Hedgpeth / Hudspeth and many variants ...


Our number one goal of this website is the exchange and sharing of genealogical data pertaining to all surname variants covered by the acronym of    H*D*P*TH    world wide ... i.e. hedgepeth, hedgpeth, hudspeth, hudspith and many other's ... come on in and join us !

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"a dweller on the path by the hedge"

Nope it's not the actual meaning ... but sure sounds good, doesn't it  :)

a home for ALL

the spelling variation's we connect up with

hadspeth, headspeath, hedgbeth, hedgepath, hedgepeth, hedgespeth,
 hedgpath, hedgpeth, hedgspath, hedgspeth, hudspeath, hudspeth, hudspith . . .

just to name a few ! 

want to see other's we have came across ... check out  spelling variant's


Real Genealogy - Not Just Links this is our 7th year 
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Real Genealogy - Not Just Links 


News Flash ... the BIG picture we have created an org chart  showing the male lines of descent, down from Lemuel Hedgpeth 1757-1840 ...  come check it out and see if your line is represented, and/or you suspect it might be, also see  if you can help us out, in trying to fill in the missing family branches :)  that would be most appreciated by all of us ...

it's a little slow in loading up ... but those of you who are patient and want to still check it out, are in for a real treat !

It saddens us to report that we have lost our Centurion, Dee Hedgpeth at age 107 yrs., he passed away Wednesday, 29th of Sept. 2004  obit here

Do you know of other centurion's that we can recognize here, and pay a special tribute to them ?

The following are a few link's for those kid's who have been give a school assignment to do some type of a report on their families heritage and back ground ... if you know of additional links and or info, could you kindly share that with us :) 

Coat of Arms    
meaning & origin

a hdpth business directory ?

Typos are not typos ...
they are actually genealogical alternate spellings, 
while poor grammar ... is added for interest.

Greetings ya all ... Welcome to our home on the web, I am your host Kenny Hedgpeth This might seem like a one family surname study . . . but rest a sure there are as many spelling variations connected here, as there are colors in a rainbow !  and then some. To keep things simple, and not to give one spelling priority over the other's ... I will refer to this as the H*D*P*TH and or "hdpth" web site.  

We welcome any and all comments, questions, suggestions, and of course, any corrections, and most "importantly" any additional data you would like to share with us all, this is highly encouraged !  Please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime ... the paramount goal here is preservation and for prosperity of generations to come ... to enjoy !

In trying to clean things up a bit here, so that the meat of this project is not lost in my ramblings ... the balance of the original intro has been moved to this page .... Ramblings of the Webmaster  enjoy !

The Family Group Sheet Form is FINALLY working !

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We will accept gedcom and or "plain text" report files also, if you prefer, but please contact us , before submitting any emails with attachments ...

A family tree can wither if no one tends its roots -

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the hdpth- DNA study group project

   testing is open to all "male" hdpth's !   

We are currently looking for participants to join us.  

check out this link   for additional info about this exciting adventure of locating the "gene in genealogy" ... our ancestor's passed on valuable clues that we can discover within the Y-chromosome, which is passed from father to son, generation after generation ! This can be a great aid in helping us to connect twigs, branches and limbs to the main family tree(s) ! 

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The following puzzle pieces represent each of the categories we have set up so far .... more will be added as need and time provide .....

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Census Record(s)

a NEW category has been added ! 
sorry we don't have a button [puzzle pieces] created for this one yet, 
but we got a NEW database currently being compiled ...

check it out here >>> Military Records

Tombstone Junction

 a photo essay of the headstone monument's 
for those who have gone before us ... check which cemeteries have been visited so far here

another new category !


this could be fun ! check it out here
we got  seven  items listed now ...

Been here before, and just want to know if we got anything
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Please submit scanned photo's using .jpg or .gif format only ... 

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The search for our roots can take us down some fascinating paths, and can provide great satisfaction. But there are times when the search can be very frustrating. The purpose of this site is to share the information we [along with many other's] have collected; and perhaps, help you break through your own "brick wall". However, these pages may contain family legend and hearsay as well as other possibly inaccurate information. Genealogy is NOT an exact science ...  Always verify.

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we wonder if in the 1800's they listed fuel prices like ?

straw .25 hay .75 oats $2.25


Hey check this out Previously published in RootsWeb Review: Vol. 6, No. 53, 31 December 2003. ... think our cousin Myra might have something here :)

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