2003 Stanbery Family Reunion

Tornado Destroys Starr Church Building

On Wednesday night, Jan. 20, 2010 a tornado dropped down and destroyed the old Starr Baptist Church building, sparing area houses and causing very minimal damage to the cemetery across the road. Starr Church had been the location of the Stanbery family reunion for many decades. Starr church disbanded many years ago but the building had been used as a Oddfellows & Rebekah Lodge until the tornado.

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Notice the foundation is intact but the walls & roof were blown away. The foundation was shiften about 12 feet to the right Debris everywhere Notice the remains of the piano in the center More debris, looking north


On the south side, looking north The remains of the large tree we used to stand under at the reunions. It was snapped off and blown to the east. Trees stopped much of the debris from blowing further east This is the old outhouse out in the woods Debris was scattered way back into the woods behind the church


This view shows how much the foundation shifted from the back steps View from the east side looking west, with the cemetery in the background A mumified dog visible between the floor boards. No telling how long ago he died under the church building. Church building rubble with the cemetery in the background Portions of the walls and roof, with one of the "In memory" plaques that once was displayed above one of the windows.


A portion of a wall blown to the north of the rest of the rubble More rubble, looking west The foundation shifted about 12 feet from the northwest cornerstone Mr. & Mrs. Arley Staley, searching through the rubble Carl & Nora Belle Stanbery's family: Bob & Gail Harris, Jeanne Dobbs, Dorothy & Poodle Stanbery

Photos taken by Roland Heddins on Jan. 22 & 23, 2010

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