Transcribed from "An Illustrated History of The Big Bend Country, embracing Lincoln, Douglas, Adams and Franklin counties, State of Washington",  published by Western Historical Publishing Co., 1904.

     OLIVER A. RUDD, who lives about five miles south from Bridgeport, was born in Draman, Norway, on July 12, 1861.  His parents, Andrew and Dora (Christenson) Rudd, were natives of Norway.  He was educated in the common schools there and when twenty years of age came to the United States, settling first in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin.  He wrought in the lumber woods for nearly two years and in 1883, came west to Washington, stopping first in Walla Walla.  Then he journeyed to Colfax, Washington, where he wrought on a farm for three years.  It was 1886 when he went on a visit to his native country, then returned to Wisconsin, and a year and a half later came to Garfield county, it being 1888.  He did general work for two years and in the fall of 1890, came to Douglas county, selecting a homestead where he resides at the present time.  He commenced breeding cattle and horses when he first came to the country and has continued in that business since.  He has some very choice Hereford animals and has been prospered in his labors.  Mr. Rudd owns one-half section of land well supplied with springs, and well improved.  He cultivates about one hundred and twenty-five acres to hay and the balance to various crops.  He has a handsome residence and has manifested thrift and good taste in his labors on the farm.
     In political matters, Mr. Rudd is allied with the Republican party and is a firm supporter of their principles.  In 1898, his name appeared on that ticket for county commissioner against Lewis Brant.  He won by thirteen majority, being the only Republican elected on the ticket.  He served for four years to the satisfaction of all.  For two years from July 10, 1899, he was deputy sheriff, under C. V. Ogle.  Mr. Rudd has one brother, Knud, and two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Thornson and Mrs. Georgie Gurrick.
     He was raised under the influence of the Lutheran church and is a supporter of that denomination at this time.  His standing in the community is of the best and he receives generously the confidence and good will of his neighbors.
     At Deedsville, Indiana, on April 24, 1904, Mr. Rudd married Mrs. Eliza Lewis, daughter of James and Isabella Fites, relatives of Maine.  Mrs. Rudd was born in Deedsville, Indiana.