Wm ., F William-st.
BUSH, Francis, L Queen-st.
BULGIN, Henry, H George-st
BYRNE, Peter, H Elizabeth-st
BYRNE, Patrick, H Queen-st
BURLEY, Joseph, H Edward-st.
BOTHAMLY, Thos., H Charlotte-st
BUYES, Geo., H Edward-st.
BREWSTER, Jno., F Alice-st.
BERRY, Joseph, F Adelaide-st
BYRNE, Geo., F Queen-st.
BOOTH, Jno., F Adelaide-st.
BRYN, Danl., H Albert-st.
BURTON, Steph., H Elizabeth-st.
BROOKES, Benjn,. F Albert-st.
BELL, Hugh , H William-st
BROWN, W.A., F Mary-st.
BALLCOCK, Benjn., H Charlotte-st.
BLACK, G., H George-st.
BONSFIELD, Wm. H., H George-st.
BRYDEN, Jno., F Queen-st.
CANNAN, Alf., H Elizabeth-st.
COLLINS, Thos., H Queen-st.
CRIBB, Benjn., F Queen-st
CRIBB, Robt., F Queen-st.
CORBETT, Tomothy, F Queen-st.
CLARK, Thos., H Queen-st.
CLARK, Wm., F George-st.
COLEY, R.J., F George-st.
CANNAN, Kearsey, F George-st
CLINTON, Aaml., H Charlotte-st.
COUTTS, Thos., F William-st.
COLLINS, Jas., H Queen-st
CORDREY, Richd., H Queen-st
COLLARD, Wm. H., H Mary-st.
COLLARD, Wm. H., H Queen-st
CONSIDINE, Jno., H George-st.
CAMERON, Alexr., H George-st
CRIBB, Jno. Geo., H Albert-st.
CLACHER Thos., H Edward-st
CLACHER, Thos., H Edward-st.
COX, W.H., H Elizabeth-st.
DAVIDSON, Robt., F George-st
DOWSE, Thos., F William-st.
DENVER, Chas., F George-st
DONALD, Jas., F Edward-st.
DAVIS, Jas., F George-st.
DALLY, Jeremiah, F William-st.
DWYER, Edwd., H Burnetts-lane
DURNFORD, Jno., H Edward-st.
DAVIS, Joseph H Queen-st.
DAVIS, Edward, H George-st.
EDMONSTON, Geo., F Queen-st.
ELDRIDGE, A., F Edward-st.
EDE, Francis, F Adelaide-st.
EVANS, Andrew, F Charlotte-st
FEENEY, Jno., F William-st.
FEENEY, Martin F Charlotte-st.
FRASER, Thos., F Edward-st.
FRASER, Wm., F Edward-st.
FLYNN, Jno. D., F Edward-st
FOLEY, Chas., H Elizabeth-st.
FISHER, H., L William-st.
FARREL, M., H Burnetts-lane.
GRAY, Thos., F George-st.
GIBBON, Jas., F Queen-st.
GOOD, Jno. Saml., H Queen-st.
GEE, Robt., F George-st.
GALLAGHER, Thos., F Edward-st.
GREENWOOD, Jas., H Queen-st.
GRIFFIN, Jno. F Ann-st.
GALLAGHER, Jno. H George-st.
GOWER, Saml., H Burnetts-lane.
GATES, Wm., H Albert-st.
GEDDES, Wm., H George-st.
HARTLEY, Peter, F Edward-st.
HUGHES, Henry, F Edward-st.
HAYES, Owen, F Edward-st.
HAYES, Thos., F Albert-st.
HOBBS, Wm., F Queen and Adelaide-st.
HODGSON, Arthur, F Elizabeth-st
HUMPHRIES, Jno., F Charlotte-st.
HEALS, Robt., F Edward-st.
HUGHES, E., H Adelaide-st.
HARDGRAVE, Jno., F Queen-st
HUNTLEY, Jno., H George-st.
HENDERSON, Jno., H Elizabeth-st.
HALL, Isaac, H George-st.
HARDGRAVE, T.W., F Queen-st.
HARDY, Jno., F Charlotte-st.
IRWIN, H.O., H William-st.
JOHNSON, Chas., H Queen-st.
JONES, Jno., H Queen-st.
JONES, Edwin, H Queen-st.
JONES, Goe., H Queen-st.
JEAYS, Joshua, H Albert-st.
JONES, Thos., H George-st.
KELLY, Edwd., F Ann-st.
KEYS, Chas., F Burnetts-lane.
