Barber Family Coat of Arms
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The Barber Family Coat of Arms

There are at least two known Barber Coats of Arms. One is reportedly documented in Rietstap Armorial General, and is described as follows: Divided horizontally, upper half (silver background), three red roses, placed one over two. The lower half (blue background), silver shank of an anchor placed upside down, ring downward, accompanied by two silver anchor bills reversed. Above the shield is a crest which is described as "a silver rose between two black wings."


To the left is another Barber family coat of arms that was located at It is not known which of these two (or any others that may be out there) is the "official" coat of arms for our family. Unfortunately there are present-day businesses who design coats of arms and sell them to people, leading them to believe that their design is the official one, when in fact they may have merely pulled them out of thin air! It's opinion of this webmaster that not much credibility should be placed in the authenticity of coats of arms.