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Details and letter fron Paul Baumber    

Hello gordon , i have been delving into my family photos and have come up with one or two with regards to the photograph which you have.  The gent sitting at the front middle is, I believe my great grandad alfred humberstone who was born in Heckington in 1882 and who died aged 77 in 1959 , his parents were a joseph and eliza humberstone who were born in 1854 and 1857 in heckington and ewerby respectivley .

If the picture is around 1910 ish this would put my great grandad alfred around 28 , in 1909 my grandad rex his son was born in little hale.

in the photograph to the extreme right is, I believe my great grreat uncle tom , alfred's brother, who was born in 1889 which would make him around 21 in 1910 . at the back is probably rufus humberstone  who was alfreds uncle and was born in 1870 wich would make him around 40 in 1910 , although the picture looks younger than 40 , rufus was in the royal garrison artillery based in dover in 1891 ,    at the start of ww1 this is the regiment that alfred was in , both alfred and tom was awarded the 1914 and 1914/15 ww1 star medal.

as for the rest they may well be cousins or brothers because in the 1880's 1910's the humberstones of heckington , great hale and little hale was a big family

Picture 1

Picture 4

Picture 7

Picture 2

Picture 5

Picture 8

Picture 3

Picture 6


please find enclosed photos I have of my family and if you would like to use them and your web site there would be no problem you never know someone might recognise them from a photo they have , I do know that there are still a few humberstones in the area.

Picture one is of my great great great grandma biddy humberstone , biddy was born in 1832 at great hale and died in 1920 and is buried in heckington church yard and was a sausage and pie maker, and used to live on boston road heckington.

on the back of the photo it says to rufus with love from mum.

Picture two shows my great grandad alfred picture with his wife amy and his two sisters ruth , latter ruth union and biddy this photo has on it photo by t upton sleaford.

Picture three shows my great grandad alfred

Picture four shows my great grandad alfred with my mum in april 1946

picture five shows my great great uncle tom alfreds brother together with a george blancks

Picture six shows my great great uncle jack humberstone

Picture 7 i beleive is my great great uncle rufus shown is the insignia for the royal garrison artillery

Picture 8 is of my grandad pictured in the far east in ww2,  rex , alfreds son

IF any of these pictures are recognised by anyone this would really help me in my family tree research ,

alfred had 4 sisters i know about biddy born 1885 , ruth born 1887 , eliza born 1890 and kate born 1892 and 4 brothers walter born 1878 , arthur born 1881 , tom born 1889 and john born 1895 all born in church street heckington .

the aboves dad was a joseph humberstone born1854 in heckington and he had at least 7 brothers born between 1858 and 1877 whom subesquently got married and had kids , ie alfreds cousins , hence these may be the cousins and brothers in your photo.

pell humberstone, joseph's brother of above was grocer in heckington in 1891 in church stree

i hope you can use some if not all of this info and if any queries are generated I would love to here from them  e.mail to