KEID, Chas., F Adelaide-st.
KELLY, Jno., F Elizabeth-st.
KILFOILE, Jno., H George-st.
KENY, Michl., H George-st
LANE, Wm., H Elizabeth-st.
LITTLE, Robt., F Adelaide-st.
LOUDON, W.J., F Queen-st.
LUKE, Jno., H Adelaide-st.
LONGLANDS, D.F., F Eagle-st.
LESLIE, G.F., F George-st.
MARKWELL, Jno., F Queen-st.
MARKWELL, Isaac, F Queen-st.
MASON, Wm., F Queen-st.
MAYNE, Patk., F Queen-st.
McLEAN, L., F Albert-st.
McADAM, Geo., F George-st.
McKERGOW, David, H William-st.
McCORMACK, M., F William-st.
McGILLIVRAY, Jno., F George-st.
McGEE, C., H George-st.
McCABE, Jno., F George-st.
MURRAY, H., F Edward-st.
MOTT, Edwd., F George-st.
MILLARD, J.G., H Burnetts-lane.
MOODEY, James, H Albert-st.
MUIR, David, H Albert-st.
M.......? Jas., H Albert-st
MAUNSELL, Patk., H Victoria-wharf.
MARONY, M., H George-st.
MANAGHAN, M., H Albert-st.
McCONNEL, D.C., F Adelaide-st.
MITCHELL, Nicholas, F Ann-st.
O'BRIEN, Denis, H Elizabeth-st
O'NEIL, M., F Queen-st.
ORR, J.B., H George-st.
PEACY, Pat., F Queen-st.
POWER, Michael, F Queen-st.
PAYNE, Henry, F Elizabeth-st
PEATTIE, David, F Queen-st.
PETRIE, Andrew, H Queen-st.
PAWLEY, Wm., F George-st
PETTIGREW, Wm., F William-st
PERRY, J.J., H William-st
POWERS, Jas., F Queen-st.
PARLET, W.J., H Elizabeth-st.
PICKWORTH, Thos., H Albert-st
PRIOR, Thos., H Eagle-st.
PHILLIPS, Jno., H Albert-st.
PRITCHARD, P., H Adelaide-st
ROBERTS, D.F., F Albert-st
ROSETTA, H., F Adelaide-st.
RICHARDSON, Jno., F Eagle-st.
RAFF, Geo., F Eagle-st.
ROBERTSON, J.H., F Queen-st.
RICHARDS, H., H George-st.
RUDDEL, Andrew, H William-st.
RYAN, M., H Albert-st
RIGBY, F.G., H Edward-st.
STEWART, Chas., F George-st.
SKINNER, H., F Queen-st.
SMITH, W.M., H Queen-st.
STEWART, M., F Queen-st.
SKYRING, D., F Queen-st.
SCANLON, J., F Albert-st.
SMITH, J.P., H Queen-st.
SMITH, Jas., F George-st
SMITH, Thos., F George-st.
SMITH, Jno., H George-st.
SWAN, Jas., F George-st.
SUTHERLAND, Jas., F Queen-st.
SPENCE, Jas., H Mary-st.
SKAKELTON, James, F Elizabeth-st.
STEVENS, Jas., H Edward-st
SHEEHAN, Wm., F Edward-st.
SIMPSON, S., F Eagle-st
SLAUGHTER, A., H Queen-st
STANLEY, Jas., F Elizabeth-st
THOMPSON, J.W., F Edward-st
TAYLOR, W., F Edward-st
TOWELL, Robert, H Edward-st
TOOTH, W.B., H Eagle-st
TURNER, J.S., F Tank-st.
TRUNDLE, Chas., H Queen-st.
TRACY, Thos., H Queen-st.
WATSON, Geo., F George-st.
WARRY, R.S., H Queen-st
WYBORN, H., F Alice-st.
WILSON, Wm., H George-st.
WHELAN, Patrick, F Edward-st.
WINDMELL, Charles, F Elizabeth-st.
WILSON, J.W., L Queen-st.
WYSE, G.F., F George-st
WALLACE, M., H Queen-st.
WILKES, Wm., H Albert-st.
WHITE, Godfrey, H Albert-st
WESTAWAY, Jno., F Charlotte-st.
WICKS, Chas., H Edward-st.
WATSON, Wm., H George-st.
WOODCROFT, Wm., H Creek-st.
WALSH, Jno., H George-st.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 8, 1888

