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  1. The History and Gazeteer of 1856 has the following names.         
  2. ASHER   
  3. BROWNE Rev Henry Handley M.A. rector of Howell and vicar of burton Pedwardine, Vicarage.      
  4. NEWTON Wm beerhouse.        
  6. BURKITT Wm.     
  7. GIBSON Anthony.     
  8. HERCOCK George.     
  9. JONES Theops.     
  10. RIPPON John & Ths.
  11. Also it mentions that in 1782, Captain Thomas Michael, who resided here, was tried, covicted, and executed at Lincoln, for murdering Pennystone Warden, sheriffs officer, when seizing some cattle, under the authority of a sheriffs writ.


Burton Pedwardine is a small scattered village. 4 miles S.E. of Sleaford, has in its parish 161 souls, and 1800 acres of strong clay land, now fertile and well drained. The common was enclosed in 1802 when the tithes were commuted for allotments. The ownership of the soil is in various persons. This place was one of 60 lordships with which Wido de Credon, or Croun, who came in with the Conqueror, was favoured.  The estate, bt marriage of Petronilla, one of his descendants, with William de Longchamp. passed into this family.  Their son, henry Longchamp, had an only daughter, Alicia, who, though her marriage with roger Pedwardine, transferred Burton to her husband's family. She died in 1330, and is buried in St.Mary's chapel. The Pedwardines held Burton till the reign of Edward IV. In the reign of Elizabeth, the manor was held by Sir Thomas Horsman, who had a mansion on the north side of the parish, called Mareham grange, where the foundations, encompassed by a moat, may still be traced.  The seat of the Cronns and Pedwardines was south-west of the church, on the spot called the Parks. Domesday survey records that there was a church here in the 11th century.  It was rebuilt by Roger Pedwardine, in 1340, and consisted of a nave, north chapel, and north and south aisles.  This was a handsome cruciform building, having its towewr in the centre, but having become greatly dilapidated, it was taken down in 1802, except the north transept, to which a new nave and low tower of debased workmanship were added.  The north transept, or St Mary's Chapel, is supported by several carved buttresses, in each of which is a beautifully ornamented niche. This church, too, having in its turn given way, owing to its imperfect construction, the foundation of a new building, almost on the old site, was laid October 28th 1870, by the present rector.  It is a handsome, well-constructed building, consisting of a nave and well-developed chancel, and accommodates about 120 persons. The style is Geometrical Decorated, and harmonises with that of the north chapel, which still remains unrestored.  The chancel is handsomely stalled in oak, and the floor of the sacrarium and of the nave is laid with Minton's tiles. The pre-Norman fragments, built into the west wall, behind the font, form an interesting feature of this building, and are evidences of the early date at which a church stood upon this site. St Mary's Chapel contains a superb marble monument, with a fine recumbent effigy of Sir Thos. Horsman, who died in 1610; and a black marble tomb of Dame Alicia Pedwardine. The vicarage valued in K.B. at 7 12s 8d., and now at 300, is in the patronage of the Rev. Benjamin Snow M.A., who has a good residence, and 263 acres of land, allotted at the enclosure in 1802, in lieu of tithes. There is a neat schoolroom, accomodating 30 children, which was built and given to the parish in 1860, by its then owner, Captain Handley. In 1728, Captain Thomas Michael, who resided here, and was one of the county magistrates, was tried , convicted and executed at Lincoln for murdering Pennystone Warden, sherriff;s officer, when seizing some of his cattle under the authority of a sherriff's writ.  The poor parishoners have had from time immemorial three acres of land at Spanby, now let for 6 per annum, which is distributed yearly on St Thomas's day.

  1. Anderson Richard, beerhouse
  2. Andrews William, farmer & grazier, Glebe; h South Rauceby
  3. Asher Thomas, parish clerk
  4. Barrand Robert, farmer & grazier; h New Sleaford
  5. Ellis John, farmer & grazier
  6. Hercock George, farmer and grazier
  7. Kington John, farmer and grazier
  8. Padley William, farmer and grazier, The Goss
  9. Rippon William, farmer & grazier, Manor Farm
  10. Scott Walter, victualler, Flower Pot
  11. Sharpe Robert, brickmaker; Sleaford
  12. Snow Rev Benjamin, M.A. vicar
  13. Tomlinson Ereasmus, farmer and grazier; h Helpringham
  14. Ward George, farmer and grazier

Kelly's Directory 1913 for Burton Pedwardine

  1. BLADES Joseph -farmer, Bellhouse farm
  2. BOWCOCK Harvey -farmer Rectory farm
  3. CLARE Jesse -manager, brick & tile Mfrs
  4. COCK George William -blacksmith
  5. FEARREY Anthony -farm foreman to John TOMLINSON
  6. FOOTTIT Rev Charles E W, rectory
  7. HAYES Mrs Rebecca -Kings Arms P H
  8. HERCOCK Thomas -farmer, overseer & collector
  9. HOLMES Mathew -farmer
  10. JONES Henry Creasey -farmer, cattle dlr, Manor House
  11. LIMB John -water works manager
  12. TEMPLEMAN John -farm foreman to Rev C E W FOOTTIT
  13. TOMBLIN Samuel -cottage farmer
  14. WARD Frederick -farmer