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Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery Family

The Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery Family

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Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery with children, Calvin & Earlene (1929) Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery with children, Calvin & Earlene (1929) Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery and children (about 1941) Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery (1940's) Carl Stanbery (Fall 1947)


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Calvin & Rhoda Stanbery (about 1947) Earlene Stanbery & Harvey Mathis (Oct. 1946, not long before they married) Arlan & Hawk Stanbery (late 1940's or early 50's) Carl  Stanbery and his granddaughter Cindy (1960) Earlene & Harvey Mathis with grandbaby


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Earlene Mathis with grandbaby Nora Belle Stanbery with her grown children. L-R, back: Calvin, Arlan, Hawk, Poodle. Front: Dot, Gail, Jeanne, Earlene, Nora Belle Nora Belle Stanbery with grandson Sarah (Carl F. Stanbery's daughter) and Austin (2001) Carl & Nora Bell (Jennings) Stanbery's tombstone
(View more tombstones at Starr Cemetery)


In Memory of Darrell Wayne Stanbery (1955-2000)

Calvin-Rhoda-Stanbery-Family-60s.jpg (33292 bytes) Calvin-Rhoda-Stanbery-Family.jpg (29095 bytes) Calvin-Rhoda-Darrell.jpg (33066 bytes) CalvinsBoys.jpg (29043 bytes) Darrell-Debbie-Stanbery.jpg (26475 bytes) DarrellStanbery-grandson.jpg (24312 bytes)
Calvin's Family (about 1960) Calvin & Rhoda Stanbery Family Calvin & Rhoda with Darrell Darrell, Rick, Carl, Randy Darrell & Debbie Darrell and grandbaby

July 2001 Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery Family Reunion

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Family Group Sheet (Family Tree Section):
Carl & Nora Belle (Jennings) Stanbery Family


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