Sydney, November 30
Henry SAUNDERS, the late secretary of the Coal Lumpers' Union, was sentenced to several months' imprisonment to-day on a charge of embezzling the funds of the union. SAUNDERS was under committal on another charge.

Sydney, December 4
It appears from a private letter received in Sydney that the death of Midshipman HEATH of H.M.S. Nelson, which was recently announced by cable, occurred at Koepang, in Timor, and was caused by the accidental discharge of his gun, which he had given to a marine to hold. Mr. HEATH was only a couple of yards off at the time, and the charge of shot penetrated his liver, killing him instantly.

Sydney, December 5
News from Kempsey states that Enoch William RUDDER, the oldest inhabitant of the district, who fifty years since founded Kempsey, and who has throughout his life taken an active interest in colonial matters, died on Monday night after a short illness. He has sons, daughters, grandchildren, and great grandchildren alive to the number of 200. Mr. RUDDER was 88 years of age.

Miss Essie JENYNS was married to Mr. John R. WOOD, of Newcastle, in St. Andrew's Cathedral to-day. The event excited great interest, and the press of the general public in the cathedral was so great that the marriage party had difficulty in making their way through the building. The crushing and rushing crowd inside and outside of the building brought about many disgraceful scenes. Some ladies and children got very rough treatment, and many, including the bride, were reduced to a fainting condition. The cathedral fittings were seriously damaged, seats, railings, and gas standards being broken down, the curtains torn, and carved woodwork chipped and broken, and all the handsome floral decorations destroyed.

Melbourne, December 2
News has been received by cable of the death in the Red Sea of Mr. Germain NICHOLSON, who has been well known in Melbourne for forty-six years past. He took an active part in the movement to stop transportation to the colonies, being one of the so called " thirty patriots of Melbourne ".

Melbourne, December 4
This afternoon Robert Henry FARRAR, sharebroker, and Hector Norman Simpson HEWITT, were arrested on a warrant on the information of Mr. TURNER, general inspector of the Commonwealth Bank, charging them with conspiring to defraud the bank of a large sum of money during August. Both are about 22 years of age.

Melbourne, December 5
R.H. FARRAR, and H.P.S. {note, initials different to above name given} HEWITT, charged at the City Court with conspiring to defraud the City bank of sums amounting to £7400, were remanded til the 13th. Bail was allowed.

These next ones may be all repeats but they may not be some are posted elsewhere - Helen

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 2, 1892

Sydney, December 25
Walter LINDSAY, steward on the steamship Britannia, while attempting to board the vessel at Circular Quay, fell into the water, and despite the efforts of two shipmates who jumped in after him, he was drowned.

Sydney, December 27
Wm. GRIFFITHS, William BAILEY, Robert M'LEAN, Robert ISBESTER, and an elderly man named ROGERS were returning in a sailing boat from Shoalhaven to Lowra last night, and when opposite Quakey's Island the boat capsized, and M'LEAN, and ROGERS being unable swim were drowned.

Melbourne, December 23
About the middle of October a body was found in the Murray River, near Swan Hill, which was supposed to be that of POWER, the once notorious bushranger. Since then the clothing has been positively identified as that worn by POWER a short time before the finding of the body, and all the circumstances leave no doubt as to the identity of the deceased.

Adelaide, December 23
The Colonial Treasurer has received a cablegram from the Acting Agent-General, the news of the death of Lady BLYTH. The deceased lady was a daughter of the late Edward FORREST, of Birmingham, and she was married in England to Sir Arthur BLYTH in 1850. She leaves a son and two daughters.

Adelaide, December 27
Robert RUSSELL, an old colonist, who has been regarded as quite a character, died on Thursday last at Queenstown, aged 85. He landed here in 1836. He was the first white child ashore, and he knew Colonel LIGHTWELL when he was surveying the Port road.

Launceston, December 29
The case against Dr. Bingham CROWTHER, for malpractice, and Reginald RITCHIE was resumed at Hobart to-day to obtain evidence to satisfy the authorities at Colombo, where CROWTHER was arrested, and to secure his removal to Hobart.

Thursday Island
A magisterial inquiry has been held into the circumstances connected with the death, by drowning, of a Cingalese named SIMON, one of the men of the lugger Keane. It appears that the lugger was shelling in the Warrior Passage on the morning of the 23rd November. At 8 o'clock a diver came up for breakfast, and sat down on the deck-house. Immediately after the cook sang out " Look out, SIMON will stick you with his knife." The diver turned round quickly and saw SIMON with a large shell knife uplifted ready to strike. SIMON then threw the knife on the deck and jumped overboard and sank. SIMON could not swim, and the efforts of the divers to find the body were futile.

M'GRATH, Dennis and Patrick, from Mulhone, Tipperary, who left fourteen years ago--Write to your brother Michael, General Post Office, Sydney. F.M. SHOOSMITH {last heard of at Aramac},--Serious news from home; money willed to you. Communicate with R.M., 82 mason-street, South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.

Social Gossip
December 26
The marriage of Miss Alice Mary GILES, youngest sister of Mr. Ernest GILES, F.R.G.S., with Mr. Lionel William STANTON, of Adelaide, South Australia, is announced to take place at Holy trinity Church, Kew, on 5th January.

