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Dave & Cornelia Stanbery Family Photos

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Stanbery Siblings (L-R): Martin Stanbery, Warren & Velda (Stanbery) Fairbanks, Minnie (Stanbery) Reid, Lorraine (Stanbery) & Alfred Bowden, Stan & Emma Stanbery, Prudy Stanbery (Martin's wife) (abt. 1966) Stanbery Cousins (L-R): Tommy Reid (Minnie's), Joel Bingner, Winnie (Roy's), Roberta & Ken Maxfield (Velda's), Hugh & Jean Mumby (Roy's), Phyllis & Dick Bovey (Tuke's), Pauline & Hal Seger (Velda's), Lucille & Orrin Dybdahl (Velda's), Shirley Gortsema (Mabel's) (abt. 1966) Stanbery Siblings (1970)

Dave & Cornelia Stanbery's grown children & their spouses.  L-R, Back: Martin, Lorraine Bowden, Stan. Front: ___, Prudy, Alf Bowden, Velda & C.W. Fairbanks


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Velda & Charles W. Fairbanks (1970's)

C.W. & Velda Fairbanks (1980's)

John Hal Seger's children: Jay, Johnny & Judi (about late 1970's)

Lucille (Seger) & Roy Kraenzler (1996)

Lynn Seger Family (Aug. 1995, Tenn.)
Left: Lynn & Nancy (seated) with Brian & Jennifer; Right: Ashley & Bethany (seated)


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LucilleKraenzler-081301.jpg (22145 bytes)

Velda (Stanbery-Seger) Fairbanks (age nearly 93 years, Aug. 2001, Salem, Oregon)

Roberta (Seger) Maxfield (Aug. 2001, Salem, Oregon)

Lucille (Seger) Kraenzler (Aug. 2001, Salem, Oregon; lives in Tacoma, Wash.)


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John Hal Seger (Aug. 2001, Salem, Oregon; lives in Portland)

K-Lee Maxfield, Roberta's daughter
(Aug. 2001, Salem, Oregon)
Seger Family: L-R: Joan Seger (J.Hal's wife), Roberta Maxfield, J.Hal Seger, Velda Fairbanks, Lucille Kraenzler, K-Lee Maxfield (Aug. 2001, Salem)

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