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Nathaniel Stanbery (pre-1871) Samantha (Oglesby) (Stanbery) (Ballard) Price (1890's) Jesse &  Samantha Ballard with daughter, Hattie (mid-1890's) Samantha Price with the Henry & Hattie (Ballard) Samples Family (19-teens) Samantha Price with the Samples family (early 1920's)


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James Bond family (1890's)

James & Jane Bond and their descendants (1901); Stanberys on the far right

Van & Mintie Stanbery family (1900)

Dave & Cornelia Stanbery family (1903/1904, Idaho/Wash.): Lorraine, Dave, Martin, Roy, Cornelia, Stan & Mabel

Jim Stanbery family (Van & Dave's brother)


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Van & Mintie Stanbery family (1905)

Dave & Cornelia Stanbery's children (1909)

Dave & Cornelia Stanbery
(at "Border Days" Rodeo, July 1913, Grangeville, ID)

Jake & Emma (Ballard) Norman (Van & Dave's half-sister) Brushy Bill Roberts, 2nd husband of Lou Ballard (Van & Dave's half-sister), claimed to have been "Billy the Kid."


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Van & Mintie Stanbery (1919)

Mrs. Dave Stanbery with her family (late 1929 or early 1930, Idaho). Standing: Helen Chapman (no kin), Ralph, Tuke, Ollie, Lorraine, Andy, Pearl, Seabell, Martin.
Lower: Roy, Madge, Jeanne, Minnie, Shirley, Velda, Barney, Emma & Roberta

Stanbery family (1922, Van Zandt Co, TX)
Samantha Ballard (center), Mintie (Bond) Stanbery (right of center), Van Buren Stanbery (far upper left).
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