Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     FRANK W. BROMILEY has one of the most valuable places in the vicinity of Southside and it is known as Point View Farm.  He owns three quarter sections about one mile south from the postoffice, one quarter being gained by homestead right and the other half section by purchase from the railroad company.  Mr. Bromiley has one of the finest residences in this part of the country, it being a large eight room house of modern construction and located on the edge of Beaver Creek canyon.  The farm is well supplied with all necessary buildings for stock and grain raising.  Mr. Bromiley has constructed a fine system of water works, operated by a gas engine, which pumps the water to the hill where the house and barn stand.  The farm is well improved and handled with skill, being made to produce abundance of small grain.  In addition to this, Mr. Bromiley handles fine shorthorn and Polled-Angus cattle, Clyde horses, and has a large poultry plant.  A productive and beautiful farm now exists where a few years before the virgin soil lay unbroken.
     Frank W. was born in Philadelphia on January 13, 1864.  His parents were both natives of Turton, near Bolton, Lancashire, England and came to the United States in 1859.  The father, William B. Bromiley enlisted in the Civil war in Colonel Baker's California Regiment, Company D, under Captain Ritman.  He participated in the battle of Ball's Bluff besides others, and after one year of service was discharged in Philadelphia.  The mother's maiden name was Mary Welsh.  Our subject was educated in the schools of Philadelphia, where he remained until grown to manhood.  In 1885 he was the subject of a very severe attack of western fever, for the cure of which he turned his face toward the setting sun and journeyed to Wallula Junction, Washington, where he was employed by the O. R. & N. Railway.  Later, he went to The Dalles, where he remained for a time.  In 1888, our subject selected the railroad land, where his home now is and later took a homestead.  Mr. Bromiley has two brothers and one sister: James W., whose farm adjoins Southside; Louis, and Mrs. Samuel Eagelson, who resides in Philadelphia.  Our subject returned to Philadelphia to claim his bride, Miss A. Sylvia Campbell, and there their wedding occurred on February 15, 1899.  Mrs. Bromiley was born July 4, 1871, to James and Arabella (Clark) Campbell, natives of Londonderry, Ireland.  She has two brothers and one sister, William, Archibald and Mrs. W. Wise.  To our subject and his wife, three children have been born, Frank W., on December 5, 1899; Arabella S., on November 6, 1901; and Robert C., on October 11, 1903.
     Mr. Bromiley is a Republican in politics, while in religious matters, he was reared a Methodist and his wife a United Presbyterian.