Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

    SORAN C. CHRISTENSEN dwells about four miles south from Farmer postoffice.  He owns there one-half section of choice wheat land which is well cultivated and improved.  The homestead taken was on homestead and pre-emption rights in 1889 and since then has been the home of Mr. Chirstensen.  When he settled here, he was practically without means and was obliged to leave his home and family during portions of the year and work in the harvest fields of the older settled portions of the state.  By hard labor and much self denial, Mr. Christensen finally succeeded in making his home place productive and each year added more of the prairie to the cultivated portions until the whole farm was producing abundant crops of wheat.  He has become very prosperous since, owing to his careful management of the farm and he is one of the well-to-do citizens of Douglas county.
     Soran C. Christensen was born in the northern part of Denmark on February 18, 1842.  His parents were Christian and Keasken (Soranson) Peterson, natives of Denmark.  The educational training of our subject was secured in the common schools of his native land during the first fourteen years of his life, then he devoted his entire time to the assistance of his father on the home farm until he was twenty-two years of age.  At that time he joined the Danish army and served for about four years, being a member of the royal guard which is considered a great honor in that country.  The royal guard is quartered adjacent to the King's palace and is supposed to be the flower of the Danish army.  In 1875, young Christensen determined to try his fortune in the New World, consequently he crossed the ocean and made his way to Menard county, Illinois.  He was engaged in general work there for sometime, then did contracting on drainage canals until 1889.  In which year he came west and after due investigation settled in Douglas county where we now find him.  Mr. Christensen is one of the pioneers of the county and is to be classed as a real builder of Douglas county.  He always takes a keen interest in political matters and educational affairs and has given of his time to serve upon the school board
     In Menard county, Illinois, on November 14, 1876, Mr. Christensen married Mary B. Peterson.  She was born in Denmark on September 8, 1854, and died in Douglas county on July 5, 1890.  To this marriage the following named children were born, Christena M., in Illinois, on March, 14, 1878; Sena C., in Illinois, on August 28, 1879, now the wife of Paul Matson; Robert P., born on June 28, 1883; Henry R., born on November 21, 1885 and Arthur C., born on May 28, 1888.
     Mr. Christensen is a member of the Lutheran church and a firm supporter of the faith. He is a genial, upright gentleman and is now favored with a goodly competence for the latter years of his life which comes as a reward for his industry and thrift.