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The Tom & Beula (Curtis) Stanbery Family

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Lillian (Stanbery) Bowman (1940s) Millard Stanbery
Tom & Beula with their grown children (about 1950): Lillie Bell, Lillian, Millard, Janice Tom & Beula with their grown children (mid-1960's): Lillie Bell, Lillian, Millard, Janice


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Lillian (Stanbery) Bowman (April 1973) Tom Stanbery's tombstone
(Click here to view more family tombstones at Starr Cemetery)
Lillie Bell, Lillian, Millard & Janice at their mother's grave at Starr Cemetery  (Sept. 1973) Millard Stanbery & his family (Sept. 1976)


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Janice Griffin & Lillie Bell Heddins, Tom & Beula's youngest & oldest daughters (early 1990s) Roland & Ramey Heddins, Carol & Henry Hernandez (Sept. 2000) Tommy & Debbie (Henry) Turner (daughter of Janice Stanbery Griffin) (Nov. 2001)


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Clifford & Lillie Bell (Stanbery) Heddins Family Photos

More Photos will be added as time permits. If you have any you could share with us, please contact Roland at [email protected].


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Tom & Beula (Curtis) Stanbery Family


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