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Family Biographies, Notes & Documents

Family Biographies,
Notes & Documents

Family Biographies

Henry & Margaret (Weissgerber) Gerlingshausen
(not available yet)

Christian & Joanna (Croom) Girlinghouse Family
(not yet available)

Matthew & Amret (Bass) Girlinghouse Family

Esaw & Margaret (McCarthy) Bass Family
(not available yet)

Note: More biographies will be added as time permits. If you have additional information that can be added to these biographies, such as stories you may remember being told about our ancestors, please email them to me so they can be included. No details are unimportant as they may shed more light on who our ancestors were. Thanks! -RJH


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Girlinghouse Family Cemetery Photo Collection


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Census notes, marriage certificates, additional biographies and other documents will be added to this section as time permits. If you have a document or website link that you'd like to see included here, please email Roland at:


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