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Dave & Cornelia Stanbery Family Photos

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Dave & Cornelia Stanbery family (1903/1904, Idaho/Wash.)

Dave & Cornelia Stanbery
(at "Border Days" Rodeo, July 1913, Grangeville, ID)
Velda & Tuke Stanbery, Dave & Cornelia's children (early 1909)

Dave & Cornelia Stanbery's children (late 1909)

Farmer's Union in Cottonwood, Idaho (1909). Dave Stanbery is at the bottom just right of center.


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Four generations: Cornelia (Mitchell) Stanbery, Velda (Stanbery) Fairbanks, Roberta (Seger) Maxfield & K-Lee Maxfield (1948)

Velda Stanbery's 1927 high school graduation photo (Dave & Cornelia's 2nd-to-the-youngest child)

Burt & Velda (Stanbery) Seger
(married 5 Oct. 1927 in Idaho)

Mrs. Dave Stanbery with her family (late 1929 or early 1930, Idaho). Standing: Helen Chapman (no kin), Ralph, Tuke, Ollie, Lorraine, Andy, Pearl, Seabell, Martin.
Lower: Roy, Madge, Jeanne, Minnie, Shirley, Velda, Barney, Emma & Roberta


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Martin & Mildred Stanbery (mid-1930's) Burt Seger and his children (Roberta, Lucille, Hal & Lynn) (1940) Velda (Stanbery) (Seger) Fairbanks, daughter of Dave & Cornelia

Roberta Fae Seger, Velda's daughter (1946)

Lucille Seger, Velda's daughter


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John Hal Seger, Velda's son (1948) John Hal Seger (Navy, 1954)

Velda (Stanbery) (Seger) Fairbanks and her family in the 1960's.

Kenneth & Roberta Maxfield family (K-Lee, Beverly & Debra)

Martin Stanbery, son of Dave & Cornelia

(Many of the above photos were obtained from John H. Seger, Jr.'s family website, and used by permission)

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