Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     JOHN N. GORMLEY resides about five miles south from Douglas, where he has a choice farm of two hundred acres, all of which is cropped to wheat annually.  The place is well improved and bears the appearance of thrift and wise management.  In addition to a full quota of all kinds of farm machinery needed on a first-class grain ranch, Mr. Gormley owns and operates each year a fine threshing outfit.  He also has a bunch of well bred cattle and some fine horses.
     John N. was born in Knox county, Illinois, on September 20, 1855.  His parents, William and Elizabeth (Gerl) Gormley, were natives of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, respectively.  The common schools of his native county furnished the education for our subject and his early days were spent in assisting his father on the farm.  When sixteen, he went to Wright county, Missouri, and engaged in farming near Hartville.  That was his home until 1887, in the fall of which year he had a very severe attack of western fever.  The only cure was found to be a trip to the west and soon after coming here he made settlement in Douglas county, taking a homestead which is the nucleus of his present estate.  When he located here, Mr. Gormley was practically without funds and like many of the other settlers, he was forced to the Palouse and Walla Walla harvest fields to gain money for food and other necessaries.  However, he labored along faithfully and improved the place little by little until he has one of the choice farms of the country and is a prosperous and well-to-do man.  Mr. Gormley has one brother, Chester P., and one sister, Mrs. Lydia A. Hasten.
     At Hartville, Missouri, on September 30, 1875, Mr. Gormley married Miss Lucy C., the daughter of James and Mary Cavanaugh, natives of Indiana and Tennessee, respectively.  Mrs. Gormley was born in Bedford county, Tennessee, on June 12, 1855, and has three brothers and two sisters, Henry, Jackson L., John H., Mrs. Mary E. Shaddy, Mrs. Sarah Burgess.  To Mr. and Mrs. Gormley five children have been born, Evaline, in Missouri and died in Columbia county, Washington; Albert N., born in Wright county,  Missouri, on June 25, 1878; William H., in Wright county, Missouri, on November 20, 1880; Wesley A., in Wright county, Missouri, on November 3, 1883; and Mary E., deceased.
     Mr. Gormley is a member of the Old Settlers' Association of Douglas county and always takes a keen interest in everything that is for the advancement and betterment of the residents of the community and the upbuilding of the country.  He is a good man, highly esteemed and to be commended for his worthy labors.