Starr Cemetery Photos

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This is a photo collection of the tombstones of our Stanbery relatives buried (or to be buried) at Starr Cemetery in Van Zandt County, Texas. This rural cemetery is located on VZCR 1215 off FM 17, northeast of Canton. This collection is displayed in the order of birth of the Stanbery patriarchs/matriarchs. Also visit Starr Cemetery at and view individual memorials for our Stanbery relatives.

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VanBStanbery-grave.jpg (29263 bytes) MintieStanbery-grave.jpg (29765 bytes) TomMStanbery-grave.jpg (27339 bytes) BeulaBStanbery-grave.jpg (25079 bytes) MillardStanberry-grave.jpg (29035 bytes)
Van Buren Stanbery Mintie (Bond) Stanbery Tom Stanbery Beula (Curtis) Stanbery (Tom's wife) Millard Stanbery (Tom & Beula's son)


John-EthelStanbery-grave.jpg (26487 bytes) LauraMayStanbery-grave.jpg (27202 bytes)
Joy (Teague) Stanbery (Millard's wife) John & Ethel (Bailey) Stanbery Loy Dean & Maurice (Martin) Stanbery (John & Ethel's son) Laura May Stanbery (young child of Van & Mintie, burned to death in 1901) Ervinell (Gore) Vaughan (dau. of Euna Stanbery Gore)


Clyde-EssieStanberry-grave.jpg (25108 bytes) DwayneStanbery-grave.jpg (27404 bytes) Carl-NoraStanbery-grave.jpg (25659 bytes) HaroldWayneStanbery-grave.jpg (27072 bytes) Billy-JeanneDobbs-grave.jpg (24262 bytes) Jimmy-DotEisenhower-grave.jpg (23154 bytes)
Clyde & Essie (Staley) Stanberry Glen "Dwayne" Stanbery (young son of Clyde & Essie) Carl & Nora Bell (Jennings) Stanbery Harold Wayne Stanbery (son of Carl & Nora) Billy & Jeanne (Stanbery) Dobbs (dau. of Carl & Nora) Jimmy & Dot (Stanbery) Eisenhower (daughter of Carl & Nora)


BethEisenhower-grave.jpg (25019 bytes) LeonStanberry-militarygrave.jpg (27991 bytes)
Leon-MarieStanbery-grave.jpg (28957 bytes)
DorisMStanbery-grave.jpg (22165 bytes) Ezra-MargaretStanbery-grave.jpg (27975 bytes) Jerry-VeraStanbery-grave.jpg (25939 bytes)
Beth Eisenhower (Carl & Nora Stanbery's granddaughter) Leon & Marie Stanbery (military marker located at foot of Leon's grave) Doris Marie Stanbery (stillborn dau. of Leon & Marie) Ezra & Margaret Stanbery (son of Leon & Marie) Jerry & Vera Stanbery (son of Leon & Marie)

These photos were taken by Roland Heddins on 22 Sept. 2001 & 5 Mar. 2002

StarrHistoricMarker.jpg (28100 bytes) StarrChurch-OddfellowsLodge.jpg (24942 bytes)
Starr Cemetery Historical Marker The old Starr Church (now the Oddfellow's Lodge) just across the road from the cemetery.


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