2002 Stanbery Family Reunion

2002 Stanbery Family Reunion

Saturday, 28 September 2002, Starr Community, Van Zandt County, Texas

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Service: Roland, Jean, Martha, Odis, Debbie, etc. Roland Heddins & Bob Stanberry (left) Bob Stanberry Henry & Carol Hernandez, Earlene Mathis, Emily Stanbery & Jeanne Dobbs Martha & Odis Stanbery, Henry & Carol Hernandez, etc.


Eugene Stanbery & Chock Chitty Gail Estes & Gene Stanbery Calvin & Rhoda Stanbery Bobby & Calvin Stanbery (cousins) Calvin, Rick, Debbie, Carol, etc.


Harvey, Bobby, Billy, James, Jeanne & Earlene Brian Jackson, Gene & Jean Stanbery James Chitty, Eugene Stanbery, Rhoda Stanbery & Ruthie Fry Debbie, Wanda, Truman, Wanda's daughter & Rhoda Eugene & Bobby Stanbery (brothers)


Mrs. James Chitty & Alton Page Bob Stanberry and family Rhoda Stanbery, Ruthie Fry, etc. Henry & Carol (Stanbery) Hernandez Henry & Carol Hernandez & Roland Heddins


Sarah, Austin, Debbie & Debbie Tommy Garcia & Brian Jackson Stanbery first cousins Rick Stanbery & daughter Wanda (Stanbery) Story & daughter (left)

The above photos are digital photos by Chock Chitty and stills taken from video footage by Roland Heddins


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