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The name Covington may be found in almost every state of the U.S. these days,  as well as quite a few countries.  Please note that this website is not dedicated strictly to the American Covington's.  It is my hope that we can eventually gain records of Covington's worldwide.

 The U.S. representation of this surname has been recorded as early as the mid-1600's in the Maryland area, with subsequent records having been recorded in early Virginia and North Carolina as well. It is somewhat easy to notice specific trails synonymous with this line, as they stretched their wings, branching out and searching for the perfect place to call "Home."

 It is the hope of this webmaster, that we can learn where the migration originated from, and what roads were travelled.  It is a proud name with a tremendous history, as many Covington's have taken a significant role in just about every major event in the U.S, truly reflecting the history of this country.

 It is a wonderful surname to have in your line, certainly deserving of it's own little chunk of the web.

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This website was created by T.M. Vaughn in order to provide a crossroads for Covington Family information.  Please note that the information here must be validated by your own research, and no guarantee implied nor specified is given to authenticate records reflected here.  Please feel free to use the information located on this site as a sort of "blue-print" for your own research, however, caution must be maintained before quoting the information as "accurate".
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