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Research on these families in the Heckington area is ongoing

Anyone with an interest in these families which are specific to Heckington area  can drop them an E.mail

ALLOM            Ruth Bishop  Martyn.Bishop@btinternet.com

ASHER              Nigel Porter   nigel@nigelporter2.wanadoo.co.uk

BARNATT          Nigel Porter  nigel@nigelporter2.wanadoo.co.uk

BLAND              John Bland       johnbland@parkavenue36.freeserve.co.uk

BOWLES/BOOL    Arthur A Kingscot   artscotak2@tiscali.co.uk

CAPPS                  Chris Capps              c.capps@virgin.net

CHRISTIAN          Ruth Bishop    Martyn.Bishop@btinternet.com

CLARKE                   Pat Wainwright  prmw@talktalk.net

COLBY                      Francis Howcutt     francis@howcutt.org

COOPER                     Swaton, Billingborough, Helpringham          John Cooper       john.cooper@one-name.org

DAUBRAH            See family site  http://www.doubrough.ca

FEAR(E)Y                   Francis Howcutt    francis@howcutt.org

GARRATT              Fred Jackson     Web-site     http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk E.mail zenith3@tiscali.co.uk

HILTON               Farne Hunt farne@ihug.com.au   Richard Kettle Piedpiper@t-online.de

HOULDEN            Phyllys Smith    phyllis.smith@btopenworld.com  

MATTHEWS         Ruth Bishop  Martyn.Bishop@btinternet.com Martyn.Bishop@btinternet.com

OTTER                  Nigel Porter     nigel@nigelporter2.wanadoo.co.uk

PORTER                 Nigel Porter        nigel@nigelporter2.wanadoo.co.uk

SEMPER         Maureen Thornycroft          MThrnycrft@aol.com See Photo below

SMITH            at Rauceby        Ruth Bishop      Martyn.Bishop@btinternet.com

STOKES         John Jenkins       jenkins99@ntlworld.com

STRUGGLES    Jill Hallam  jillhallam@blueyonder.co.uk

VERES                Ruth Bishop  Martyn.Bishop@btinternet.com

WARD                 Ruth Bishop  Martyn.Bishop@btinternet.com

WARRINGTON   Gordon Warrington   gordon@showjump.fsnet.co.uk

WRIGHT             Nigel Porter    nigel@nigelporter2.wanadoo.co.uk

WRIGHT             Glyn Wright          glynwright@telia.com  

Ted Doughty at ted.doughty@v21.me.uk has the followings interests.

ANNES 1685/1770 Whaplode - Scredington.      BAILEY 1700 to present Scredington - Aswarby - Burton Pedwardine.        BAINBRIDGE 1580/1780 Leadenham - Marston.       BORODALE 15/1600s Helpringham.        BOOTH 1576/1700 Helpringham.       DAWSON 1600s Lincoln/Billingborough/Ulceby.       DOUGHTY 1785 to present Laughton/Kirton.     INMAN 1575/1650 Haydor.     MARFLEET 1700s Croft.    PRODGIAM 1500s Helpringham.      ROLLINSON 1600s Haydor.       WARD 1600s Croft - Spanby.       WILSON 1545/1700 helpringham.     WRIGHT 1640 to present Billingborough - Spanby - Scredington


Photos by contributors

Sabina Semper

Hale Road Heckington 1890 & 1910 Fred Warrington

Arthur C W Clark


John Holden/ Martha Jane Collishaw

tn_great grandparents Holdens_JPG

William/Mary Warrington


John Holden's Parents

tn_great great grandparents Holdens_JPG

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