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Joseph Lusignon Daigle (1849-1909), father of Joe, Adam, Alexis, Eve & Lazime Daigle Mary "Aurelia" (LeBoeuf) Daigle (1849-1935), wife of Joseph L. Daigle Scissors, beaded necklace & baby mittens which belonged to Aurelia (LeBoeuf) Daigle Louis Joseph ("Joe") Daigle (1872-1962), Joseph & Aurelia's first born Leona (Hebert) Daigle, Joe's wife


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Jack & Eve ("T-Eve") (Daigle) LaBove. T-Eve was Joseph & Aurelia's 2nd oldest child Adam Daigle (1880-1960), Joseph & Aurelia's 3rd child Lazime Daigle (1886-1940), Joseph & Aurelia's youngest child Lazime Daigle (probably between 1910 & 1912) Lazime Daigle (probably between 1910 & 1912)


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Lazime & Mellisa Daigle (July 1912)
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Zepherin Daigle, son of Joe & Leona (WWI, about 1918) Fulton Daigle,
son of Joe & Leona
Burton Daigle, son of Adam & Estelle (1917)


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Sarazan LeBoeuf (Aurelia Daigle's brother)

Believed to be Saraphin & Mary LeBoeuf's family (Aurelia's brother), probably in 1901-1902.

Phines LeBoeuf, son of Aladin LeBoeuf (Aurelia Daigle's brother) Daigle Family in Cameron, LA, about 1937. Standing: Leona & Joe Daigle, Mary Daigle, Bessie Gardner, Mellisa & Lazime Daigle, T-Eve LaBove. Below: Duplis Daigle, Elsie Gardner, Barbara & Helen Daigle, George LaBove.


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Adam & Estelle Daigle (about 1959 or 1960) Four generations: Adam & Estelle Daigle (back), Edna (Daigle) Bertrand (far left), Robbie (Bertrand) Bourg, Danny & Chris Bourg (front), 1959 Sonny & Edna (Daigle) Bertrand, daughter of Adam Daigle  (1987) Edna (Daigle) Bertrand, Sonny Bertrand & Sis (LaBove) Craddock (1990) Burton & Audrey Daigle
(Spring 2001, Cameron, LA; photo by Marina Forte)


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