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one-eighth of a CURACATE;  Anglo-saxon translation is OXGANG


A cottager. a peasant of lower economic status than a VILLAN


A ploughland: notionally the area which could be ploughed with an eight-ox team


A cottager - see BORDAR


The English land-tax, assessed on the HIDE (old English ; money ; tax)


Right of jurisdiction enjoyed by a LORD over specified places and personnel


Used to describe lands appurtenant to a Manor


A Free Man (though often only a peasant) owing service to the Lord of a Soke


The formula commonly used in Domesday to indicate the position 'in the time of King Edward',i.e before the Conquest in 1066.   (abbr for Latin -  Tempore Regis Edwardi)

The land of the Bishop of Lincoln

In Heckington [is] sokeland, 2 bovates of land to the geld. There is 1 villan having 2 oxen, and 3 acres of meadow

The land of Gilbert de Ghent

Sokeland of this manor...... In Heckington[is] inland, 3 curacates, and sokeland, 5 curacates of land to the geld [there is] land for as many ploughs. Gilbert has 2 ploughs there in denesne: and 22 sokeman and 7 villans and 15 bordars with 8 ploughs. There is a priest and a church, and 100 acres of meadow, and 3 fisheries [rendering] 5s-4d.

The land of Robert de Vessey

Sokeland of this manor......... In Heckington [are] 6.1/2 bovates of land to the geld. [There is] land for 5.1/2 oxen. 1 villan and 2 bordars have there 6 oxen in a plough, and [there are] 6 acres of meadow.

The land of Guy de Craon

Sokeland of this manor...........In Heckington [are] 4 bovates of land to the geld.  [there is] land for 4 oxen. [It is] SOKELAND.  There are 2 villans and 1 bordar having 3 oxen in a plough, and 3 acres of meadow

The land of Kolgrimr

Sokeland of this manor............ In Heckington [are] 2.1/2 bovates of meadow belonging to "Burg" [in Kirkby la Thorpe]. [It is] inland

Clamores in Kesteven

Ralph Paynel claims against Kolsveinn in heckington 6 bovates, the land which belonged to Algar the deacon. The wapentake says that Maerle-Sveinn, Ralphs predecessor, did not have it.