Before Commissioner WARREN, on the 15th December.
Grazing Farms-- Approved:
C.L. HILL, 18,000a., Lammermoor
J. STEVENSON, 20,000a., Lammermoor

Certificate-- Postponed till January land Court:
C.E. HUGHES, 3150a., Hughenden

Taken from the Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 8, 1888
, &c.
Henry EDELMANN, will hear of something to his advantage by communicating with Gordon and Gotch, Brisbane.

George and Charles MACINTOSH, from Oyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, are requested to communicate at once with their friends at home, on account of their father's death.

If Denis FITZPATRICK should see this, or anyone knowing his address,------Please communicate with his sister, Lizzie CAVANAGH, Cumberland, Etheridge Goldfield; was last heard of at Afton Downs in 1884.

If this should meet the eye of James Alexander ROBERTSON, last heard of on Milo Station,--Please write at once to your anxious mother Phoebe ROBERTSON, Broken Hill, Silverton, N.S.W.

John STICHBURY,--Father dead, any person informing me the whereabouts of the above named, or satisfying me as to the death of the same, will be rewarded by James STICHBURY, Auckland, New Zealand.

Wanted address of Thomas PICKARD, married man with wife and young daughter; late of Burenda and Augathella, now of Brisbane. His anxious friends will pay for his address. H.J.F., Augathella.

Shepherd, James Mitchell MORE:- last heard of at Winton {Q}, 1883,--Father dead, Mother very anxious. Write. Anyone knowing anything of above will greatly oblige by writing, Charlton Farm, Gowrie-road, Toowoomba, Queensland.

James FLEMING, native of Wigtownshire, Scotland, landed in Brisbane by the ship South Esk, last heard of in Townsville, or anyone knowing his whereabouts,--Please write to Alexander FLEMING, Post office, Cairns, North Queensland.

If this should meet the eye of James OAKLEY--known as James REARDON in England-- who came to Australia about twenty years ago, last heard from in Sydney--any information will thankfully be received by his niece, Margaret REARDON, Maryvale, Townsville, Queensland.

Will Christina CLEGHORN {late of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England}, who sailed from London to Brisbane in the S.S. Almora on the 14th November, 1887, or anyone knowing her whereabouts, write to Thomas CLEGHORN, Wallsend, Newcastle {New South Wales}; or write to Mr. Thos. GLASSEY, M.L.A.,
Harcourt-street, Valley, Brisbane.

Hadj HAMO--To Mr. RIDGEWAY, Mr. Daniel FITZGERALD, Mr. M. St. LEON, any of his Sons, and to Cirens Proprietors generally.--Information is required of Hadj HAMO, an Arab employed in travelling equestrian shows; has been with LEON'S, RIDGEWAY'S and other troupes, Any reliable particulars concerning him {whether dead or alive} will be well paid for on communicating with Mr. Arthur CUBITT, Post office Chambers, Pitt-street, Sydney, N.S. Wales.

Legal Notice
In the Supreme Court of Queensland
In the Matter of the Lands and Goods of William HALLORAN, late of Caboolture, in the Colony of Queensland, Storekeeper, deceased, Intestate. Notice is hereby given that the Accounts in the above Estate from the Fifteenth day of September, 1887, to the Thirtieth day of September, 1888, inclusive have this day been filed in my Office, and all parties having any claims etc. etc. Dated this Twenty-second day of November, 1888
Willm. BELL, Registrar.

A correspondent writing from Mooloolah under date 29th November states that at the inquiry held before Mr. WSTAWAY, J.P., on Monday, 26th November, into the cause of the fire by which three children of a selector named NOAK met their death, no evidence tending to show how the fire occurred was obtained. As the bereaved couple, Mr. and Mrs. NOAK, have lost everything, public sympathy has been aroused on their behalf and a subscription-list which has been taken round the country side has been well contributed to.

The following message by wire has been received by the Commissioner for Police under date Croydon, 29th November:-- " A miner named Michael O'GRADY committed suicide yesterday in the bush near Croydon by exploding a dynamite cartridge in his mouth. His head was completely blown off, as well also his left hand".

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 8, 1888

Melbourne, December 3
A sad occurrence took place at Hamilton yesterday. Mrs. Wm. SMITH was making a bed, when she found a revolver between the mattress and palliasse. Her son ran and took the weapon, and thinking it was not loaded, pointed it at his mother. One barrel, however, contained a cartridge which exploded, penetrating Mrs. MITH'S temple, and killing her instantly.

Auckland, December 4.
Francis William Ogilvie GRANT, tenth Earl of Seafield, died at his residence, at Oamaru, yesterday from heart disease, aged 41 years. His eldest son, aged 11, succeeds to the title.

