Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     HON. DANIEL PAUL is one of the best known men in Douglas county.  He resides in Coulee City and has the distinction of being the first man who settled permanently on land here.  He owns about one thousand acres of land and is principally engaged in stock raising, and has continued steadily in the business since the early days of the eighties and has been successful.
     Daniel Paul was born in county Antrim, Ireland, on November 12, 1849, being the son of Andrew and Margaret (Murray) Paul, natives of Ireland.  Daniel was well educated in the public schools in his native country and there remained until he was nineteen, when he migrated to the United States.  Settlement was made in Maryland and for five years he was engaged in general work.  Then he came on to Montana and for several years was engaged in mining.  His work was near Cedar creek and during the latter portion of his stay in that state, he was engaged in the stock business and also was proprietor of a large butcher shop in Missoula.  He continued in this latter business until 1883 when he came farther west to Douglas county, in Washington.  Soon after coming here, and in fact from the very beginning, he engaged in the stock business and in 1885 located a pre-emption.  Soon thereafter he took a homestead which is his home at the present time.  Mr. Paul is a man possessed of the happy ability to adapt himself to the conditions and environments with which he is in touch and thus he has made a special success in the lines of enterprise taken up in this county.  In 1896 the people of this county decided to send Mr. Paul to the legislature and consequently he was chosen for the upper house.  He held several important committee positions, among which may be mentioned those of live stock, agricultural and railroads.  Mr. Paul's resourcefulness, his large fund of general information and his thorough acquaintance with what the people needed, coupled with his integrity which is always unswerving, amply fitted him to do good work for his constituents in the legislature.
     It is interesting to note that when Mr. Paul first came to this country, he was obliged to travel clear to Spokane for supplies and mail which was one of the obstacles the early settlers had to contend with.  His cattle have always been of good breeds and now he has all grades.  He finds market in the leading centers and does his own shipping.
     Mr. Paul has one sister, Mrs. Maggie Martin, residing with him at Coulee City.  Fraternally, he is affiliated with the Elks.