Mystic England


Mystic England

There are some very old places in England and I would like to show you some of my favourites, mainly from the south west and tell you a few of the legends that go with them.

It has been pointed out to me that England didn't exist until about the 9th century and I hadn't thought of it like that. This land of mine has been here 'forever' but known by various names, so for ease I call it England.

There's a thin line between history and myth, also between interesting and boring; in this site although sometimes history obviously comes into it I hope boredom never does.

Some of the places I have included simply because they are so old, some because I have been there and they are meaningful to me.

When I started out on this I never guessed that I would get so involved in it, nor did I visualise the site getting so big. There is so much history in England that a little deserves to be immortalised, even if it's only by me!

Please take the tour with me and be prepared to jump from here to there at the click of a button.

I have decided to treat this site like a book but instead of having to turn to page '?' just press the link and you will be taken there. Clever stuff. So, just to recap, different coloured text on a page means there's another reference to that subject elsewhere in the site.

I hope it works!






Underground places

Some unusual epitaphs

The West Country in Literature

Of particular interest to Americans

The facts- maps, time charts, etc

Links to other interesting sites

If you have any questions about any of the subjects covered in this site then just mail me and I'll do my best to answer your query.

The difference between a myth and a legend is that a legend is usually based on facts while a myth is an unproven story. For this reason myths make story-telling more fun.


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