Thursday Island, December 4
The B.I.S.N. Company's steamer Quetta arrived here this morning, and has been quarantined, having had one case of very mild scarlet fever, the patient being now convalescent. She proceeds south this afternoon. No deaths have occurred during the voyage. There has been one birth. The general health of the immigrants has been very good. The Quetta has on board 482 immigrants. The saloon passengers for Cooktown are :-- Rev. H. Wacker NAGEL; Rev. G.J. JUNTZE; Mrs. F. RICH; Miss K. OTT; Mr. R. REENAGEL; for Mackay :-- Mrs and Miss Le CONTEUR; for Brisbane :--Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. PHILLIP and child; Misses Clars and Rose PHILLIPS; Mr. and Mrs. REDHAM; Mr. and Mrs. ERSKINE; Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG; Mrs. W. M'GREGOR, child, infant, and nurse; Mrs . Collins; Mr. Charles HOWES; Mrs. and Miss E HOWES; and Miss POLLARD.

Georgetown, December 5
Jim FINNEGAN, an old pioneer on this field, died two days ago at Geldsmith's Creek from a rupture of a blood vessel.

Charters Towers, December 3
The body of a man was found in the bed of the Burdekin on Saturday, with three ducks and a broken gun beside him. He had been dead four or five days, and it is supposed that death resulted from a gun accident. The body was unfit for removal, and was buried on the spot. The remains are supposed to be those of a man named TURLE, who was known to stay at the river.

December 6
A fatal accident occurred yesterday in the Black Jack Block mine. The manager, who had been below, signalled to the engine- driver to bring him up. and when within 40ft of the top the bucket stopped, and he heard some one cry," Stop the engine!" As he could not make any-one hear, he climbed the remaining 40ft. by the rope, and going into the engine -shed, was horrified to find PATE, the driver, entangled in the winding gear, and dreadfully mangled. It was found that the bone of one of the man's legs had blocked the drum and prevented more loss of life by over-winding the bucket, as it must then have fallen in the workings with the manager. PATE was so entangled that parts of the machinery had to be moved to get him out, and he died almost immediately afterwards. He leaves a wife and two children, the former being near her confinement. There is no explanation as to the cause of the accident. The deceased was a steady and efficient driver.

Windorah, Dec 3
Constable CALLAGHAN, left Whitula station for Windorah on Thursday last, and had not been heard of since. Constable LOWE and a tracker started in search of him on Friday, with Mr. WALL, manager of Whitula station, and Sergeant WILLIAMS and two trackers followed on their tracks on Saturday. CALLAGHAN was tracked to within six miles of Windorah, when he turned and struck towards Eulbertie. No word has been received from the search party since Saturday evening. Up to that time CALLAGHAN'S tracks had missed all water.

Clermont, December 4
Thomas SANSON was committed for trial for the wilful murder of David ROCHE yesterday.

Charleville, November 30
At the Police Court to-day two young men , one named HUXLEY, who was arrested at Bourke, and the other named CREEVEY, arrested at Augathella, were committed for trial on a charge of horse stealing from Murweh station.

Dalby, November 30 { some of this torn /missing }
Advices to hand state that two shepherds who were supposed to be looking for work, have been lost in Duck Pond paddock, on Dandy......??? run, for nine days. Mr. CALLAGHAN, the overseer found one to-day dead, and the other named M'DONALD, is supposed to be dying. The matter has been reported to the police, who have gone out to the locality. The paddock is one of the best watered in the district.

December 2
The constable has returned from Duck Ponds, bringing with him the man named M'DONALD who was found on Friday. He buried the other man, who was found dead, without any inquiry being held. It is stated that Dr. HOWLIN, medical officer for the district, refused when requested by the police to go out a distance of eighteen miles without a fee of £30, and refused to prescribe for M'DONALD without a fee of £1. People here are very indignant at the man having to be buried in this manner without a proper inquiry, and expect the Government to inquire into the matter.

Toowoomba December 3
The man found dead in Eton Vale paddock proved to be Mr. John HORROCKS, one of the oldest and most respected inhabitants of Drayton. He was returning to his home when he and his horse were struck dead by lightning.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, December 8, 1888

BANBURY-- On the 24th November, at her residence, Borriston, Albion, the wife of H.W. BANBURY, of a daughter.

GRAY-- On the 23rd November, at Blackall, the wife of Charles GRAY, Alice Downs Station, of a daughter.

HORSBURGH--On the 29th November, at her residence, Prospect-street, Maryborough, the wife of G. HORSBURGH, jun., of a daughter.

MIGLEY-- On the 6th November, at Sprigdon, Tasmania, the wife of G.B. MIGLEY, Esq., of a daughter.

