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Jim & Iva (Stanbery) Chitty Family Photos (page 1)

The Jim & Iva (Stanbery) Chitty Family

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Iva Stanbery
(about 1917)
Jim & Iva Chitty with Mildred (Curry) Stanbery Raymond "Chock" Chitty Doris Chitty


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James Chitty, son of Jim & Iva Jim Chitty Jim Chitty Jim & Iva Chitty with his brother & sister-in-law, Jess & Clara Chitty Alton Page, Jim & Iva's grandson


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Jim & Iva Chitty Family (Sept.1963).  Top: Paul Lackey, Bobby, Otho & Jim Chitty, Johnny McKibben, Nell Rose (holding son James Ray Maxwell), Hazel, Iva, Doris. Bottom: [thought to be a son of Otho], Debbie Lackey, Anita, Joy & Jerry McKibben Jim Chitty
(Sept. 1965)
J.P. & Hazel (Chitty) Hollingsworth Family (Sept.1967) Luther Chitty Family: Luther, Tressie, Diane & Robert Chapman
(Sept. 1967)


Jim-IvaChitty-50th.jpg (26666 bytes) Jim-IvaChitty-50th2.jpg (27825 bytes) Jim-Iva-Chitty-1968.jpg (28439 bytes) ChittyFamily-1968.jpg (26768 bytes)

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Jim & Iva Chitty, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary (April 1968) Jim & Iva Chitty at their 50th wedding anniversary party (April 1968) Jim & Iva (Stanbery) Chitty (Sept.1968) Chitty Family: Otho, James, Chock, Nell, Hazel & Doris (Sept.1968) Jim Chitty and his grandchildren

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Jim & Iva (Stanbery) Chitty Family


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