Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     CHRISTIAN PETERSEN.  Douglas county can produce some of the finest farms in the state of Washington as is evidenced by the well kept estates in various portions of the county.  Among the best of them we are constrained to mention that of Mr. Petersen, composed of a half section, and lying about one mile northwest from Farmer postoffice.  Sagacity, wisdom and skill have been manifested in laying out the farm and directing the improvements.  It is doubtless one of the best in this respect to be found in the Big Bend country.  Mr. Petersen has made a study of his farm and brains as well as brawn have been brought into requisition to secure the gratifying results he has achieved.  He raises abundant crops of small grain and also does some diversified farming.  He has a fine band of cattle and some excellent specimens of well bred Clyde horses, besides other property.
     Christian Petersen was born on the Island of Lolland, under the dominion of Denmark, on July 29, 1861.  His parents, Morton and Bodel (Jorgensen) Petersen, were natives of Denmark and tillers of the soil.  Christian was educated in the public schools and on the farm of his father.  He remained thus engaged until 1881, when he came to the United States, settling first in Michigan.  He was occupied three years in the lumber woods, then moved to Illinois where he did farming near Springfield, for a couple of years.  After this he went to Nebraska and took a homestead but owing to adverse circumstances and surroundings, he abandoned the same and journeyed west to Douglas county.  After due search in this section, as well as on the Sound and in Oregon, he finally located his present place, and took two quarters, one a preemption and the other a timber culture claim.  Since the time of his location, Mr. Petersen began to plan the laying out of the estate and the improvement of the same and the result has been most gratifying, both in manifested skill and in financial returns.
     Mr. Petersen has one brother, John M., living in Michigan.  On February 1, 1900, in Michigan, Mr. Petersen married Miss Maren Rasmussen, a native of Denmark, where also her parents were born.  She has one brother, Hans, living in Muskegan, Michigan.  Mr. and Mrs. Petersen are members of the Lutheran church.