SCHREY-- On the 25th November, at her residence, William-street, off Boggo0road, South Brisbane, the wife of E. SCHREY, of a son.

WHITEHILL-- On the 24th November, at her residence, Fairlie, West End, the wife of Alex. F. WHITEHILL, of a daughter.

WHITE--On the 23rd. November, at her residence, Gibbon-street, Teneriffe, the wife of W.J. WHITE, of a son.

BYRAM--M'NAB--On the 27th November, at No. 1 Athole Place, Wickham-terrace, by the Rev. E. GRIFFITH, Henry William, fourth son of J.R. BYRAM, Esq., of Windsor {NSW}, to Mary Ann {May} second daughter of the late Alexander M'NAB, of Brisbane.

CONNOLLY-HERBERT--On the 28th November, at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by his Grace Archbishop DUNNE, Joseph, fourth son of John CONNOLLY, Gayndah, to Mary Dora, youngest daughter of the late John Fitzsimmons HERBERT, of Toowoomba.

CRUICKSHANK--MUNDELL--On the 4th December, at The Manse, Glenelg-street, South Brisbane, John, son of the late George CRUICKSHANK, Nethercortes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to Jessie Jane, daughter of John MUNDELL, Bungaban, Queensland, and late of Gateside House, near Moffat, Scotland.

FORBES--JOBST-- On the 4th December, at Upper-Melbourne-street, South Brisbane, by the Rev. D.F. MITCHELL, Robert, second son of Elphinstone FORREST, of Glasgow, to Alice Ann, eldest daughter, Frederick JOBST, of Brisbane.

BEESTON--On the 16th November, at his late residence, Sandgate, of paralysis, Henry Colborne BEESTON, aged 49 years. [Home papers please copy] BUSHELL--On the 28th November, accidentally drowned whilst bathing at Bulimba, Brisbane, Charles Henry BUSHELL, mason, late of Besely Heath, Kent, aged 31 years.

DORSEY--On the 22nd, November, at his residence, Wooroorooka, W. Aug. DORSEY, of H.M. Customs, aged 41 years, after a long illness.

DEAZELEY--On the 16th November, at her parents residence, Twine-street, Wickham-terrace, Eva DEAZELEY, aged 4 years.

HOLDSTOCK-- On the 2nd December, at Nuneham Cottage, Terrace-street, new Farm, Florence, the dearly loved child of Frederick and Ester HOLDSTOCK, aged 5 years and 9 months.

MACKAY--On the 3rd December, at his parents' residence, Thorne-street, Bowen Bridge Estate, Donald, son of Captain John and Alexandrina MACKAY, aged 15 months.

MAWBY--On the 10th November, at Lynd station, near Georgetown, Thomas Osbourne, fourth son of Lawrence and Ann MAWBY, of Church-street, Toowong, aged 24 years.

NICHOLSON--On the 21st November, at the Brisbane Hospital, John Muncaster NICHOLSON, after a severe illness, leaving a widow and large family to mourn their loss.

THORNTON--On the 1st December, at her sister's residence, Dawnie, Main Range, Toowoomba, Catherine, the wife of W.H.L. THORNTON, of Tower Hill station, and eldest sister of Mr. Barton LODGE, Inspector of A.J.S. Bank, Sydney, aged 33 years.

WOODS--On the 24th November, at his residence, Warwick-street, Ipswich, Charles WOODS, after a short illness, leaving a widow and four sons to mourn their loss, aged 55 years.

WILLS-- In memory of our dear sister, Sarah Jane WILLS, who fell asleep in Jesus, 5th December, 1887.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 2, 1892
Country News

Bowen, December 23.
A man named George TRICE shot himself at the Ben Lomond saw-mills, about twenty-six miles from Bowen.

Stanthorpe, December, 29
Mr. J. JOHNSON, butcher, of Dalveen, was killed on Sunday while yarding a cow. His horse put its foot in a hole and threw him against a stump, fracturing his skull. JOHNSON was well known and highly respected.

To give Listers an idea into stock movements in 1892 { big news then } I give a brief overview.
Jundah, December 28
Five hundred and sixty bullocks from Riversleigh, on the Gregory River, are passing to-day for Musslebrook, Mr E. BOYLE, Owner, in charge. The weather is still hot and dry, the thermometer registering for some weeks past from 105 deg. to 113 deg.

Cunnamulla, December 23.
Stock Passings--On the 15th instant, 763 cattle, FORRESTER and NEWCOMEN, owners, FARLOW in charge; on the 19th, 10,200 weaners, from Burrenbilla to Claverton, Cobb and Co. owners, J. PITMAN in charge; on the 20th, 296 cows and 27 bulls for Bando, J.A. GARDINER, owner, J. DELAYNEY in charge.

