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History of Garfield County

An act organizing Garfield County out of a portion of Iron County was passed at the Twenty-fifth Territorial session on March 9, 1882.
The Legislative Assembly desired to name the new county after the veteran pioneer and colonizer, Erastus Snow, who had done more than anyone else, Brigham Young excepted, for the development of Southern Utah and adjacent parts. Governor Murray, though not against the proposed title, suggested that the county be called Garfield, after the recently murdered Presidentof the United States. The bill then received executive approval. The first to support the Governor's suggestion substituting Garfield County for Snow County, was the Hon. Erastus Snow, then a member of the Council.
The county organization was effected. William P. Sargent was appointed first County Attorney and served several terms. While in office he was instrumental in breaking up gangs of thieves and moonshiners who had infested the county for years.

[Taken in part from History of Utah by Orson F. Whitney, Volume 3, Chapter VII]

•Area: 5,158 sq. miles •Population: 3,980
• County Seat is Panguitch. •Elevation 6,666 feet.

Present Towns
Antimony Antimony Cemetery Antimony History Boulder History Boulder Cemetery BRYCE
Cannonville Cannonville Cemetery Cannonville History Escalante Escalante Cemetery Escalante History
Hatch Hatch Cemetery Hatch History Henrieville Henrieville Cemetery Henrieville History
Panguitch.[Info] Panguitch Cemetery Panguitch History Tropic Tropic Cemetery Tropic History

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Ghost Towns
Asay Clifton [1]Georgetown[cem]
Henderson Hillsdale Losee(ville)
Spry Widtsoe. cem.history

Clifton, Losee and Widtsoe cemetery photos by Kurt Wenner

Lookups from Panguitch cemetery records 1900-1967,
"Golden Nuggets of Pioneer Days" and "John's Valley"and "Sacrifice for Freedom "(Panguitch Area Veterans) put together 1974 by Junior Class of Panguitch High

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