Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     JOHN M. FLETCHER, who resides about four miles northeast from Toler, is one of the heavy real estate owners of Douglas county.  His total holdings recently were nearly two sections but at the present time he has sold some to four of his sons and has not quite so large an acreage.  He dwells in a fine, large two story, eleven room house, which is surrounded by pleasant grounds, barns, outbuildings and other improvements.  His Attention is devoted entirely to general farming and some stock raising.  His labors have been so successful that he has gained a liberal competence of this world's goods and he is known as a leading and reliable citizen.
John M. Fletcher was born in Carroll county, Ohio, on September 17, 1840, the son of Thomas J. and Susannah (Leslie) Fletcher.  The latter was born in Ohio, and the former in England and came to the United States while young.  The district schools of Ohio contributed the educational training of our subject for a short time, he not being privileged to spend many years in study.  The family migrated to Iowa in 1848, one year later to Missouri, and thence in two years the entire family crossed the plains with ox teams to Clarke county, Washington.  It was the family home for nineteen years.  In 1870, our subject went to Polk county, Oregon, dwelling near Independence for three years.  After that, he removed to the vicinity of Pilot Rock, in Umatilla county and three years later went thence to Pendleton and engaged in the butcher business.  He operated in Pendleton and Weston until 1887, when he journeyed into the Big Bend country and settled on his present place as a pre-emption.  He took a timber culture and has also added as stated above until he has a very large estate, part of which belongs now to other members of the family.
     In 1855-6, Mr. Fletcher served with the Washington Territory Volunteers against the Indians, under Captain Kelley.  Mr. Fletcher has six brothers and three sisters, named as follows, William, Arthur J., Thomas L., Eli H., Robert A., George L., Mrs. C. Gibbons, Mrs. Sarah Gibbons and Mrs. Mary Pendleton.
     In Clarke county, Washington, on July 21, 1867, Mr. Fletcher married Miss Nancy A., daughter of James and Delila (Thompson) McAllister, natives of Pennsylvania and Indiana, respectively.  Mrs. Fletcher was born in Wayne county, Indiana on February 18, 1847, and the next year was brought by her parents across the plains to Clarke county, Washington.  She has five brothers and one sister, named as follows, Alexander, Garrison, Joseph, Jasper, Walter F., Mrs. Ester Clark, and two half sisters, Mrs. Mary E. Negley and Mrs. Anna M. Tucker.  To Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, the following children have been born: Esther E., in Vancouver, Washington, May 4, 1868, and now the wife of David Gillespie, and living at Brewster, Washington; William H., in Vancouver, on August 23, 1869, now residing at Greenlake, Washington; Charles E., in Vancouver on September 10, 1870, now at Waterville; Walter J., in Pilot Rock, on July 17, 1874, died February 28, 1888; Albert F., in Weston, Oregon, on June 25, 1877; Ralph A., at Weston, Oregon, on November 17, 1879, now at Greenlake; Olive I., in Weston, Oregon, on March 4, 1882; Carrie E., at Weston, Oregon, on April 21, 1886; Fred T. in this county, on March 25, 1889; Ruby E., in this county, on February 1, 1891 ; Crystal M., in this county, on October 26, 1892; and Royal Pearl, in this county, on June 27, 1895.
     Mr.  Fletcher is a member of the A. F. & A. M. and takes a keen interest in political matters and the questions of the day.