Augathella, December 23
On the 19th instant 1000 Canobie bullocks passed, Mr. K. WILLIAMS in charge. They go by Mitchell for sale. On the 21st instant Messrs. LAVER and FRIPP, of Aramac, drovers, passed with 18,000 Darr River Downs fat wethers. They are the best that have passed this season, and are going towards Bourke for sale. This route is in splendid order now for stock.

St. George, December 24.
The stock passings for this week are as follows:--20,000 wethers from Yanda, near Bourke, the Australian Mortgage, Land and Finance Company owners, Edward CAVE in charge, bound to Condamine Plains: 29,000 mixed ewes and wethers from Haldon Rig, DANGAR and BELL owners, POLLARD Bros. in charge; 100 horses from Thomby, R. DAVEY owner, WILDON drover, bound to Narrabri for sale.
The border stock movements were 50 rams from Oak grove, LIVINGSTONE and PALTRIDGE owners, LIVINGSTONE in charge, bound to grazing farm at Bullawarrie; 10,000 ewes and lambs from Llanillo to Muttaburra, HANN and HALLORAN owners, Charles MALLER in charge.

New South Wales
The following passings of Queensland stock are noted:--Forbes, December 18: 10,200 wethers from Queensland to Goulburn, A.G. FINDLAY owner: 15,000 wethers from Queensland to Temora, J. SOMMERVILLE owner; 830 bullocks from Cresswell and Era stations, Queensland to Wodonga, DESALIS, M'KINNON, and MAHER owners.

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 2, 1892
Helping to Find Lost Relatives
November 15, 1891
Last Year-- on the 16th November--news of John STAGG was sought by his brother Henry, who wrote from Eton. The reply is only just to hand from Queensland, whither the writer had gone in 1873, and fifteen years had passed since any news of him had come to hand.

Being informed that his name had appeared in Lloyd's, as sought for, Mr. D.B.O'HARA{3rd May} has written under date 19th September, from Mount Morgan, Queensland. His address { for his brother Charles, in Bedford-row} is the first communication from him since the year 1867.

BRADY, Thomas, before going to New Zealand five years ago, resided at 9 Alice-street, Victoria Docks, London. Sister Kate.

CAIRNS, William John, coppersmith, went to Adelaide about thirty-five years ago, and on 2nd August, 1881, wrote from West-terrace, Adelaide,. His daughter seeks tidings.

COOMBS, Lucy, Martha and Fred., left Buckam Weston in August, 1881, for Queensland, and were at Brisbane in 1886. Their parents would be glad of news.

COX, William Henry, last wrote from Christchurch, New Zealand, two years ago. Sister Annie.

CURRIE, Mrs. Alice, quitted London for Sydney in 1885, and two years since resided on the Zetland Estate, Waterloo, Sydney. An aunt asks.

EVANS, { CHANDLER}, Mrs., arrived in Sydney with her husband on 19th August, 1876, and when last heard of was a widow and residing in Parramatta-street, Sydney. Her brothers and sisters inquire.

EVERETT, Frederick and Amos, of Mangrove, Beds., went to Sydney or Hobart Town about fifty years ago. Brother Jesse.

FISHER, Julia, when last heard of was at Port Adelaide. Her only sister { Emily} seeks news.

GAPPER, Thomas {" R. Fisher"} went to New Zealand on 4th May, 1847. A daughter asks.

HOME, Arthur, left Brill, Bucks. in the Ramsey on the 24th March, 1873, for Brisbane, and was at Inverell, New South Wales, in January, 1881. Is supposed to be in Inverell, North Grafton, or Brisbane. His father would be very grateful for news.

HUNT, Elisha, served his time as shipwright to Messrs. WILLS and JARRETT, of Poole, Dorsetshire, and when last heard of, thirty-five years ago, was a shipowner at Sydney, and kept the Feather public-house. His daughter seeks him.

INCELL, William, ironfounder, late of Charles-street, Worcester, was last heard of at Adelaide in 1886. Sister Emma.

JONES, Hugh, quitted Anglesea for Australia about forty-one years ago. A nephew inquires.

JOHNSON, Louis Victor and Walter Ernest, are inquired for by their mother. Louis in April, 1889, was at Burke, New South Wales, driving cattle, and Walter, when last heard of in June, 1890, was at St. Paul, Minnesota. U.S.A.

KAYBOURNE, Edward and Joseph, left Cork for Melbourne about thirty years ago, and in 1868 are believed to have had a business in Little Bourke-street. Sister Ann.

KENDALL, Joseph, formerly of Northampton, went to Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, some twenty years ago. Brother Thomas.

MARCHANT, John and William, went to South Australia, about 1850, and are believed to be doing well as farmers. Sister Eliza.

MOODY, John James, sailed in the s.s. Orient for Brisbane in 1883, and in his last letter, dated March, 1888, he spoke of returning home. His father and mother are very anxious.

NARES, George Joseph, was a storekeeper at Maryborough diggings, and in 1857, at Raglan, Terry Creek, Port Phillip. His step-brother { John CLOUGH} is anxious to hear.

NAYES, Maria Ada, has not been heard of since she went to Auckland in 1887. Sarah ARNOLD inquires.

NEAL, Samuel, son of Mary Lloyd HODSON, would like to hear of his mother's sisters in Australia.

NEWTON, Alfred Frederick, received his discharge as colour-sergeant from the17th Fusiliers about five years ago, and is believed to have gone to Australia. His mother awaits tidings.

NICHOLSON, George, arrived at Brisbane per the Flora of Gladstone. Brother asks.

PARRY, William Edward and George Henry, of Newport, Monmouthshire, are sought by their brother Joseph. William went to Melbourne on 14th November, 1884, and was last heard of in Victoria 1888: George left home May, 1888, and has not been heard of since.

POULTON, Isaac, of Woolwich, went to Australia in 1882, and in January, 1887, was residing at Mount Cambria, South Australia. Sarah RAWLINGS asks.

RICHARDS, Frederick Charles Barnard, sailed for New Zealand in the Aorangi on 14th January, 1885, and on 7th February, 1887, sent his last letter from Auckland. His mother would be glad to hear of him.

ROBERTSON, Struan, of Tufnell Park, London, removed from Sydney, New South Wales, in August, 1887. Brother Jack.

WEST, John Bastock, of Birmingham, about 1885 was last heard of, then living at No 5 Bath-street, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria. His aged mother would be very grateful for news.

WHILD, John, went from Dublin to Melbourne, Victoria, in June or July, 1852. His daughter seeks him. {Mother dead.}

Taken from The Queenslander, Brisbane, Saturday, January 2, 1892
Death of Rev. A. MACLAREN
Cooktown, December 28
The Merrie England arrived to-day flying her ensign at half-mast. It appears that the Rev. A. MACLAREN, the Anglican missionary to New Guinea, who performed such signal services on the occasion of the wreck of the Quetta two years ago, was taken on board at Samarai, very ill with fever. He gradually sank and died at sea yesterday morning. The body was sewn in a hammock and placed on deck until the vessel's arrival at this port. The funeral took place this afternoon, and it was very largely attended.

Statutory Notice to Creditors
Thomas John EVANS, deceased
Notice is hereby given that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands upon or against the Estate of Thomas John EVANS, late of South Brisbane, Queensland, Saw-maker, deceased, who died on or about the Eighth day of November, 1891, at Amelia-street, Fortitude Valley, and Probate of whose Will was on the Seventeenth day of December 1891, duly granted by the Supreme Court of Queensland to William EVANS, of Bond-street, South Brisbane, Joiner, and Robert Frederick SHUTE, of Prospect-terrace, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, labourer, The Executors named in the Will are hereby required to send in, in writing, particulars of their debts etc. etc before Monday the First day of February 1892. Dated this Twenty-fourth day of December, 1891.
{ PS. Above is a shortened version of the actual notice}

January Land Court
Land Commissioner's Office Brisbane, 22nd December, 1891
The holders of the undermentioned Selections, under the Crown lands Acts of 1876 and 1884, have given the necessary notice of their intention to apply for Certificates of Fulfilment of Conditions on their undermentioned
Selections, ay the Land Court to be held at Brisbane on Wednesday, the sixth day of January, 1892------Act of 1876
Reg No Lessee Portion Parish
3525 C. AULD 411 Moffatt
3757 J.J. FAHEY 34 Bribie
3835 A. AULD 415 Moffatt
4120 M. THOMPSON {widow} 443 Perry
4299A S.A.W. LOWREY 157 Byron
4299b J.B. LOWREY 158 Byron
Act 1884
13 A. KAHLER 1v Oxley
45 P. WARD 1v Oxley
173 J.C. ROBERTS 22v Durundur
226 J. SMITH 112 Capalaba
459 F. LEITZOW 32v Paten
748 W.M. JARVIS 8v Redcliffe
W.M. WATTS, Land Commissioner

Same as above but at the Land Court Nanago on Wednesday, the sixth day of January next, for Certificates of Fulfilment of Conditions on their farms as under:-
240 E.L. SALISBURY 10,000 acres, 6v Burrandowan
119 A.E. GARTHE 1,130 " 35v Charlestown
A. LEE, Land Commissioner, Nanango

These pages contains transcripts of newspapers, a postal directory and a register that have been typed up from the original. 
I have no further information than what is on these pages.  You may find microfische of the originals at your local or state library

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